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BC Mary comment: At this moment in Canada's history, people need to explore these changes. I welcome their thoughts here.



Mary these two pieces are my call about where this nation is right now.

We are a House Divided, a house starting down the same road to conflict (with a few years needed to catch up) the United States faces today.

The middle is burned out of America and last night it was burned too in Canada.

In the 12 years leading up the American Civil War (1849-1861) that nation burned its center, its common ground out. It took a war to bring it back. Hopefully we and they don't have to follow that path again.

But by 1859 the polarization in America led to the Kansas-Missouri border wars and the Harper's Ferry Arsenal, Virginia.
John Brown by his actions hastened the civil war but ultimately brought America back together.

His quote on the day of his execution by the southern secessionists stands . . .



Since 2000 Canadians have watched as American politics polarized between Left and Right.
Moderates in the Republican and Democratic parties have largely been exterminated by the forces of extremism on both sides.

Tonight Canadians have started down the same road America did in November 2000 by electing Canada's George W. Bush to a four year neo-con dictatorship.
Harper's "win" is primarily the result of a moribund and sick Liberal Party of Canada that failed to address its eight year battle with its internal cancer of corruption and incompetence.
Rational discussion, compromise and cooperation are basically dead in what is now . . . Fraser Institute occupied Canada.
The last five years of normal Harper arrogance and malevolence will now be amplified to a near or maybe a true fascist state.

The NDP official opposition will soon find opponents across the aisle willing to use any dirty tricks barely legal to outright criminal to put the boots to . . . those socialists.
Frustrated by the failure of parliamentary democracy, the NDP along with the token Liberal eunuchs, still collecting a salary, will be forced to take the fight to the streets of this nation.
Failures at the polls and in the House of Commons will give rise to the battles of the streets and avenues of our cities and the first battleground will be in the Province of Quebec.

Federal Liberals tonight talk of "rebuilding" but the Grits will more likely go the way of the British Liberal Party, a party of long tradition and leadership that imploded in the economic and political turmoil of the 1920s.
Since 1926 there have been only two real parties in the UK (Labour & Conservative) and they reflect the division and hatred of classes united only in a shared geography and long history.

The ultimate scenario for Canada mirrors America in the 1850s . . . a house divided . . . on the road to war . . . and a date of consequence in 1861 at Fort Sumter.

I am now quite certain that the crimes of this guilty land
will never be purged away but with blood . . .

John Brown
December 02, 1859



The New Bloc Party . . .

Thirteen years after 1919 Winnipeg General Strike prairie farm and labour activists founded the CCF (Co-Operative Commonwealth Federation) which by 1961 had become what we knew until last night as the NDP/New Democratic Party of Canada.

This morning one could pragmatically rename the NDP the . . . NBP/New Bloc Party of Canada.

The true operational status and substance of this 1919-2011 farm-labour alliance underwent a unexpected critical name and mission change last night with Jack's rise to Leader of Her Majesty's Official Opposition.

Fifty-nine, the majority of Jack's seats, come not from the party's nine-decades heartlands of Northwestern Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan , Alberta or British Columbia but from the Province of Quebec.

Most Quebecois until two weeks ago would  have known more about Maurice "Rocket" Richard than Jack Layton, Tommy Douglas, Stanley Knowles or J.S. Woodworth.

But now that Jack is their man in Ottawa they will do what Quebec does best . . . milk the trough until it runs dry.

Will Jack as leader of the NBP be able to hold the party of J.S., T.C. or Ed together, or will he have to bend in the breeze to the New Bloc members of his party?

If Jack could have picked up another ten seats in BC or Manitoba he could have held on to the mantle of the NDP . . . but now?

You can bet Jack's challenge is not lost on Stephen Harper and his Tory gang; nor will they fail to not be exploited it to the max over the next four years of Harper's parliamentry dictatorship.

One can hear the Harper/Reform Party message right now . . . "We Must Band Together to Save Canada from Socialists and Separatists"

In what form Jack's party exists in by the spring of 2015 will be anybody's guess.


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