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What are you doing Friday night?

BC Mary comment:  If indeed the world is coming to an end on Saturday, March 21, 2011, at 6:00 PM, then I want the following BCRail entry to be remembered as Wikipedia's summary of the BC Rail story as of this Judgment Day of the Apocalypse. Given the dire circumstances being forecast, I trust that Wikipedia (and Toronto Star) won't mind. 

BC Legislature Raids

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2009 federal appeal (secret witness)
BC Rail Corrupion Trial
Dave Basi
Aneal Basi
Bobby Virk
Erik Bornmann
Special Prosecutor
William Berardino
Patrick Dohm
Elizabeth Bennett
Anne MacKenzie
Bill Tieleman
BC Rail
Pilothouse Communications
BC Liberals
"E Division", RCMP
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The BC Legislature Raids resulted from search warrants executed on the Legislature of British Columbia, Canada, in 2003 and has become a collective term for the associated criminal proceedings and ensuant controversies. Justice Elizabeth Bennett began hearings in BC Supreme Court in April 2007. The claims made in disclosure hearings sparked speculation as political observers and online commentators attempted to determine why these searches took place. Comments made on the case by BC Attorney-GeneralWally Oppal and questions as to the legality of warrants obtained by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) have raised concerns of a mistrial which might have sealed evidence in the case. As proceedings developed, the proceedings have brought to light questions concerning the propriety of the sale of BC Rail to CN Rail and the conduct of various government officials and consultants as well as the role of various members of the government, including Premier Gordon Campbell and his advisers. The preliminary hearings into eventual criminal court proceedings were kept sealed from the public until opened up in the public's interest, and by requests from defence council, in the fall of 2008 by the presiding justice, Elizabeth Bennett, who struck down the court ban in the grounds of the importance of an open court in regard to the importance of the case to the public interest, contrary to the objections of the government-appointed Special Prosecutor. Successive revelations of further documents revealed a complex web of information relating to various parties which has still not been fully analyzed and promoted much speculation as to still-further ramifications of the raids. The Premier and other cabinet officials, including former Attorney-General Wally Oppal, have repeatedly refused comment on the grounds that the matter is before the courts.

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1 Drug sting "Everywhichway" leads to government aides
1.1 BC Rail link
1.2 Agricultural Land Commission connection
1.3 Liberal "insiders"
1.4 Charges laid
1.5 Legality of warrants
2 Developments in 2009
2.1 Documents released under the Freedom of Information Act
2.2 The Kinsella Connection
3 Developments in 2010
3.1 The BC Rail Corruption Trial
3.1.1 The first witness: Chief of Staff Martyn Brown
4 References
5 External links
5.1 National news coverage
5.2 The players and government background information
5.3 Blog/internet sites

That's for Friday night, May 20, 2011 if the Apocalypse rolls in over us ... uh, wait a minute ... that is, if it hasn't already snuck in while we were voting or something. 

Next, here's a  here's a handy set of cues on best behaviour expected of us in Apocalyptic times.

If Judgment Day comes Saturday, what are you doing Friday night?
Toronto Star -  Fri May 20 2011

Brendan Kennedy
Staff Reporter

How to spend the last night before the apocalypse — repent or party?

Since Friday is not just the end of the week, but also the last night on earth before we either ascend to heaven or suffer eternal damnation (preceded of course by five months of supernatural earthquakes and unspeakable suffering), you’ve got to figure out how to give yourself and the rest of civilization a proper send-off.

Unless of course you think you’ve got a shot at cracking Team Rapture. Then all you have to worry about is who’s going to look after your loyal — but agnostic — golden retriever.

Please visit the site to see these Photos: Top 10 signs the world is ending

Saturday, May 21, 2011, is the day of the rapture — Judgment Day, when Jesus Christ will return to earth to rescue the souls of believers and vanquish the rest — at least according to Harold Camping, the founder of Family Radio, a California-based evangelical Christian radio network.

“The Bible guarantees it!” Family Radio’s website exclaims. The non-profit network of dozens of evangelical radio stations, has posted 3,000 billboards about the rapture across the world, including 85 in Canada.

Pre- and post-rapture parties are being planned all over the world, mostly of the satirical variety.

One Toronto man turned to Craigslist Thursday in the hopes of finding a last-minute bedmate to satisfy his earthly pleasures for the last time.

“I love sex and don’t want to die without another kick at the can,” the 31-year-old wrote under the heading: FINAL HOOK-UP BEFORE THE RAPTURE. “Please respond with a photo. God dislikes anonymity.”

By Thursday afternoon, more than 300,000 people had signed up to attend a “Post-Rapture Looting” event on Facebook.

“When everyone is gone and god’s not looking, we need to pick up some sweet stereo equipment and maybe some new furniture for the mansion we’re going to squat in.”

“Does the rapture come with fog?” Lola Augustine Brown asked Thursday morning on Twitter. “Apparently in #Toronto, the #rapture comes with a deluge,” another answered.

As for dealing with that golden retriever, fortunately a number of opportunistic entrepreneurs have got you covered.

For a one-time $10 administrative fee, After the Rapture Pet Care, will ensure your dog is not orphaned by your salvation. “Our non-Christian administrators will activate our rescue plan,” assures Sharon Moss, owner of the business.

Camping, 89, who also predicted the world would end in 1994, claims to have reached his conclusion after studying the Bible and mathematically interpreting a timeline of ancient events, including the Biblical flood survived by Noah. (The erroneous ’94 prophecy was based on the same type of calculation, but Camping says he has corrected his previous mistakes.)

According to Camping, the rapture will occur at 6 p.m. local time, meaning the reckoning will begin in New Zealand at around 2 a.m. EST. A series of massive earthquakes will then more or less destroy the earth in waves across the time zones. Souls of believers will be lifted to heaven and anyone who survives the quakes will live through a chaotic and tormented hell on earth until Oct. 21, when God will decide enough is enough and destroy the planet.

Source (with good photos) is HERE.

BC Mary comment: if you don't already love your fellow Canucks, please visit the site and see their comments. They're pouring in. The comments, I mean.


Mary, not sure how Wikileaks receives information, but I think Laila has done some excellent work in connecting the who's who, what, why and where.

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