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RossK has left a new comment: 

There are 18 seats in BC that are ripe for the taking by a concerted progressive voting effort.

Those seats alone would dash all of Mr. Harper's hopes for a majority regardless what happens in the rest of the entire country.

That list of 18 is:

Surging Dippers (Do Not Vote Lib or Green - they cannot win)
1) Fleetwood Pt Kells - Fernando, NDP
2) Newton N. Delta - Simms, NDP
3) Surrey North - Sandu
4) Pitt Meadow-Maple Ridge - Speirs, NDP
5) Burnaby-Douglas - Stewart, NDP
6) Van Kingsway - D.Davies, NDP
7) Kamloops-Thompson - Crawford, NDP
8) Kootenay-Columbia - Shmigelsky, NDP
9) Esquimalt Juan de Fuca - Garrison, NDP
10) Nanaimo-Alberni - Maartman, NDP
11) Van Isle - North - Leonard, NDP

Strategic Liberals (Do Not Vote Dipper or Green, they cannot win)
12) Richmond - Peschisolido, Liberal
13) North Van - Noormohamed, Liberal
14) Van Centre - Fry, Liberal
15) Van Quadra - Murray, Liberal
16) Van South - Dosanjh, Liberal
17) West Van-Sunshine - Veniez, Liberal

Strategic Green (sorry true progressives, but neither the Dipper nor Lib can win)
18) Saanich Gulf-Islands - Elizabeth May, Green
*Please note, it is this one that the former CJames Chief-of-Staff, Ian Reid, does not agree with us on, not because he doesn't agree about the numbers, but because he just believes it is a longterm political mistake to do so.

Final Note: All the Other Seats in B.C are locks be they Dipper or Con, so you are free to do whatever you want...I must note, however, that commenters have made a reasonably persuasive case that the NDP candidates in the two Con-Lock Prince George seats and the Con-Lock Abbotsford seat may be surging into way, way, way longshot contention that would be greatly aided by heavy Strategic voting.


Read much more at RossK's place:


BC Mary comment: It's a busy news morning, what with Canada's Federal Election and the Osama bin Laden story ... but never-to-be-forgotten is the BC Rail story. Here's a LINK to an interesting conversation. Especially, don't miss the final word by an old BC Rail trainman:,2456028

CN has an item in today's news, too. Wow. Needs translation, I think. It comes from Illinois.


With reference to the "all other seats are locks", I would not give up on voting there (which I am).

I am hoping the CON faithful here will figure their incumbent is a 'lock', and will decide not to bother to vote.

That, coupled with a strong turnout of anti CON voters may well upset a few apple carts.

If indeed just those seats in BC would be enough to stop Spiteful Boy, then with what may happen in Quebec, we may be safe.

I mentioned this over at Ross' I think but I'm not so sure that MY riding currently held by NDP Alex Atamaneko is a lock. He won handily last time, BUT, this riding has long been held by REASONABLE (ie. pre-Harperite) Progressive Conservatives (Bob Brisco) and Reformer Jim Gouk. Last election the Cons basically disowned (amazingly) their candidate since he was facing multiple legal issues such as smuggling charges and something to do with an alleged hit and run that may or may not have included DUI. I can't remember the details, but you know it's bad when even the ReformaTories can't countenance it amongst their own and spin it as lies or the other guy's fault.

It certainly has been fun to watch Stevie go from months of demeaning and scaring folks about Iggy to the last few days of inducing panic about Jack. Hopefully Steve will be similar to Osama later tonight but still alive to suffer the indignity of not being KING.
Thank you Mary and RossK,

For those who have not quite decided that Stephen Harper may not be to their liking here I link to a diversion to help you get to the polls. (As I posted in The Tyee)

A series of small media clips (vignettes as only women can portray them) can be found by googling:
"YouTube Bad Dates with Stephen Harper"
or you can click the link to find Rebecca Northan's tell-all with several similar vignettes showing up in the YouTube tray and sidebar:

So far, I have watched 5 or 6 of these clips and I believe there is at least one more. Each woman shows aspects of Harper's petty and mean-spirited personality/leadership. I found them sadly humourous.

All Canadians, particularly in BC - Please Vote!
May we be so fortunate, as to have Layton as P.M. This country is Harpered out. Canadians are so fed up with his arrogant, vindictive, dictatorship attitude.

Harper is giving Canada away, to the wealthiest giant corporations in the world. Harper gave, banks, mines, large corporations, gas and oil company's, billions of our tax dollars. I watched that motion pass, on the House of Commons TV channel. Why is Harper thieving our tax dollars, to give to these huge, greedy outfits? Our tax dollars, belong to us, not to Harper.

I Googled: Harper delivers his plan on, Global Governance for Canada. He said, Global Governance has been worked on, since 1945.

No thank you Mr. Harper, we want Canada sovereign and free. If you don't like Canada, get the hell out.


REJOICE! Time to lock up all the druggies/criminals and make Canada whole once more!!!
"May we be so fortunate, as to have Layton as P.M. This country is Harpered out."

Unfortunately, we have four or five years minimum of full dress Harperism. I don't know if we will recognize Canada by the time he's done with it, he never did like it the way it was and I don't think I'll like it when he turns it into HarperLand. In fact I might not even bother to be here anymore.

Folks like the A**non above think they won something last night, but still almost two thirds of Canadians that voted wanted something other than our own version of Mike Huckabee, and his style of politics has managed to make almost forty percent of Canadians lose interest in the process. The HarpMan only won his so-called majority by mastering the art of divisive politics. The Western Separatists kicked the Quebec Separatists' butts and now Canada is safe for the multinationals. So bye-bye public financing of political parties, hello US Style government for sale to the highest bidder. Harper now will get to appoint, with NO review three or four Supreme Court Justices, maybe he'll invite Clarence Thomas or Antonio Scalia to move to Canada. He also will be king when it is time to renegotiate the agreement with the provinces about public health care, or more accurately accelerate our move to the useless and overly expensive American model (ironically at the same time the US is painfully moving in our direction with baby steps). Welcome to pipelines everywhere, expansion of the tar pits with more subsidization and oil rigs and tankers up and down both coasts.

Welcome to a world that cannot find a war that Canada and its chickenhawk leadership doesn't want to join and if you don't like it, don't worry, they are building lotsa fancy new prisons for people like you........

It is difficult, considering how Harper conducted himself in a minority situation, to figure Harper won't over reach himself, and I can only hope that yesterday just over a third of Canadians handed him the necessary rope to hang himself, otherwise Welcome to Northern Mississippi/Texas/Wisconsin.
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