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The issues for B.C. in Point Grey, tomorrow

BC Mary comment: The Point Grey by-election tomorrow May 11, 2011 holds major importance as a preview of the next provincial election.  It's hard not to think of Gordon Campbell who, if he couldn't be premier any longer, might choose someone just like Ms Christy Clark to be the new BC premier. 

Vote Gliberal?

By Bill Tieleman

The Tyee -- May 10, 2011


The Vancouver-Point Grey by-election Wednesday is about far more than whether BC Liberal Premier Christy Clark wins a seat in the Legislature.

Rather, it's the first chance for any B.C. voters to determine whether Clark's flaws of character, policy and record should be punished or rewarded.

It's a choice all British Columbians will likely soon get in a provincial election this fall when Clark faces new NDP leader Adrian Dix and new BC Conservative leader John Cummins.
The by-election match-up of Clark against New Democrat David Eby is a classic for contrast.
Eby is a young lawyer with an admirable record of standing up for human rights and democratic freedoms as the executive director of the BC Civil Liberties Association and Pivot Legal Society before that.

Christy Clark, on the other hand, violated the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms when she was education minister in ex-premier Gordon Campbell's cabinet. The B.C. Supreme Court recently ruled her legislation banning the B.C. Teachers' Federation from negotiating class sizes and composition was illegal.

And of course, Clark never had to testify in B.C. Supreme Court about what she may have known or not known of the $1 billion privatization of B.C. Rail in the trial of former BC Liberal ministerial aides David Basi and Bob Virk ...

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From SPECTRE1, a Special message for May 11, 2011 ... 
more than ever . . . for today



I agree with Bill!

But I do not believe the BC NDP have "the guts" to fight and win a "dirty war" at the ballot box against the BC Liberals, their reactionary BC media allies and the evil genius of the Fraser Institute . . . now or in 2011.

Robin, you missed a few, for example the Kash Heed "specials" come to mind.
Decent people don't like to play dirty tactics. This is beneath a good person's dignity.

The BC Liberals can look you right in the face and lie. Campbell was really the master for that. He whined and sniveled about his DUI, begged the peoples forgiveness, then kicked these good people in the face for doing so.

How many ministers have been under investigations in Campbell's time in office? They have not one lick of shame.

Christy has been calling David Eby names. Yet she refuses to face him in a debate. Typical Campbell tactic. No guts to face the people. Sneak behind the back, Liberal mentality, prevails. Yuk, yuk and double yuk.
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