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"It's a significant leak, in the hundreds of barrels." The leak occurred 100 km northeast of Peace River ...

BC Mary comment: Corporations are making this kind of mistake. It doesn't seem to matter how corporations transport oil, toxic oil spills happen. 

I include this news item because railway transport is part of this discussion ... remembering that we once owned and controlled the railway serving British Columbia from south to north, east to west, and could have made the protection of our special environment the top priority.

Alberta pipeline sprouts 'significant leak'

Calgary Herald - April 30, 2011

A 200,000 barrel per day oil pipeline belonging to a unit of Plains All American Pipeline LP ruptured on Friday, spilling hundreds of barrels of oil, regulators said.

Plains' Rainbow pipeline, which runs from Zama in northwest Alberta 770 kilometres south to Edmonton, sprung a leak at 7: 30 a.m. local time.

"It's not a small leak," said Davis Sheremata, a spokesman for Alberta's Energy Resources Conservation Board, which regulates pipelines in the province.

"It's a significant leak, in the hundreds of barrels."

The leak occurred 100 km northeast of Peace River, the regulator said.

The ERCB said the line was shut down and the company and authorities were working on cleanup efforts. The regulator said the spill was 300 metres from flowing water and seven kilometres from the nearest residence.

It's the second leak from an Alberta pipeline in a week. Kinder Morgan Energy Partners's 300,000 bpd Trans Mountain oil pipeline was shut for five days beginning on April 22 after a small leak was spotted on the line's right-of-way 150 km west of Edmonton.

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Harper and Campbell insist, the pipeline from the dirty Alberta tar sands, will not leak. They also promised, the dirty oil tankers from China, will not spill oil.

Harper and Campbell haven't learned one damned lesson, or just don't give a damn.

The pipeline burst into the river in Michigan and the Gulf oil spill, has taught them nothing. The Trans mountain pipeline break, also had a pipeline leak.

More than ever, the Enbridge pipeline and the dirty Chinese oil tankers, must be stopped. The beautiful province of BC belongs to us, not to Harper and Campbell, to turn BC into a polluted wasteland.

Harper and Campbell have been working on, drilling oil and gas wells, off BC's coast. The fact there was a 6.1 earthquake in the Queen Charlotte's, doesn't even register with those pair of fools.

Harper also left the back door open to, the Prosperity mine expansion. That venture can be reapplied for.

Harper will do to Canada, what Campbell did to BC. Both of them work for big business.

Giant corporations, really don't care about the eco system. Power, control and greed, is their mantra. This is who Harper and Campbell work for.
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