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They got $50,000. from BC Rail bidder, says Crown

BC Mary comment:  Clearly, if the trial of HMTQ vs Basi, Virk, Basi had been allowed to continue to a conclusion, we probably wouldn't need a Public Inquiry into the Sale of BC Rail.

Only a year ago, disclosures (answers, information) were taking shape. The headline for May 19, 2010 was (see below) ... and next, it was summer holidays and after that it was blammo! done! over! finished, kaput! on October 18, 2010.  

Well, I say that we can't just "lose" a big, valuable railway and not know how that happened. Right? Right??


Basi, Virk got $50,000 from BC Rail bidder: says Crown

By Neal Hall & Lori Culbert
Vancouver Sun - May 19, 2010


... The Crown says it plans to call the four voting members of the BC Rail bid evaluation committee: Kevin McLernon, then chair of BC Rail; another BC Rail executive, Brian Kenning; David Morhart, the deputy minister in the provincial treasury; and Chris Trumpy, deputy minister of provincial revenue.

Also to be called will be the advisers to the evaluation committee: Alan Wallace of CIBC World Markets, Vancouver lawyer Robert Shouldice, and Charles River, who was the adviser on the fairness of the bid process.

The Crown expects to call about 30 witnesses to testify about events that took place between April 2002 and December 2003.

The jury will have to determine whether Basi and Virk gave sensitive and confidential information to Pilothouse and also Bruce Clark, who was representing the Washington Group, another bidder.

Clark is the brother of former deputy premier Christy Clark, who was married to Mark Marissen, a key federal Liberal campaign organizer in B.C.

The trial is expected to hear how Pilothouse tried, in exchange for the alleged leak of confidential BC Rail bid information, to arrange job opportunities for Dave Basi and Bob Virk in the form of chief-of-staff positions if then Liberal leader Paul Martin became prime minister.

Two former B.C. cabinet ministers, Collins and Reid, will also testify about their dealings with Basi and Virk and the levels of confidentiality expected to be maintained by the ministerial aides.

Wiretapped phone conversations will be used as evidence to show the relationships between Basi, Virk and the principals of Pilothouse, the Crown said ...

See what I mean? Read more HERE.


Dave Basi said he was innocent.

Basi could have had his day in court. Could have.

Some will say he only plead guilty becuase he was cajoled with no jail time and no legal bills, verus the unknown outcome of a trial and legal bills that would see him lose everything.

The evidence indicates that this is not true. The evidence indicates that Basi had far more to gain by a trial, but only if he were innocent of the charges laid against him.

If Basi were innocent of the charges, he would have fought this tooth and nail, the truth would have come out and the BIGGEST WRONGFUL DISMISSAL suit of all time would have made BASI AND HIS DREAM TEAM OF LAWYERS RICH BEYOND THEIR WILDEST DREAMS.

But that didnt happen.

Basi looked at the evidence that the Crown had against him, as the Defence would be entitled to do.


It was stupid for the Govt to offer him no legal bills, It wasnt necessary and it was bad bad policy and stunk. It stunk because it indicated that the govt thought there could have been some truth to Basi's claim of innoncence, if only becuase THEY didnt know what to beleive themselves, so didnt ask any questions of themselves to find out, or didnt beleive what they heard if they did hear anything at all.
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