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BCRail = News of the World. Co-incidence? I don't think so. It's the same old routine and it needs looking into.

BC Mary says: Here's a good article from Britain's The Guardian newspaper. I couldn't help but notice more similarities between what's happening to the News of the World in Britain ... as compared to what's happened to BC Rail news in British Columbia. I mean: it comes down to the vital questions of what gets reported, and how it's reported. But frankly, I just couldn't believe that the death of the whistle-blower on this case, was something the British police could so readily find "not suspicious". The guy was only about 45 years of age!

News of the World phone-hacking whistleblower found dead

Death of Sean Hoare – who was first named journalist to allege Andy Coulson knew of hacking – not being treated as suspicious


Speaking to another Guardian journalist last week, Hoare repeatedly expressed the hope that the hacking scandal would lead to journalism in general being cleaned up, and said he had decided to blow the whistle on the activities of some of his former NoW colleagues with that aim in mind.  End of quote.

It immediately reminded me of OUR British Columbia experience, when police raided the BC Legislature and the RCMP told us right away that "no elected officials" were under investigation. That is so wrong. We know for a fact -- and have the transcripts to prove it -- that two weeks before that historic raid, the RCMP set up surveillance at the posh Vancouver Restaurant to record whatever was being said over dinner by the B.C. Minister of Finance (ahem ... an "elected official") and two executive officers of OmniTRAX who were  still actively bidding on the purchase of BC Rail. Right? The fact is: RCMP told us that no elected officials were being investigated.

Check it out with another story which catches the details of what Gary Collins  (the "elected official" of the moment) had to say later. 

Railgate: Was There a Cabinet Leak to Lobbyists?

Ex-Finance Minister Gary Collins told police he was surprised at 'blow by blow' description of cabinet meeting in lobbyists' memo to bidder for BC Rail.

By Bill Tieleman
24 Feb 2011 -


The RCMP told the media and public one day after the B.C. legislature raid took place December 28, 2003 that "no elected officials" were under investigation.

Eight years later the Globe reported that: "An exhaustive police investigation into political corruption surrounding the sale of BC Rail found no evidence of wrongdoing by former BC Liberal cabinet minister Christy Clark or any other elected official."

This Tieleman article is well worth reading again, for its insights into "police working with government officials"... just exactly what the British Parliamentary Committee is working on in London, England. 


BC Mary comment: It's interesting, how the story of the whistleblower's sudden death was viewed in Australian news.  You might think the Aussies would go a bit easy on Murdoch (Australian) and his power-position ...  but no ... this is about the duty owed by honest journalism:

Sudden Death of News of the World Whistle-Blower Shocks Colleagues

The Times of Australia - July 19, 2011

Read the article HERE:


BC Mary comment: This surprising update, written by Jonathan Manthorpe at Vancouver Sun, explains a whole lot about Rupert Murdoch (and wife, Wendi) and his botched links to China ... 

How the Chinese dealt with Murdoch

It's the only place that has run the media mogul, rather than vice versa

Vancouver Sun - Postmedia News July 24, 2011

Read more HERE


What "exhaustive police investgation" was that, exactly? The one that Robin Mathews asked for and was told by Gary Bass there were no grounds to investigate? And given the RCMP were implicated in the wrongoing, in more ways than one, individually and collectively, what validity is a report of their investigation into a scandal they claim did not happen??

We know that the bidding process was corrupted, and I don't mean the OmniTRAX component of it; but CP's and BNSF's withdrawal from it because of the favouritism and insider information being provided to if that happened, and the RCMP investigated, SOMEONE must have been guilty along the way. If not the elected officials involved in arranging the bidding process and, as we know from Paul Nettleton, the pre-arranged decision to give it to CN with the bidding process just a dog-and-pony show, then WHO is going to be charged for the illegal bidding process and illegal, fraudulent sale of a public asset to a party backer.


The Globe, of course, being part of the game of collusion that's gone on, well......

The RCMP exonerated those who killed Robert Dziekanski, too, with another "exhaustive investigation". That's like asking Cairo police to investigate beatings in Cairo's jails. Can you spell c-r-e-d-i-b-i-l-t-y.

As for the elected officials, they're supposed to be responsible and accountable for actions taken by those in their ministries and/or political parties who do wrong. "Responsibility" is a word long since tossed out in BC politics. "Who, me?" is the new slogan of Canadian "democracy".

We need a public inquiry - preferably with a non-Canadian with no connection to any current political party presiding - with access to all evidence seized (including reconstructions of the material vandalized - "redacted" - by ACJ Dohm. If that happens, we'll have lots of inmates for that new prison in Lumby.....

....and, with clear evidence that the bidding process was corrupt (despite an "exhaustive investigation" by the RCMP that apparently can't read or think), we want our railway back forthwith from those who apparently bribed and cajoled - or planted - our elected officials to give it to them......
Skookum, 'planted' is the key word.

I have no doubt the acquisition of BC Rail was envisioned and conceived back in Ottawa when Mulroney, Wilson and Tellier were 'instructed' to initiate NAFTA proceedings, hidden behind the GST cloud (sound familiar?).

If memory serves there was a younger lawyer named David McLean working for the Mulroney handlers, and now we learn from AGT that CC was 'connected' to the federal DOT around the same time (or shortly after) CN was put on the chopping block by Tellier.

I remember a connection between McLean and Tellier but cannot find it in my research.

Both have gone on to fabulous international wealth whilst the politicos have been discarded to the sewer to ferment in their own juices.

Apparently McLean and family are not quite ready to jettison (no pun intended) CC just yet, but her importance (or past knowledge) to them remains a mystery for now.

The big boys think they have succeeded in their domination (especially with the dunce Harper at the helm), but I think we will have a 'little' surprise for them in the not so distant future.

As Ann Landers was fond of saying, "Time wounds all heels".

PS: I have always thought the stumbling entrances on to the political canvas by both Campbell and Mulroney had eerily similar overtones.
Big, big THANK YOU to Skookum1 and to Ron Wilton.
Skookum is absolutely right in suggesting that any BC Rail investigation should be presided over by someone who is totally neutral, with good investigative skills and with a legal back ground. Ralph Nader or a person of his stature comes to mind.
Every slimy rock, closet and rug should be looked under or in so that a true picture of what happened and who were responsible is exposed.
Actually, BC Mary and others have already done most of the work; all that is needed now is an all encompassing investigation.

The BC Rail crime and others need to be exposed for what it is and all of those responsible be punished to the full extent of the law.

If we were to do this you can bet your sweet ass that every jurisdiction from the lowliest municipality right up to Harper would sit up and take notice.

ron you are dellusional. No one in the Mulrooney Administration knew of or gave 2 chits about BC Rail. It is and was 2-bit operation of almost zero importance.

Get over yourselves. BC Rail was sold for NIL yet you are okay with having to pay 2Billion dollars for a secondary sewage imposed by the Fiberals, even though scientits on both sides of the Straight say it isnt necessary.

Thats 2Billion DOllars. TO put that into perspective, Terrry Fox has raised 500 Million in some 30 yrs of cancer fundraising. And all of this will be borne on the backs of Greater Victorians.

Now thats a crime. And of course the NDP will support this because there will be Union jobs to go with, not to mention the NDP are clued out bunch that thinks secondary sewage treatment will remove birth control pills from the liquid effluent when it will do no such thing.

Dennise Savoie is the fool that sent a scientific newsletter to constituents not realising that it said pharmacuticals that end up in the toilet will not be removed from the proposed plan.

SO what the F is up with that?
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