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Damming Evidence. We saw it first with BC Rail.

BC Mary says:  Briony Penn should have been elected the Federal M.P. for Saanich and The Islands; her ecological  point-of-view matches the prevailing attitudes of most Gulf Islanders. But no, she was narrowly defeated by Gary Lunn although not before serious questions were raised about Lunn's electioneering tactics.

Briony Penn is writing here about Site C ... and BC Hydro ...

British Columbians learned the hard way (by hind-sight) that BC Rail had been  specially prepared for slaughter. The treachery behind the sale of this BC lifeline was based upon weakening the railway: carefully BC Rail was prepared, and then sold off cheap. Against all protests. That's when BC first learned that other precious public assets might go too.  And did go. With BC Hydro being the biggest loss of all.

Dots are beginning to connect ...

Stephen Harper couldn't be more clear. He's been in on the game from Reform days with Preston Manning. Once he had his iron-clad majority in the House of Commons, Stephen Harper appointed the despicable Gordon Campbell to the top diplomatic post of High Commissioner to Britain. It's all so clever: the 2012 Summer Olympics will be hosted in London too. Right under our noses, the sleazy game continues ...

No further proof is needed that Stephen Harper is in on the game of pirating public assets -- any and all public assets, from A.E.C.L. to CBC to our National Health Care system. In fact, he has spoken of Canada (to a US. audience) so disparagingly that it's safe to say that Harper and Campbell are committed to Deep Integration, meaning that Canada in their view should be absorbed by the U.S.A.  If only Big Media would take up the narrative so that the voting public can make intelligent choices before it's too late.

Here's what Briony Penn wrote:

Damming evidence



Saving the Peace River Valley from the threat of Site C

China’s premier admits the massive Three Gorges Dam has created “urgent problems.” Is anybody at BC Hydro listening?

The premier of China, Wen Jiabo, recently made an official announcement that the Three Gorges dam, the world’s largest hydroelectric project, which has created a reservoir twice the length of Vancouver Island and displaced 1.3 million people, is experiencing “urgent problems.” Urgent on every front—dead water zones, pollution of drinking supplies, siltation, landslides, earthquakes, erosion, and drought. The project is also generating less power than it was designed for because of the danger of raising the reservoir to optimum levels; there’s been more displacement of residents, and massive destruction of the river ecosystems.

Canada can take part of the blame for this fiasco: it was a Canadian consortium of engineering companies—including BC Hydro International, a subsidiary of BC Hydro—whose feasibility study for China’s Ministry of Water Resources and Electric Power gave the green light to the Three Gorges dam. Financed by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) for $14 million, the study was completed in 1988.

Those who did stand against it—like Probe International—have been vindicated. One of Canada’s most respected environmental advocacy groups focusing on Canadian-backed international developments, Probe blew the whistle back in 1990. They assembled a team of international experts to review the CIDA-funded feasibility study. One of them—University of Manitoba professor Vaclav Smil, an expert on Chinese energy and environment issues—stated of the study, “This is not engineering and science, merely an expert prostitution, paid for by Canadian taxpayers.” The results of Probe’s review were published in Damming the Three Gorges: What Dam Builders Don’t Want You to Know.

Probe also filed complaints against the Canadian engineers who conducted the feasibility study, accusing them of professional negligence, incompetence and professional misconduct.

Though CIDA withdrew from the Three Gorges project in 1992, Canadian companies gleefully participated in this project over a 20-year period, despite its failure on every test for technical, ecological or economic feasibility, not to mention the reality of people in China being arrested, beaten, and threatened with execution for criticizing the project.

Now that Probe’s expert reviewers have been proven right, will those Canadian firms who gave it the green light—British Columbia Hydro International, Hydro-Quebec, SNC-Lavalin** and Acres International—take any responsibility? (Acres was later convicted of bribing officials in projects in Lesotho and has since been bought out by the Canadian company Hatch, while still owing millions in fines.)

And how about our politicians who pushed it forward? This was a project that no political premier of any stripe dared question because of the money to be made. Even Mike Harcourt, then-BC premier, was part of a booster delegation to China back in 1993, along with then-BC Hydro CEO Marc Eliesen, vying for work in the project that mushroomed from a projected $10-$20 billion to one in the range of $25-$75 billion (Harcourt later instructed BC Hydro not to bid).

The fact that Canadian and BC companies and politicians jumped on the bandwagon for such a problematic mega-project should give British Columbians pause about our own huge scale dam proposal: Site C on the Peace River. The proposed dam is just south of Fort St. John, downstream of the W.A.C. Bennett Dam and the Peace Canyon Dam. Despite being far away, the two Peace dams have become an essential part of every Victorian’s life. The electricity generated there lights up our houses and runs our appliances. The Site C project would flood 5340 hectares of a stunningly magnificent river valley, including highly productive river bottom lands and agricultural land. All so we can run our flat screen TVs, microwave ovens and video-game players.

Site C has already been the subject of intense critiques, especially amongst First Nations and Peace River residents who suffered first hand the devastating effects of the W.A.C. Bennett dam—including huge declines in wildlife through loss of critical habitat and migration corridors, to the mercury contamination and impoundment of native migratory fish in the reservoirs.

As with Three Gorges and earlier phases of the Peace River dams, communities were relocated and traditional hunting and fishing areas and sacred sites were flooded. Like the Three Gorges dam, compensation for the first dam wasn’t forthcoming. BC has only marginally compensated surviving members of Fort Ware and Ingenika Point. Most of the victims, the Tsay Keh Dene people of the Kwadacha First Nation, have argued that there is no compensation for destroying vast river valley systems, water quality, wildlife corridors and their cultural traditions tied to that river.

BC Hydro argues that this is a climate action strategy to generate “clean” energy, but data, even from their own engineers, suggests that the carbon and climate benefits aren’t there.

First, there is the loss of all the carbon stored in the forest and soil which will be released when they are logged, excavated and flooded, coupled with the lost opportunity thereafter for that sink to capture carbon. And when you factor in the release of methane, a highly concentrated greenhouse gas with 21 times the impact of carbon dioxide (from rotting vegetation bubbling up through the waters), the argument that dams offset fossil fuel emissions for equivalent energy starts losing its potency. In a well-documented 1995 case study of a dam in Brazil, researchers found that there were more greenhouse gases produced by the dam than would have been released through fossil fuels to generate an equivalent amount of energy. Critics also argue that the power generated by Site C will mostly be sold to the US, rather than addressing provincial energy needs.

Site C is now into Stage 3—the environmental and regulatory review phase of the planning process. Back in September, the launch of Stage 3 was met by over a thousand protesters coming in convoys from northeast BC to the provincial Legislature, including some of the original elderly victims who spoke of the impacts of the first dam. Everywhere there were signs asking British Columbians to “Keep the Peace” and “Say No to Site C.” All the First Nations in the region, groups like the Peace Valley Environment Association, Citizens United to Save the Peace Sierra Club of BC and Suzuki Foundation have all come out against the project. BC Hydro is stating that they “have a duty to consult and, where appropriate, accommodate Aboriginal groups.” Given BC Hydro’s past, it seems reasonable to question its ability to be the arbiter of what is appropriate accommodation of aboriginal groups.

In China, long-time Chinese critic and journalist Dai Qing, who went to jail for editing and publishing the landmark report Yangtze! Yangtze! with independent scientists in 1988, has always argued that very small energy projects are far less costly on all fronts than mega-dams. Now 70, Qing is dismissive of her government’s claims that it can resolve the many problems with the Three Gorges Dam. “The government built a dam but destroyed a river…My role is to dig out what really happened and tell the truth to my reader.”

The truth appears almost more robust in China than back here in Canada, where we have precious few of Qing’s ilk left standing in the media. Let’s hope the Three Gorges project will be widely seen as evidence that mega-projects projects don’t work, and an example of why it would be wise to listen to the critics before the shovels hit the ground and 16 million tonnes of concrete have been poured.

Naturalist, journalist, artist and environmental educator, Briony Penn is doing her best to reduce her demands on electricity to eliminate the need for projects like Site C.

**SNC Lavelin. Remember them? SNC Lavelin is playing the Campbell-Harper-Game too. First the Harper government stopped production and fired the manager of Atomic Energy of Canada Limited; then a whole series of bad news which painted AECL as a hobbling cripple instead of the world leader in production of radio isotopes ... and then (you got it), the sudden announcement of a sale of the publicly-owned Crown Corporation, AECL, sold to SCN-Lavelin of Montreal.’s-premier-admits-the-massive-three-gorges-dam-has-created-“urgent-problems-”-is-anybody-at-bc-hydro-listening/


I think that part of the idea behind Site C is for it to be used to back up all the intermittant new electricity from IPPs such as run-of-river and wind projects.

BC Hydro is still a publicly-owned Crown corp.
Hugh, my friend, I'd hate to have to plead the case for BC Hydro's compromised financial status ...

so thought I'd just leave this Wikipedia quote:

In 2003 the BC government passed several pieces of legislation to redefine and regulate power utilities in British Columbia. The Transmission Corporation Act created the British Columbia Transmission Corporation (BCTC) which plans, operates and maintains the transmission system owned by BC Hydro. The BC Hydro Public Power Legacy and Heritage Contract Act, while recognizing the value of low cost electricity produced by BC Hydro's existing "heritage assets," requires BC Hydro to meet the province's future needs for additional power through private developers and operators. These acts in conjunction with the government’s 2002 BC Energy Plan have allowed Independent Power Producers (IPPs) to sell power to BC Hydro, which is required by law to buy it from them even at a loss. In 2011 BC Hydro spent $567.4 million on electricity from IPPs. In 2013 those purchases will be $781.8 million in 2013 and $939.8 million in 2014.
Also in 2003, BC Hydro privatized the services provided by 1540 of its employees in its Customer Service, Westech IT Services, Network Computer Services, Human Resources, Financial Systems, Purchasing, and Building and Office Services groups. These services are now provided under contract by Accenture.

While BC Hydro initially looked at Site C on the Peace River near Fort St. John in the late 1950s, it wasn’t until 1982 that it submitted a Site C development project to the British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC). It was turned down by the BCUC at that time. Another attempt to revive it in the 1990s was blocked by environmental concerns. In 2004 the BC government's Energy Plan instructed BC Hydro to begin discussions with First Nations, the Province of Alberta and communities to discuss Site C as a future option. Some local residents strongly oppose the project, which is seen to only benefit the Lower Mainland and US markets at great cost to the region and its economy and society, and have their hopes on blocking the project pinned on an environmental review due in 2011.
I believe strongly that these traitors should be brought up on charges of treason against ALL CANADIANS AND CANADA!
Google Treason.
I don't know where Enbridge proposes to get the electricity they will need to run the 15 giant (Italian made) centrifugal pumps they intend to use to move product back and forth between Bruderheim(sp) and Kitimat, but I suspect a lot of the new transmission line being built in northern BC is penciled in for Enbridge.

I would also guess that site C will eventually supply a goodly portion of the required electricity.

According to the Polaris 2010 report on Enbridge, 'Out on the Tar Sands', Enbridge currently uses nearly 7 million gigajoules of electricity per year.

One gigajoule is equal to 980 thousand BTU's.

Seven million GJ's is enough to supply the electrical needs (including heat) of more than 1.6 million average Canadian homes per year.

The pipeline to Kitimat would increase Enbridge's current capacity by 25%.

The amount of natural gas required to produce the sludge Enbridge plans to pipe to Kitimat would be enough to heat another one million average Canadian homes per year.

The amount of fuel used by one oil supertanker in one crossing of the Pacific, would be enough to heat 100 thousand average Canadian homes for one year.

Between 2006 and 2010 the amount of royalties received from tar sands production was 4.6 billion dollars.

In the same period the federal government gave the oil companies $9 billion in subsidies.
Is the site C dam, not for the dirty tar sands? Campbell tried to talk Arnie from California, into accepting the site C hydro. Arnie laughed at Campbell and declined. I thought it was then going to supply the tar sands. The tar sands are to be expanded. China bought a huge chunk of that abomination.

Harper embarrassed Canada in Copenhagen, by not committing to reduce, greenhouse gases. Harper supported the dirtiest energy on this planet. That dirty energy, is going to the most polluted country on the planet, China.

Only greedy fools like Harper and Campbell, would flood the, most fertile farmland in Canada. A global shortage of food, and that pair of idiots, destroy farmland.

Harper and Campbell work very closely with China. We all knew, Campbell was working for Harper.

They are partners in crime, on the Enbridge pipeline and the dirty tankers from China and the U.S. coming into our beautiful, very dangerous northern coast. They have also worked, on more pollution plans for BC.

There is bitumen under the Boreal Forests, they will be destroyed, to get at the bitumen. There are just too many bad things going on, in the tar sands to type.

Harper is the most absolute terrible thing, that has ever happened to Canada. He is giving this country away. What Harper has already given away, is down right criminal. Make no mistake, Harper is our worst nightmare.

To send his partner in crime, Campbell to England, is of no surprise. Campbell can't be prosecuted once he is the ambassador.
I agree that BC Hydro is being sunk into debt. But only part of BC Hydro was sold, to Accenture in 2003. That contract expires in 2013.

I'm shocked that BC Hydro will be paying almost $1 billion for IPP power in 2014.
In fact, he has spoken of Canada (to a US. audience) so disparagingly that it's safe to say that Harper and Campbell are committed to Deep Integration, meaning that Canada in their view should be absorbed by the U.S.A.

It's odd, isn't it, that the Liberals or NDP didn't see fit to go after this in their election ads, given the hateful rants against Michael Ignatieff's allegedly questionable loyalties to this country based on his years working in the UK and US? That they didn't feature ads quoting Harper saying Canada is "just another Northern European welfare state" (which, given the standard of living and better lifestyle in Sweden, Norway and Denmark is truly an odd comment) and disparaging us in so many other ways.

And they could have recycled the old Tory ad from the Free Trade Election campaign drawing the border back in to contrast with the old Liberal ad showing the Tories erasing it.....reminding people that the Tories lied outright about that.

The reason they didn't, other than not having the warchest to run attack ads long before the campaign was actually launched (legally questionable IMO, but when you are the law, there is no law), is that the Liberals are on-side with Continental Integration...and share similar views of "Northern European welfare states".

Calling white black and falsity truth is a hallmark of the New Right; as we are being reminded by the hateful remarks in the comments to Kai Nagata's resignation blogs, and in the many hateful and disparaging attacks on Mary and others surfacing in this blog and others.

Anyway, it's just "interesting" to me that the Tories would question Ignatieff's loyalty to this country while actively working to dismantle it altogether themselves......and that the media, dutiful little toads that they are (so far), have allowed that to go unchallenged and un-noticed.....

As for Deep Integration, we've already been absorbed; they have no plan at all to give us statehood and upset the applecart of the political system that has allowed them to run roughshod over the majority of people in this country; the US constitution, if extended northwards, would open up too many avenues for us to "go after them" much easier to keep us a satellite state, or collection of same under a fictional monarchy, than to actually reform our democracy and give us a say in how things are run, which the parliamentary system very clearly doesn't. Big business is expedited across the border, along with those who work for them; but the border remains in place, and difficult and full of red tape, for small businesses, and for individual travellers and workers.

"Mr. Obama, bring this wall down!"

But he won't, he can't - and it's a given that adding ten (or more) new states would upset the "balance" in Congress and the electoral college, our entry into the Union would be fraught with difficulty both for reformers and those wanting to entrench the right's unwonted power down there....from 100 senators to 120 senators (or less if, say, the Maritimes came in as one state, and MB-SK came in as one state....though there's a case to be made for Ontario to come in as two or three).

Political union would also mean we could elect judges, DAs, county sheriffs, impeach governors and sue officials,, they're not gonna let us have that. Better to use Confederation as a satrapy than to actually give it any kind of influence on the way the continent is run......

[glad I copy-saved that...I got one of those "we were unable to perform your request" notices from Blogger, which have been happening 2 out of 3 times lately....]
Many thanks, all. Especially to those who copy-save!

I'd like to offer a correction to many people who refer to the Despicable Campbell as Canada's ambassador to the U.K.

He's actually Canada's new High Commissioner to the U.K., where he has a hand in -- and watches over -- many, many things which will surprise most people.

e.g. our role in NATO's European theatre, point-man for relations with the EU, relations with the monarchy, control of cultural attache and exchanges, etc. (CULTURE????)

Remains to be seen if he hires Lara as his "Eexutive Assistant" and "Deputy Chief of Staff".....clearly Nancy's not with him. Gotta find those paparazzi and find out who's "taking his notes", if not Lara.....
NB I just created a new, parallel username Skookum1a, this is still me; my one gmail account's just too full (99% of 2GB) so have switched over because of the original can't handle any more, even with all its attachment-megabytage deleted/forwarded to the new one....sigh.

about that Wikipedia article, be advised that most of its content was provided by p.r. people from Hydro, despite Wikipedia's osstensible "no paid editing" and "conflict of interest" policies....the twit-admins in charge of stuff like that, and in charge of banning people talking common sense, say there's no way to prove it's done by anyone connected with the company, even though the content mirrors that in the cited press releases/reports.....

Trying to add anything critical on any page is tricky, because blog and non-government non-academic reports are "point-of-view" and "not reliable sources". I had trouble there just getting in the bit about Site C being shot down because of environmental reasons in teh '80s because I couldn't find anything saying so, other than blogs, which are allegedly "only opinion". They have no problem ,despite rules against it, of using only company materials to embellish company pages......Wikipedia should always be viewed askance; it's increasingly corrupted and guided and controlled by the corporatist p.r. machine....

I added some stuff there, possibly taken out since I was ejected/quit, about IPPs and other matters, all of it was challenged and called "POV" (point-of-view, i.e. biased); as if the company's own p.r. materials and reports weren't.......

"wiki" in Hawaiian means "quick"'s come to mean, to me "hasty and shallow and easily influenced"
# posted by BC Mary @ 12:49 PM 1 comments links to this post
In the Hill Times article, I read the method Harper used to cheat and win.

When other country's people have had enough, of their governments corruption, lies, deceit, and cheating to win they rebel.

Harper has disgraced this country so badly, we are beginning to think. We are not proud, to be Canadian's anymore
Rafe has written a great article today over at the Tyee:

Campbell in the U.K. I sure hope they are aware of the corrupt drunk Harper has "chosen" to appoint.

IMO both are despicable beings.
Since, Rio Tinto Alcan has applied for a permit to complete the half-finished tunnel bored as part of the long-dead Kemano Completion Project (KCP),ll this be a new source of electricity for Enbridge?

Harper is giving Canada away, even our nuclear technology.

During the Federal campaign debate. Layton accused Harper of giving our tax dollars, to the wealthiest corporations in the world. Harper denied it, and the subject was immediately interrupted, not to be mentioned again.

How many times were Canadians warned? If Harper wins a majority, we can kiss Canada good-bye?

Campbell thieved and sold our assets, the BCR and our rivers. BC has vast natural resources. There is no excuse for this province, to be in this terrible shape. Except, we don't own our natural resources. We are not even going to own our water.

I consider Harper just as evil as Campbell. Harper, Campbell and Hansen, colluded on the HST, before the BC election. Hansen being caught in a lie. Finally had to admit that was so.

In Canada you can thieve an entire railroad. FORCE the HST onto the people, for his partner in crime. Steal rivers and get a, cushy commissioners appointment, to jolly old England.

There are people who have sent Campbell's evil history, to the paparazzi in England. They have included his drunk mug shots.

England does not allow politicians, to lie to the public, as they do in Canada. If they are caught, they are gone.

Harper, Campbell, Hansen, Christy and the BC Liberals, should have all been turfed.

It is now too late, Canada is stripped to the bones, and is gone.

You bet there will be surprises for the Canadian people.
Either there are too many people, or not enough energy. You choose. but you cannot have both. Brinony Penn lost the election fair and square. Unless you have any reason to the contrary- ..
Anon 5:05,

Can't say that I understand your first line about people and energy. What's that about?

But here's a Paul Willcocks explanation to answer your question about the election of Gary Lunn.

Saanich-Gulf Islands election tactics under microscope

OCTOBER 30, 2008

Some odd -- even worrying -- things happened in the Saanich-Gulf Island's riding successfully held by Conservative cabinet minister Gary Lunn.

One election dirty trick involved phone fraud and seemed both unethical and illegal ...

Read more here:
SNC-Lavalin...they're tied to the history of Skytrain, though SFAIK that's no longer their technology....and implicitly, as part of that history, the bankrolling of the 1983 Socred campaign, which involved bringing in Big Blue Machine campaign staff from Ontario, and GOP operatives/consultants from the US....
bc mary, Lunn didnt do PULL OUT so as to give Briony Penn a LEG UP. She lost fair and square. Paul WIlcox is as much to blame as anyone re the piss poor media coverage. Yet there you go, using the TC staff whenever it suits you to do so, never mind that they didnt cover the 9 yr jail term Jas Bains got for his cocainne importation business, you did that, and gratitude to you for that, but Wilcox is a media shill, and as far as I am concerned helped Campbell and his band of theives steal BC Rail from us, which as far as I can tell, BAsi had very little to do with other than lining his own pockets WHENEVER he saw the opportunity:

1. shawnigan gro op
2. took bribes from young and duncan saying he could get land out of the ALR
3. his coke cousin
4 bc rail
5 the list goes on.
As I've often said here about former CSIS director Chris Fadden's declaration that there were premiers and cabinet ministers in the hip pockets of foreign regimes - the media and other politicians went after or repainted that to mean ethnic politicians (= "coloured" ones, and not a certain Norwegian-descent one connected to the fish farms), but all along I've said it was the Big White Meat that was meant; Campbell himself, of course, Bill Bennett ("the Minister for China", I remember him being dubbed).

Site C. Five Gorges. Enbridge. Gateway. So much more for China; though the media focussed on Indo-Canadian politics and politicians (sound familiar??).

Then there's the American side- not directly (though certainly indirectly) - the deep links that have seen our infrastructure and services contracted out, and Kiewit's lockdown on construction contracts, the BCR/CNR, BCHydro/GE/IPPs, etc.....

Not one of our national media said a peep about the criticism of the Five Gorges project in terms of Canada's support and financing and technological boosterism about it; maybe a bit, sure, but our poilticians (not our "ethnic" ones being in the hip pocket of the US and of China, that's all too obvious. But Chris Fadden was forced to resign for even suggesting we look in that direction, huh?

it's interesting to me that, with the imminent US debt-default and what that will do re China, that our province is something of a battleground, or a "condominium of interests" between the two megapowers; the US building the infrastructure to ship China our resources.....they're using us to maintain economic relations with China, it seems...other than Norway, they're really the only players at the table....

Kai Nagata where are you when BC needs you? Hopefully after your sojourn in the US you might grace BC with your writing skills and newfound conscience....and you'll discover the BC Legislature is at least as interesting a beat as Quebec's (only more sordid)....when it's allowed to sit, that is. And if you can get accreditation........
Anon 2:19,

You don't really want answers, do you. You didn't even read the excellent summary by Paul Willcocks.
Anonymous 2:19 - here's some much more important points:

1. We know from Paul Nettleton that Campbell campaigned on not selling BC Rail, but at the first caucus meeting after the election instructed the caucus that the sale was underway, and the buyer would be CN, and that a staged bidding process would be held; and they were all to keep their mouths shut about it. We also know that CN was the single largest contributor to the 1996, 2001 and, I believe, 2005 campaigns and that its senior executive is a long-time personal friend of the then-Premier.

2. We know that CP and BNSF backed out of the bidding process when it became known to them that the government and/or its proxies had been supplying CN with confidential information about their own bids.

3. We know that Basi and Virk were instructed to keep OmniTRAX in the bidding in order to make it seem that it was not actually a done deal (as it had always been).

4. We know that someone in the Premier's Office destroyed evidence related to the Basi-Virk trial.

5. We know that the associate chief justice who mandated the warrants, and who was the sole person to see all the documents seized, and vandalized them with black felt pen, was also the person who intervened in the proceedings to get rid of a judge who was demonstrably open to Defence arguments and was showing too much respect for the public trust, and hand-picked the until-then-unknown justice (soon after elevated to associate chief justice) who quickly moved to railroad/fast-track the proceedings while also imposing an illegal and unprecedented publication ban.

6. We know that the then-Premier's rumoured mistress was who hired Basi and Virk and supervised them, and was in charge of the Public Affairs Bureau, which has illegally been using public monies to patrol blogs and distribute misinformation, and we know that this person with a close personal relationship with the then-Premier collected two (count 'em, two) government salaries, each among the highest on the civil service payroll. We do not know much about her prior to her entry into politics and the then-Premier's company except for a degree at at Ontario university. We know that like the current Premier and the in-court-amnesiac Chief of Staff, she was intimate (so to speak) with the proceedings of the bidding process, and also of course with the machinations of the Premier's Office and person and all civil service staff involved in covering up the realities of the bidding process and advancing false information to the public about its status (like all other members of the upper echelon of the civil service, and all of cabinet).

Sorry for the duplication here ... my fault ...
here's part two, and I seem to have screwed up the numerical sequence; maybe I should just send long ones like this to you directly, Mary, and not break them up....

5. We know that the regulations governing appointments of Special Prosecutors were violated, and that the selection was made through "prosecutor shopping" to find someone compliant with the government's wishes. We also know that this Special Prosecutor custom-tailored charges laid as a result of the Legislature Raids to confine them to Basi, Virk and Basi, and that elected officials were exempted from investigation by him.

6. We know that Crown released biased and defamatory evidence against Basi and Virk, and simultaneous with threats of contempt charges from the parachuted-in judge, shut down the semi-anonymous release by a certain blogger of materials which more or less exonerated them, and also incriminated (heavily) the former Premier, the current Premier, and others who did not have to testify at the trial, which was prematurely shut down by an illegal and mysterious plea bargain.

7. We know that jerks like you have been hanging out in blogspace for years, trying to keep the focus of debate on Basi and Virk and deflect it all costs from the main, billion-dollar crime, the illegal and fraudulent sale of BC Rail to the government's sponsors/backers by a corrupted bidding process which was the basis of the Defence argument that they were just part of a general culture of corruption, collusion and conspiracy in the Liberal Party's regime.

8. We know that the RCMP have shown themselves to be utterly useless in the investigation of political crimes and corporate corruption, and that their senior echelons have too-close ties to senior political figures.

9. We know that this is a whole lot bigger than some little grow-op on the Island.

10. We know that you're a blithering idiot.

11. as you say, "the list goes on".
Bravo Skookum!

I wonder if we could get a video producer or TV type to stage and video a mock trial that would begin as the BV&V mock trial did, but continue with actors playing the roles.

The jury should be picked from the public and the legal types represented by real lawyers etc. with a flare for acting. That should be easy.

It would be a fascinating 'reality' show.

Of course getting corporate advertising from BC would be highly unlikely.

Maybe then we could get the lethargic CBC to air the production.
I disagree Skooks,

The MEMO TO FILE that a certain blogger was publishing showed BASI covering his tracks, nothing more, nothing less.

These MEMOS FILE FILE describes events drafted by BASI and signed by a lawyer as to give them substance. Yet they are mere pieces of fiction, imgagined by Basi. We know this becuase he PLEAD GUILTY after years of claiming innoncence.

The money went from the bribees, through accounts of his cousin, into the hands of Basi. Did Campbell tell basi to do that.. to help himself to inducements?

BAsi has proved himself over and over to be a liar. Yet you still want to beleive him. Unbeleivable.

And 911 was a consipiracy. And Elvis is alive and well, living above the Piggly WIggly in New Mexico.
Elvis lives in the Yukon, anyone knows that.

The word games you evasionists play are truly amusing, as is your consistent effort to defame Basi while avoiding discussing the much bigger issues that, yes, were the context of the Basi-Virk defence; which as we saw had good grounds from the questioning of Brian Kenning, who couldn't face the heat and apparently preferred birthday candles instead (and should have been charged with contempt for evading the stand). Falsification of reports and publishing fraudulent reports - those are big crimes, and Big Lies. Not petty lies. CIBC World Markets/Wallace and others who fabricated a-factual reports would have gotten a severe grilling, and probably charges, if the trial had continued.....fraud is fraud....and when it's worht zillions, not 120,000 in plane and game tickets and dinners, it's a different order of magnitude.

As per the other anony-twerp's attempt to deny all, "unintended recipient of documents" as was said about Marissen, was not in reference to resumes - those are not cabinet documents; the RCMP did not specify what those documents were. And how is it you know what Bruce Clark was found in possession of? You seem to have information none of the rest of us have ever heard......or else are, like other BC Liberals, just making shit up to cover up their dirty asses.

And while we talk about liars, the Big Liar is clearly Campbell, from the not-to-sell-BC-Rail campaign promise through to the promise-no-HST lie and countless others. You don't seem to have any problems with THOSE lies.
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