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Dammit, dammit, dammit ... the civil war erupts again: who stole BC Rail? and why aren't they charged?

BC Mary figures that the time has come for some plain talk in the BC Rail scandal. I have blogged this topic on a daily basis for the past 5 years, and only today has  "Skookum1" opened my eyes to the outrageous truth ... that I've behaved like any starving pauper ... I have eagerly welcomed ANY crumbs of truth which fall from the table of the Basi-Virk-Basi ... and (I admit it), I haven't cared much about the guilt or innocence of BVB in their sleazy zones of activities. It's not as if we don't KNOW that they were underlings. Even knowing it ... and knowing that underlings scuttle about doing precisely what their masters want done ... I knew perfectly well (so did you) that it was none other than the former premier Campbell, Campbell, Campbell who was sitting in BC Supreme Court as the Accused in what National Post rightly termed the "BC Rail Political Corruption Trial".  I knew that. And yet I got sidetracked. Completely thrown off the track of finding out how he did that to BC Rail.

We could plainly see the
modus operendi revealed when the "new" premier took over BC government. Yes, said the unelected Premier Christy Clark, yes indeed they would look into the $6million pay-out ... yes, yes, yes!  But not the Full Public Inquiry into the Sale of BC Rail ... no, she (who was Deputy Premier of BC at the time of the BC Rail rigged bidding) has pushed the hope for a full Public Inquiry farther back in the mists of time, farther off the rails. Once again, I was thinking -- like a starving pauper -- that a few more crumbs of truth would be so precious, so valuable that we could afford to limit our inquiries into that $6million pay-off ... even knowing that it was that very $6million pay-off which stopped the BCRail Political Corruption Trial dead in its tracks. Like, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush ... 

Stupid, stupid, stupid. We got our heads messed up, is what we got.

All I can say, right now is that Skookum1 opened my eyes when he wrote the following comment on my blog, responding to "Anonymous" who says he believes the story of BC Rail begins and ends with Basi, Virk, and/or Basi:

Skookum1 wrote:

Anonymous, you're trying to change the topic again away from the REAL CRIME which was the illegal bidding process that unloaded BC Rail onto the BC Liberal Party's backers. The documents exist to prove that, and were hidden from public view (other than those believed to have been destroyed by "someone" in the Premier's Office).

The issue is NOT Basi and Virk, it is that charges were laid only against them and no other charges were laid; charges of all kinds, including ones that should have been laid against the current Premier's brother (and her ex-husband) for illegally having cabinet documents, but the "Big Kahoona" is the very clear evidence and statements from other competitors in the bidding process that it was tainted. And this is the MAIN DEAL, not the red-herring side issue with OmniTRAX, but the giveaway to CN.....a couple of game tickets in Denver don't compare to the hidden contracts and secret meetings and unknown payola that saw us ROBBED of a very valuable public asset.

What sickens me about this country is there are idiots like you prepared to do the dirty work to allow your bosses to get away with what they do. You're a shill, a dissembler, nothing more than a piece of puff who's allowing himself to be used for probably not a very large paycheque to keep the heat off the big political cheeses. Ranting about Basi when the real criminals are Campbell and Clark and Kinsella is only so much more BC Liberal hocus-pocus.

The documents we weren't allowed to see and analyze - that's where the evidence is; it's not about exonerating Basi, it's about convicting Campbell. And you don't want to go anywhere near THAT, do you?

You're either a fool, or evil, and a f**king waste of time.


I think Harper has inadvertently given us the opening we need to expose Campbell for the charlatan he is and finally put the theft of BC Rail and subsequent political, judicial and corporate coverup on the front page in Canada where it belongs.

By 'appointing/rewarding' Campbell with the High Commissioner to England post, the british tabloids will be hungry for information.

They will especially love the DUI and Lara infidelity.

We are well positioned to supply as much intrigue as they can print, and when they do, our own lamestream media will have to pick up on it.

Of course the feds will call for a 'Royal Commission' to stall for spin control, but by then the pigs will be out of the sty.

As soon as Harpo makes the announcement, we need the email addresses of all the british tabloids and load them up with all the lascivious lollipops they can handle.

Campbell will surely be hoisted on his own petard (as Will shakespeare might say).
To Ron Wilton and others who may be looking for email addresses of all newspapers world-wide ...

there's no better source than our own

where you'll see (in the right-side margin) easy links to dozens of newspapers world-wide.

Don't forget to send Campbell's drunk mug shots along too.

The Brits had better be careful, they make wake up, and find their entire marine ship line sold and gone.
Shrill discourse can yield negative consequences. I lived in Florida for awhile, and I followed the Casey Anthony Murder case. After years of 24-7-365 media pre-judgment, a jury sympathised with the accused mother and acquitted her. Fortunately, Canada doesn't have anyone like the horrible Nancy Grace.

Prosecutors ensure that the facts are concealed, to the supposed end of preserving trial integrity. However, they routinely use concealment to obstruct Justice. One week after the $6,000,000 hush money was shelled out with non-disclosure provisos, Bernardino was defending the Frank Paul cops at a tribunal.

I mention Nancy Grace for this reason: as a US Prosecutor, she sandbagged numerous cases - including Murder issues - because she wanted a winning record. So much for her victim orientation.

The lesson as yet unlearned: until we completely depoliticize the Justice System in its entirety, Good Government will be denied the People who pay for the garbage delivered by the parasites who run said system. In numbers, the Court-Party is less than 0.5% of the population, and most Extort pensions equal to 67% of their highest wages (federally appointed judges get that after 10 years). We need to crush them like the bugs that they are.

It isn't just the Clark gang. Jennie Kwan (Criminologist; apologist for her former employers at Vancouver Police) and Len Krog (Island lawyer and Law Society tool) are no better, and they would get the SCBC and AGBC ministries should the NDP win.
And grounds management and bookkeeping for Westminster Abbey and Buckingham, St James and Windsor Palaces outsourced to some company in Virginia or Texas.....and BritishRail somehow becoming a CN subsidiary with no actual money involved, just hidden contracts kept from public view alternately by "privilege" or because of "confidentiality".......

With the British Museum, natch, run by Disney......
In the final countdown at BC Rail Operations Management was largely made up of ex CP Rail officials who openly professed to anyone who would listen that there was no chance that CP was going forward with the bidding process as it was in the bag for CN.

I can only assume that they felt this way after tet a tet with former colleagues.
Brian Kenning was an ex-CP Rail official "who openly professed to anyone who would listen etc...." Whatever the f**k are you talking about??????

More red-herring bullshit and in this case with fake pieces on the chessboard. Disinformation and deflection seems to be stock-in-trade with those who want to change the subject all the time.....
Name names or shut up with your nonsense.

Mary, is the IP address for Anon 8:18 anything like those of the "deflectors" a few days ago?
The Question . . . Who Can You Trust?

Today the mainstream celeb-crazed media is abuzz with debate on Rupert Murdoch's "liquidation" of his now discredited and loathed News of the World.
The screams of outrage from the fine ladies & gentlemen of the press are deafening as they all denounce Murdoch's media empire for allowing the wire-tapping, hacking and numerous other illegal means to scoop other outlets and influence, if not control, local and national leaders in Britain.
Lord Rupert, having been caught using the same malevolent tactics (including the use of Scotland Yard officials to get info) of many of the 20th Century's best reactionaries of the Left & Right, has decided to sacrifice his loyal drones at the News of the World this coming Sunday.
While all this right-wing damage control unfolds, Murdoch's army of paid media fart-catchers, along with his incompetent and entitled #1 Son, declare to the world that his Lordship knew nothing of the black ops going on.

Closer to home In The Best Place On Earth . . . British Columbia, one has to ask: Has "BC's beautiful mainstream media" long associated with the fortunes $$$ of the BC Liberals and Premiers Campbell and Clark ever practiced such pro-active methods?
Considering what BC Media has expended over the last twenty years in time, money and public-respect, could they being taking their role to another more active level?

Consider just one case, that of then former NDP Premier Glen Clark and his infamous deck renovation.
One monolithic media outlet with a long held affinity to the BC Liberals, along with one of its most gangbuster reporters, turned a deck-reno-repair deal into the financial crime of the 20th Century.
It even came as a surprise to some of the more jaded in media itself that "the reporter" was on the scene even before the police arrived at the house and the raid itself even happened.
The great-raid and the ensuing sinsational fallout, along with the other BC crime of the second millennium . . . the fast cat ferries, insured the election of the BC Liberals and the illustrious and very profitable careers of Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark.
In Ms. Clark's case, this same BC media provided her with millions in employment income and publicity while she waited in the wings for Gordon Campbell to retire.

BC media and its allies in the business community have invested a lot over the past twenty years in their special-relationship with the party of free-enterprise, hockey and family values.
Just how far would media go in 2011- _ _ in making sure the Socialist, Boston Bruins loving, anti-family NDP never again acquire governing status?

So next time a NDP operative (or any other informed and honest citizen) sits down with a representative of BC beautiful mainstream media they need to consider where their interview will end up, and whether it is part of an ongoing black-research project (wire-taps, hacking and questionable police surveillance) designed to have a "go-public" exclusive three weeks before another . . . free & fair BC election.

The Answer . . . It's not an issue of Trust, but a Question of Who is the Enemy?
Murdoch is closing "News of the World" this Sunday, because the company is accused of paying Bribes to 5 "Met" cops, and advertisers won't touch them.

I see little difference between open Bribery and Big-Media dependence on Vancouver Police's 20 parasite "Community Affairs Dept." The more obstacles in face of impartial and objective journalism, the less truth we get.

When an issue breaks in the evening, I can always predict accurately what line the Postmedia-Clark alliance will take.

Still waiting for Postmedia to post an off-guard photo of their beloved Christy. I guess it would require integrity to do that.

And Adrian Dix is always portrayed as if he is in midst of a road-rage incident.
Our piece-of-junk media has yet to discover the "News of the World" fiasco, which implicates numerous UK police in Bribery. Check out the New York Times story, and your Postmedia rag to a mop pole.

The Big can and will fall. Maybe in fifty years, Postmedia will be the name for a disease.
The case was ALWAYS only about Basi VIrk and Basi, yet BVB tried as they might, for 7 loing years to spin the blame elswhere, at BVB's masters' feet.

That didnt happen, did it?

The charges would have never been laid in the first place if Campbell was somehow behind this mess, controlling the police. yet the police recommended charges to the crown, and those charges did not include charges against anyone other than BVB.

SO get over it. BVB were guilty as sin, and they plead guilty, although one of the Basi's got off clean, and I dont know why, and none had to pay their legal bills, again, no reason why. So lets get BV to WAIVE privilege and find out why the Crown was allowed to euthenise our money.

Didnt someone say that only Cabinet can approve a debt of 100 grand? Lets get the answers, and enough of this posturing that Campbell and Clark are somehow behind it.

As for the idea that a governemnt, any govt, can run a railroad, give that up too. THere are far too many examples that they cannot and should not.

Blind stupidity isn't welcome on this blog. I just don't have the time or patience for it any more.

I can only suggest that -- if you continue to think that the cops would've been able to charge Gordon Campbell on Dec. 28, 2003 but they didn't ... because two underlings actually sold BC Rail ...

[cough, choke] ...

then your homework is as follows:

Have a look at the good cop who led the police investigation right up to the raid itself ...

and especially, don't miss what was done to him (Victoria Police Chief Constable Paul Battershill) right in front of our eyes ... WITHOUT A SHRED OF EVIDENCE ...

and then join me, in thinking that a few good cops achieved a miracle of justice in pushing the Legislature Raids as far as they did. Especially Paul Battershill.

Nobody said that Campbell was "controlling the police" ... he didn't need to ... Gordo had his own captive media. At our expense, remember?

But please, don't try your dumb-ass reasoning here, that tries to make the [choke ...] latest High Commissioner to U.K. look like a saint who knew nothing about ripping the heart out of British Columbia's inland transportation system.

Didnt someone say that only Cabinet can approve a debt of 100 grand?

Who said anything about that, other than you trying to move the pieces around and pretend that Campbell didn't have a hand in arranging an illegal bidding process, even before the deal was announced to caucus - we have Paul Nettleton's written testimony that took place, and that Campbell and Clark had the fix in even BEFORE they got to power. We're talking a multi-billion dollar asset that was immorally hijacked from the people of BC, you're talking about what? What exactly are you talking about, other than parroting the usual BC Liberal line that this was only ever about Basi and Virk - BECAUSE they MADE IT only about Basi and Virk.

As for the millions of documents that only ACJ Dohm had access to all of, and spent a few days with a black felt pen "redacting" them, I think there's a case to be made that he was guilty of destroying evidence and being in collusion with the very evident conspiracy and fraud. Being a judge shouldn't make you immune to the law.

Falsified consultant reports, jerry-rigged reports to falsely portray the railway as unprofitable, cabinet documents that got into not just lobbyists' hands (I mean Bruce Clark here, and who knows who else, similarly into Mark Marissen's hands - WTF did he have them for), a consultant (Kinsella) working both sides of the tracks illegally, and claiming "third-party privilege" as a way to avoid investigation - so much more.

You're a noxious dweeb, CKDA. You're clearly a friend of the people you're trying to paint as innocent; but the louder you doth protest, the more it is clear you're just part of the same pack of lying cretins that pomp themselves up to some kind of higher authority in this country ,with out deserving it.

Basi tried to bring evidence forward in retaliation for the misportrayed evidence that was brought out by Crown to defame him after the trial was over; and he, along with Tsakumis, was threatened with contempt for continuing. That's clearly suspect and highly dishonest and duplicitous.

But you, being duplicitous and a paid disinformationist, don't have a soul that can even acknowledge what's immoral and what's not.

This case will not be over until the Canadian High Commissioner to London is in jail where he belongs (along with co-conspirators in government and in CN), and BC Rail is back in public hands.

It may n ot happen in Canadian courts; it may well have to happen in international court because of the cross-border nature of the bribery and influence on all sides (CN, OmniTRAX and Washington Group/Seaspan).
The election lie of Campbell's, the BCR wasn't for sale, was to ensure he would be re-elected. That's blatant out and out slime.

Campbell was the only one, who had the authority to sell the BCR. He is solely responsible, for this entire fiasco.

Campbell's theft and corrupt sale of the BCR trial, was an obvious and laughable farce.

Basi and Virk said, if they kept their mouths shut, they would be taken care of, and indeed they were. De Jong thieved the money, from our tax dollars, and paid the two patsies legal fees. I believe, Basi and Virk had to sign a non disclosure. Hmmm...I wonder why?

All of this stinks of Campbell, right from top, to the very bottom. It still stinks, to this very minute.

I just don't understand, if Campbell is so lily white, and, he thinks he reeks of innocence. Why stop the trial? Why was the trial delayed for so many years?

Campbell should have demanded the trial start at once, so he could clear his name.

Christy Clark, and her ex, her brother were all implicated, in that crime. Christy is very angry with Campbell, for giving the BC Liberal party a dirty name.

The BCR crime goes on stinking, as Christy refused to have a criminal investigation, into the corrupt sale of the BCR.
Skoomum1: you say "cabinet documents that got into not just lobbyists' hands (I mean Bruce Clark here, and who knows who else, similarly into Mark Marissen's hands - WTF did he have them for."

These claims have never been made before. Do you have something to back this up? This would be very interesting.

According to any reports I have read, Bruce Clark received a copy of a draft Request for Proposals (or Qualifications, not sure which) Not any cabinet documents.

And no one has ever suggested that Mark Marissen received any cabinet documents. Marissen received resumes from Basi and Virk because they were looking for federal jobs with Paul Martin. The police visited him to discuss those resumes, and said that Marissen was the "innocent recipient of documents" and wasn't implicated in their investigation.

But if there's more, please let us know!
For those who think that the Despicable Campbell is our newest ambassador to Britain ...

no, he was appointed by his good buddy, Stephen Harper, to be

Canada's High Commissioner to the U.K., which is really more powerful in ways which may surprise you. At first.

More commercial. More personal (to him, at least). More hands-on.
Basi wanted a job from Martin? thank crist he didnt get it, with all his criminal behavoirs and all, i shudder how this INDO CANADIAN would make the rest of us out as.
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