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Another massive loss. First it was BC Rail. Now BC Hydro ...


Hydro Panel Report: Death Knell for BC's Public Power?

By Rafe Mair
Commonsense Canadian - August 14, 2011

Mark down August 12, 2011 as the day BC Hydro all but concluded its suicide mission, with the Campbell/Clark government and its Review Panel playing the role of Dr Jack Kervorkian.

When you sort through the announcement by Rich Coleman and the verbose report itself, you learn that BC Hydro will cut its future costs by 50%, which in practical terms means this: Hydro will be unable to upgrade its facilities, which means they will buy more and more power from private power producers, thus fulfilling the Campbell/Clark government’s ambition to privatize power in BC ...

Read Rafe Mair's complete article:


Unfortunately, Rafe's analysis is bang on, as is Eric Anderson's.

You can smell the rats again. An, to put it simply, another public asset is being robbed in plain sight.

Obviously these bandits are not going to stop until we make them. Nor are the conglomerate media or the made-men politicos ever going to stand up and seriously oppose.

So, we're going to have to take matters into our hands and act as a collective to fight back.
The Campbell/Clark BC Liberal government, are a dirty, evil bunch.

Harper, Campbell, Christy, Falcon and most of the BC Liberals, would be in prison, had they been politicians in England.

In Britain politicians are not permitted to, lie, thieve, deceive nor cheat their citizens. There are two M.P's in prison right now in England, for doing a hell of a lot less than our rotten politicians do.

In Canada, corrupt politicians are rewarded. Many people have sent every scrap, of info about Campbell to England. All his lies, corruption, and deceit, were sent.

Europe is already pissed at Harper, over the false statements, regarding the dirty tar sands. There is a lot of info on that, posted on U.K. web sites.

Campbell should be tried for treason for, all of his evil and treachery, to our province, and the people.
Thats becuase in Canada, we have what is called the Charter of RIghts and Freedoms.

IN Canada, if you deny the charges, no matter how obvious it seems that you commited the crime, if you have expensive lawyers which you can afford to feed unlimited amounts of cash info, as was the case with BVB, you will never ever be found guilty UNLESS YOU AGREE TO BE FOUND GUILTY on condition you do no time, and not have to pay for your very very insanly expensive LEGAL DREAM TEAM!!! $6,000,000!!!

Who authorised the payments to the lawers ought to be in PRISON for theft of taxpayers money!!
I am in touch with a second generation Dutch family.

My brother and one brother-in-law, were in the liberation of Holland. The Dutch are sick to the heart by, what is happening to Canada. And, to think the two dictators, Campbell and Harper, went to Hollands, memorial services for our young Canadians boys. A pair of hypocrites.

A news article in Australia said, how badly democracy has been eroded in Canada. And yes Harper's deceit to Europe, on the tar sands.

Canada has become just another corrupt country, to watch out for. Canada is now friends with, Columbia, and Equador, while we lie to, and cheat England and the rest of Europe.

Harper sending someone as evil as Campbell, to England as High Commissioner, is the grand daddy of all the times Harper has embarrassed us.

This is no longer Canada. Campbell's theft and corrupt sale of the BCR, is the sleaziest corrupt event, ever known in this country. The partners in crime, Harper and Campbell seem to be trying to out-do each other.
Chinese Sneakers, once again you get straight to the heart of the matter -- "Obviously these bandits are not going to stop until we make them. ...So, we're going to have to take matters into our hands and act as a collective to fight back."

Agree. Why don't we go after the independent power producers across the province?

Many of them reside right here in BC. Let's "out" them in our communities, and make them uncomfortable.

Let's boycott their businesses.
Let's call attention to them in community newspapers, using Rafe's excellent words, and our own letters of outrage.
Every time they cut programs or say there's no money, reply "$600 million, $600 million, $600 million!"
Whenever Liberals and IPPs appear in public, chant "thieves, thieves, thieves!"

Make them feel as unwelcome as we can. Embarrass them. Shame them and shun them.

We literally cannot afford to continue to be nice, docile Canadians any longer. But we also need some greater means of changing the regime of thieves. Ideas anyone?

Can you imagine what we could do with $600 million A YEAR to help the less fortunate, the ones hurting bad, the ones who can't get a leg up the rung of the "good life" because they can't afford housing or schooling, or a transit pass to get to a job, or ...


And the Liberals pride themselves on being the best stewards of our economy???

This is madness.
Canadian Canary,

Love your enthusiasm!

Once you get started, you'll think of many ways in which you can talk up the issues ...

If they can 'sabotage' our rivers with their dams and diversions...

If they can 'sabotage' our economy with their usurious pricing...

If they can 'sabotage' our democracy with their preferential political pandering...

and on another front: If they can 'sabotage' our wild salmon fishery...

Or if they can 'sabotage' our landscape and environment with their pipelines...

I don't see why we can't just return the favour.
I've already started that with the IPP's based in Gibson's....but very difficult to do when even the local paper shies away from publishing comments that would educate the public on what is about to happen. Rafe says we have to be our own media....well, we are...but... there are still so many who are not aware because of unprofessional MSM "reporting"....treasonous may not be the correct term, but it sure conveys the seriousness.
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