Wednesday, August 10, 2011


BC Rail "Detectives" alert!

BC Mary note: E.M. has provided valuable information for public access to court records of BC Supreme Court. I urge readers who have time and expertise to follow up these leads ... especially since there seems to be more information coming out elsewhere this week ... and I cannot always do sufficient "due diligence" on all that. 

I am grateful to E.M., and all who continue this honourable search for justice. 


E.M has left a new comment on your post "Basi Virk Basi $6million details expected Thursday...":

B I N G O CSO(Court Services Online) online June 30th 2011

VIRK, Bobby Singh

There is a 6.00 fee (I thought They stopped charging) This is under civil, the date file opended June 21/11-date last updated June 20/11. FILE # 114223 Supreme.Civil, Vancouver Law Courts.
note 4 other Files related to Bob Virk since 2007 which are small claims court. Civil, Vancouver Law Courts.
Will check again, but did not find anything under Basi.
For the 6$ fee-File number
Type of file
Date the file was opened
Registry location
Style of cause
Names of parties and counsel
List of filed documents
Appearance details
Terms of order
Caveat details

Also I used to be able to search (which I did for Bains for free, I could see all court appearance dates (for Basi and Virk, but now it says "NOTE: There is no ability to view court documents within the traffic/criminal e-Search service.

Please note that e-Search does not provide access to any of the following:

Criminal matters (Supreme)

Posted by E.M to The Legislature Raids at 10 August, 2011


And from downtown Kamloops, not not another story on the Surrey Mayor.....

Judge Gets Look at Books in Basi-Virk Deal
Judge can see reasoning behind the deal
Last Updated: Wednesday, August 10th, 2011 | 6:56am PDT Story by: Doug Collins

B-C's Auditor General will be able to crack open the books on the controversial six-(m) million dollar legal payout that ended a B-C government corruption trial.
Bobby Virk and Dave Basi agreed to plead guilty to charges of breach of trust and accepting bribes after the provincial government signed off on the multi-(m)million-dollar lawyers bill.
A B-C Supreme Court judge now says auditor John Doyle can look at the reasoning behind the deal.
The judge has also ruled that Basi and Virk must be able to review any report that Doyle writes before it's made public.
Seems to me that this latest move just goes to prove, even further, that the nexus of political power in this province is in the ubiquitous fourth branch--the administration, particularly around the a/g.
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