Monday, August 22, 2011


Erik Bornmann wins his Class L1 licence.

The Law Society of Upper Canada [LSUC] has sent me three fascinating files:

* Reasons for decision
* Dissenting reasons for decision
* Decision & Order on applicant's application for Class L1 licence is granted.

It seems to be "privileged" information ... so will follow up with more info. later, if possible.


BC Mary comment: On this day, August 22, 2011, the flag on the Peace Tower in Ottawa is flying at half-staff to mark the death of Jack Layton.

How is it possible that the same day is marked by such a ludicrous event as the anointing of Erik Bornmann? The thought is sickening. So I borrow from Bill Tieleman who wrote an excellent column on the Bornmann victory:

Erik Bornmann granted right to become Ontario lawyer despite bribes to BC government officials Basi and Virk in BC Rail case

VANCOUVER - August 22, 2011

Despite admitting to bribing ex-B.C. government officials David Basi and Bob Virk in exchange for confidential information on the 2003 sale of B.C. Rail, Erik Bornmann can become an Ontario lawyer.

The controversial decision by the Law Society of Upper Canada grants Bornmann the “good character” needed to be licensed as a lawyer but one of three panel members disagreed, saying the former B.C. lobbyist should be disqualified because of his past “criminal” actions.

{Snip} ...

Panel member Andrew Oliver wrote in his dissenting opinion that: “Bornmann’s criminal misconduct was serious, and, apparently, long standing.”

“There was no honour among thieves: Bornmann compounded his criminal activity by betraying the very people he had bribed,” Oliver says, referring to Basi and Virk.

The majority decision written by Thomas Conway and Mary Louise Dickson agrees Bornmann’s “misconduct was serious” but that his “remorse was genuine and profound,” leading them to believe he has been rehabilitated and “is presently of good character”.

{Snip} ...


Pretty shameful.
But, not surprised. You kiss my A$$, I'll kiss yours.
I look forward to the reasons.

There's going to be a revolution
If the Law Society sent it to a blogger, then why would anyone assume its not public information?
Who says crap doesn't bob to the top of the toilet bowel?

Could this example of judicial acumen be why most people regard Lawyers and the legal crowd as being one step below child molesters.

Crime and corruption are rewarded in Canada. Any ordinary citizen that bribed a government official would be thrown in the slammer pretty quick.
Sad day all around.

2:34 ...

because it says so.
@2:34 - my thoughts on your comment is that Mary is no ordinary blogger....and they know it.
@11:46 - Shakespeare: "first, we hang all the lawyers"
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