Sunday, August 21, 2011


First it was BC Rail. Next it's BC Hydro. Can't we stop the madness!

Rafe Mair (former Socred Cabinet Minister) continues to warn us: 

Hydro Chief's Leaked Comments Trash IPPs - What Will Clark do Now?

You could have blown me over with a feather when I read in the Weekend Sun excerpts of an internal conference call in which Dave Cobb, president of Hydro, condemns the government's IPP policy. Cobb pulled no punches, detailing his concerns with the government's exaggerated "self-sufficiency" and "insurance" requirements: "If it doesn't change, it would be hundreds of millions of dollars per year that we would be spending of our ratepayers' money with no value in return...Government has to make a change."

Read the Rafe Mair article HERE:

See also David Cobb, president of BC Hydro, as reported by Chad Skelton in Vancouver Sun - August 20, 2011:

And now, for a little surprise. All BC Rail, all the way. Have a look for yourself ...

Trainmen at work


Campbell thieved and sold BC's assets. Our BCR and our rivers for two.

Campbell deliberately destroyed our hydro. He is a vindictive little juvenile, full of hate, spite and malice.

The eco damage of these rivers, is horrendous. Salmon runs have been destroyed. Bears, eagles and other wildlife, depend on the salmon.

Our salmon are already compromised by, the dirty diseased Norwegian fish farms.

Everything Campbell touched, he fouled and dirtied.

Christy has had the opportunity, to clean up Campbell's atrocities. She could have chosen to do right, by the citizens. However, she and Falcon, have chosen to threaten the citizens, regarding the HST.

They have done nothing about, Campbell's theft and corrupt sale of the BCR.

They have done nothing about our hydro. They only do, what's good for them. And to hell with their people.
In the first paragraph of Chad Skelton's article it says Dave Cobb expects the Govt to abandon its energy policies, so that BC Hydro would be freed of buying $100s of millions worth of un-needed electricity from IPPs.

Except that 100 or so long-term IPP contracts have already been signed by BC Hydro.
Readers should check out Norm Farrell's column on Vaughn Palmer's recent whitewash of the BC Hydro report. Whew, anyone reading that can never trust Vaughn Palmer again. Period.
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