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Gordon Campbell named high commissioner to the United Kingdom

By Peter O'Neil
Postmedia News - Aug 15, 2011

OTTAWA - Former B.C. premier Gordon Campbell, who left office earlier this year, was confirmed Monday for one of the most prestigious posts in the Canadian diplomatic corps.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper named the ex-Liberal leader as high commissioner to the United Kingdom, making him one of the key Canadian players engaged in a vigourous defence of the Canadian oil sands industry in Europe.

"Gordon Campbell has contributed much to public life in British Columbia, serving as mayor of Vancouver and premier of British Columbia with distinction,” his successor, Premier Christy Clark, said in a statement.

One of Campbell’s assignments will be to convince Britain and the European Union to back off plans to issue the so-called fuel quality directive that, according to Canada, would unfairly discriminate against the oil sands sector.

While Canada’s oil sands exports to Europe are currently negligible, both the federal and Alberta governments fear the “dirty oil” label could trigger similar action in the U.S.

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 F.y.i., here's how Barbara Yaffe and Vancouver Sun see the appointment, like, they coulda told us long ago but didn't:

Yaffe report is HERE:

Clearly, Campbell's posture made life politically easier for Harper in a province where he and his Conservatives rely on winning a lot of seats.

In May, the Conservatives won 21 of B.C.'s 36 seats, without which Harper would not have achieved his majority government.

The Campbell appointment is not entirely out of left field. Unlike traditional Grits, the Campbell Liberals were largely of the same political persuasion as the Harper Conservatives.

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Introduction to CANADA HOUSE, where our High Commissioner lives and works, click HERE:


Many, many, citizens have e-mailed England, to apologize for Harper's sending crud like Campbell, as High Commissioner.

Harper has shamed Canadians many times. Sending scum like Campbell to England, is the very worst embarrassment of all.

Harper has not been truthful on the dirty tar sands. Europe is angry at Harper, for giving them false statements. He had the gall to peddle the tar sands, as clean energy.

Harper has given Canada a bad name. We used to be a country much loved, around the world. Now our only friends are, Equador, Columbia and some S.A country's.

Harper hired the convicted felon. Carson and his ex prostitute girl friend, were the Harper's guests. This is shameful beyond words. Carson was actually working for Harper. The robot phone calls, to confuse Canadian voters, came right out of the U.S.

In Britain, politicians are not permitted to lie, deceive, thieve, and cheat their citizens. There are two corrupt British M.P's, doing time in prison, for doing a hell of a lot less, than Harper and Campbell have done.

In Canada, corrupt politicians are rewarded for, thieving, cheating to be elected and lying to the people.

This is the lowest of characters, in government politicians, that this country has ever known. Campbell, the most despised, corrupt, evil politician, in the entire history of Canada. Campbell is rewarded for doing Harper's dirty work, a cushy appointment as High Commissioner. How revolting.
Mary you'll get a giggle out of the Huffington Post's caption of so called High Commissioner Campbell.

Hmmmmm - a picture speaks a thousand words and it would appear that the man's lack of respect is far and wide:
Just a word of warning to the criminal gordo campbell... Over in England, booze, cocaine, and women are more expensive. Be prepared to spend more. At least he will be driven around by a bodyguard, therefore no DWI's.
Kam Lee
I heard Campbell and Lovely LAura had a love child, who was sent to the UK to be raised. Now LAura and Gordo are over there too.

Can any Paparazi provide some snaps of the family/child?
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