Tuesday, August 16, 2011


How high is this High Commissioner?

Huffington Post's caption of so called High Commissioner Campbell.

Hmmmmm - a picture speaks a thousand words and it would appear that the man's lack of respect is far and wide:



Special thanks to "Secondlook" for this.

[Maybe Nancy planted that kick?]

Harper had a convicted felon working for him. Carson and his ex prostitute girlfriend, were guests in the Harper home. Harper is in contempt of the House. So, it is understandable, Harper and Campbell are the best of friends. One is just as evil, as the other.

Harper has angered Europe by, giving false statements, on the dirty tar sands. Harper is trying to con Europe, into believing the dirty oil is clean energy.

This is Campbell's duty, to con Europe into buying the dirtiest energy in the world.

As we know, Campbell has no sense of decency or honor...That is why Harper picked him, and to reward Campbell for all the dirty work, he did for him.

Thing is, the Brits are dead set against the dirty tar sands, and so is Europe. In London, there were demonstrations at the High Commissioners office. Campbell is not going to be welcome.

Harper already burned his bridges in Europe, for giving them false statements, regarding the tar sands. The only friends Canada now has is, Columbia, Equador, and some other corrupt S.A. country's. Harper has fouled and dirtied, Canada's good name. Harper is just not liked by the decent country's.

In England, corrupt politicians go to prison, for corruption and thieving. There are two M.P's doing time right now. The paparazzi in Britain are not muzzled or bought off, as in Canada. The Brits don't take the crap from their politicians, as we Canadians do. Campbell had better not piss the Brits off. They will tear him to pieces.
This High Commissioner is so low he comes with his own limbo pole....
You're welcome, Mary - my pleasure!

Actually, maybe Nancy should be giving herself a "kick" too; it looks likes she couldn't resist the thought of heading over to hob nob with the Royals - everyone has their price.

I wonder if Lara,the gal with the golden pension to match her guy's (Gordie's) will be joining them for tea & crumpets?
HuffPost wouldn't post my original comment on this article; the one that's there now chides them for not even acknowledging the first one; I opened up the BC Rail thing because CP was doing the usual "resigned bcause of the controversial HST" mantra. I didn't even get to the Lara thing; that was in parts two and three of the same, which I never posted because of the first not getting posted. An article in the Globe and Mail had a whole series of posts removed because of "violations of our guidelines" etc......censorship is alive and well at AOLCanada/G&M/HuffPost....."leading national debate" or whatever is the Globe's politics page slogan, or something close to that. Information control, and silencing commentors who either critize them, or bring up aspects to stories they wish to keep suppressed....Murdoch was, by comparison, innocuous simply because he was so blatant....
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