Friday, September 30, 2011


BC really is the laughing-stock of Canada, if not (thank you, Gordo) the world!

BC Mary says: Please, I beg you, please tell me (so I can believe it) that we, as citizens really can trust this campbell/christy government to take best care of the province we love! 

Start with the uplift and smack-down of Harry Bloy ...

BC Mary comment: Citizens themselves are writing excellent Letters to the Editors which seem to be coming into print on the smaller news media. Here's a good one:

How short our memories are

By Jim Nelson - The Tri-CityNews September 30, 2011

FACE TO FACE: Gordon Campbell is getting the Order of B.C. Too soon?

I am deeply indifferent about whether Gordon Campbell deserves the Order of B.C. ...

It is, however, difficult to be indifferent about how enthusiastically and quickly he is being forgiven. The scandals of other B.C. politicians have stuck to them like glue yet Mr. Campbell, driven from office by furious British Columbians, is not only forgiven but lauded, all within months of his ouster.

Talk about a Teflon man. Mr. Campbell has transcended Teflon and moved to Calphalon, that new, more incredible non-stick stuff everyone is gaga over.

Gordon Campbell did not retire.

He didn’t leave because after 10 years of collaborative and prudent stewardship of the province it was time to give someone else a chance.

He didn’t step down out of concern for the
BC Liberal​ party or to spend more time with his family.

Gordon Campbell was forced from office by the bipartisan disgust of 91% of the citizens of B.C., a citizenry unanimously fed up with HST dishonesty, an autocratic leadership style and a BC rail scandal so Hydra-headed that the very survival of his party was in jeopardy had he stayed.

With the ink barely dry on his resignation, Mr. Campbell was chosen by Prime Minister Stephen Harper as Canadian high commissioner to the United Kingdom, an anointing of almost papal proportion, complete with the most opulent of digs.

The mind boggles.

If that weren’t enough, scant months after our collective disgust drove him from office, we want to give him the Order of B.C.? How did he go from frog to prince in but a wink?

In contrast, former NDP premier Glen Clark evokes an ire undiminished after 12 years out of office. We still almost unanimously chant about fast ferries and sundecks at the mere mention of his name.

And what of Mike Harcourt, whose resume, civic and provincial, is arguably better than Mr. Campbell’s? Is the Order of B.C. in the works for him?

It’s not Joe and Mary Six-pack who have forgiven Gordon Campbell — we’re still furious. The rush to launder and glorify his legacy is not a grassroots movement and speaks volumes about whose interests Mr. Campbell represented during his tenure.

Face to Face columnist Jim Nelson is a retired Tri-City teacher and principal who lives in Port Moody. He has contributed a number of columns on education-related issues to The Tri-City News.


Hello Mary!
Very good well thought out letter from Mr. Nelson.
The most shameful part to all of this is that "They" know everyone can see right through it but don't care to try and explain. Of course no one is asking them to explain on our behave as the Media all seem to be asleep.
When you look at the big picture we can only expect more and maybe even worse. The smart meters, IPP's, liquid natural gas, they are all coming together like a giant jigsaw puzzle but the picture they are forming is anything but pretty!
Excellent letter. Puts Francis Bula to shame. She lauded Campbell for his excellent reputation as a mayor, head of the UBCM, and premier as if he were the only one with such credentials.

Jim Nelson reminds us that Harcourt had held almost identical posts, and was never close to 91% disapproval, for very good reason.

And as with Glenn Clark, Harcourt was forced out with the help of a full-court press by the media. He inherited Casinogate, something so picayune that it would not even merit a single media story today, certainly not in comparison to the massive con job that the Liberals have perpetrated on BC.
Can you spell "Corrupt Media" and a highly suspect and questionable BC Liberal government - proven time and again, to be dishonest, deceptive and deceitful.

Just thinking about the irresponsible and reckless decade under the BC Liberal party government makes me extremely angry, so I will limit my comments to polite terms.

Hey, 5:27!

Sure I can spell "Corrupt Media" but I'm really, really tired of hearing abut it ...


what we all need to spell is

what are we going to do about it?
The media are propaganda machines for the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals.

No matter how putrid the media is, they have the protection of the BC Liberals.

Who in the hell in their right minds would aid and abet this corrupt, sickening Campbell/Clark BC Liberal government?

It is impossible to shame the BC Liberals. It is impossible to shame the disgusting media.

There are no morals and ethics among the BC Liberals, and certainly no morals and ethics among the media.

All we can do is, put the BC Liberals and the media in the corrupt odure file.
What I do about it is tell every friend and relative in other country's, all about our propaganda media government machines.

So far that's, Australia, England, Holland, New Zea Land, Norway and the good old U.S.A.
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