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Gordon Campbell destroyed B.C.

BC Mary comment: Grant Gough -- the Powell River Persuader -- is writing today through the pain of his father's death, and coming home to find his house burned to the ground taking three pets. He is channeling his grief, I think, in this analysis of what's also been happening to the province we love. I hope you will read Grant's full, unabashed column (with comments) at his place ...

Gordon Campbell destroyed BC/Christy Clark continues Campbell's province-killing policies

The Powell River Persuader - Sept. 20, 2011


The province of British Columbia is dead, that is if you consider Vancouver island part of BC......

When I arrived on the island it was immediately apparent that something was wrong, the weather was gorgeous, the scenery stunning, the fresh air invigorating and the fishing was pretty good too, but all that aside there was a sad undertone so thick you could cut it with a knife..

I was at the Port Alberni Canadian Tire on a Saturday midday, there was 4 young staff in this giant store and I was the only customer, the Safeway store was also barren, Grannies chicken in Port Alberni I was the only customer in hours, 11:00 am to 1:00 pm on a Saturday and I was the only customer, the beautiful people of Port Alberni were their usual friendly self, smiles everywhere and big hello`s were standard fare as always from the locals but this time even the happy facade couldn`t hide their pure fear....Fear of total economic collapse!

The jobs agenda, on CTV news last night they did a story on Nanaimo, apparently they have the highest unemployment rates in BC, 12%, but my gut tells me different, the unemployment numbers are climbing throughout the island, there was no summer tourism bump this year, there was zero summer fattening of wallets and therefor thousands more will be idled very soon and what did we see on Global news...

We saw a Clucking Liberal leader stepping out of a float plane wearing a tight orange skirt and high heels, and the photo-op itself, there was Clucking Christy Clark winking and smiling at the male port workers in Prince Rupert, the only thing missing was a brass pole and stripping music, and what was her announcement, $15 million dollar contribution from the taxpayers of BC going towards CN Rail, all part of a larger $300 million dollar private sector project designed to bring more coal to the port, and yes it was also just a re-announcement of a project long ago slated to happen, although the thought of more freebies to CN Rail sickens me, imagine if we had a provincial railway like say BC Rail, can`t anyone see the irony of the BC Government giving money to CN Rail after Gordon Campbell gave BC Rail to his campaign financier David Mclean(and CEO of CN Rail)...As for the rest of Christy Clucking Clark`s jobs agenda, nothing more need be said, both Palmer and Smyth were quick to note that these announcements are all retread photo-ops, maybe Clucking Clark thinks BCers are too stupid to recognize her deja vu traveling been there done that provincial tour ...

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