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Look after BC Rail and see what it can do!

BC Mary comment:  Explosive topics are hidden in this crazy-honest column by Jonathan Fowlie, Vancouver Sun. I'm not sure where to look for the five (5) big Ministries already amalgamated by Christy's predecessor, which, I thought, is already named Ministry of Natural Resource Operations (See BC Business - Jan. 4, 2011. The new mega-ministry includes Energy, Agriculture, Forests, Environment and (I think) Lands:

Premier Christy Clark said high-debt policies won't work during a speech to the Vancouver Board of Trade on Thursday.


Clark also announced $24 million over two years to allow natural resource ministries to eliminate a backlog that is keeping many projects from moving ahead.

She also announced a Major Investments Office, meant to offer direct assistance to potential investors, and a BC Jobs and Investment Board, which she said will be running within 60 days.

"[The board] will include citizens from all across the province to promote economic development by holding government's feet to the fire, to make sure we're doing everything we possibly can to make B.C. competitive and not standing in the way of good jobs," said Clark.

"B.C. will only win if we win together. And so this board will bring together business leaders, labour leaders, community leaders and government to fight for jobs like never before."

Clark said she will unveil the final portion of her jobs plan at a speech today, where she is expected to announce a reorganization of the province's foreign trade and investment offices.

"We are launching an investor-focused international marketing campaign," she said in her speech Thursday. "I will have a lot more to say about the specifics of that when I speak to the Business Council's Asia-Pacific forum [Friday]."

Read more HERE:

BC Mary questions:  Are all Christy's new Ministries in addition to -- or replacing -- existing ministries? And isn't this a drastic de-stabilization of the B.C. civil service at a time when  some clear-thinking analyses would be critically important? So who's doing all the heavy analyses? Private consultants?

Does anybody else think that Gordon Campbell wrote the U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron's speech to the Canadian Parliament yesterday?

BC Mary comment:  Holy smoke! Gordo was there!!  Don't miss RossK's valuable comment ... and more, over at his Pacific Gazetteer site. Who knew that Gordo would actually fly into Ottawa for the occasion of the U.K. prime minister's speech. Man, he really has lucked into the sweet life.  Rosemary Barton (journalist) says Gordo came into the establishment (a bar?) ... and told her he was in Ottawa to meet with Cameron. Strange.  Nobody else mentioned him. Did he walk around with a paper bag over his head, or what?

BC Mary:  More shocks!  Thanks to "Gary E" who forwarded this eye-popping column from Kitimat Daily detailing the situation where U.S. workers are given priority over Canadians in hiring for the jobs available at Alcan ...

U.S. Workers take rare  Canadian Jobs


Today the Globe and Mail is quoting John Les (now Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier of BC Clark) [what?!!] with this statement on employment:

"Everybody is looking for work around home, but (they) may not be
aware that there are jobs available in Kitimat or in Terrace or Fort St. John. That's not for everybody, but if you're a young person looking for a job, maybe horizons need to be expanded a bit,"

Really?  There are jobs in Kitimat but from all reports to get one and get fair benefits of the employment at the dismantling of the Smelters
at the Rio Tinto Alcan site you need to be an American.   Canadians are being mistreated and for every one Canadian hired at least three are from as far away as Florida.

For three months the Terrace Daily has been receiving calls from Canadian residents; those living in Terrace, Kitimat and the lower mainland complaining about the treatment and the excessive American
hiring practices while locals seem to be sidestepped or mistreated to such an extent they quit ... to continue readi
ng, click on the headline below:  

U.S. Workers take rare Canadian Jobs


Foreign worker protection urged

By Matthew McClure,
Calgary Herald - September 9, 2011

A new report by a Tory parliamentary assistant calls for better protection of temporary foreign workers in Alberta from exploitation by unscrupulous recruiters. But Employment and Immigration Minister Thomas Lukaszuk balked Tuesday at committing his government to tighter regulations for an industry that brought close to 25,000 workers into the province last year. "I will be definitely promoting upgrading and strengthening the law surrounding the entire industry of recruiting and attracting workers over here," Lukaszuk said at a Calgary press conference where the report was released.

"I would be very presumptuous at this point in time to tell you that it will pass the floor of the house." Government documents show that almost three-quarters of Alberta businesses employing temporary foreign workers inspected by the province two years ago were breaking labour standards. Most of the violations were for failing to pay overtime or a premium for work on statutory holidays.

Gil McGowan, president of the Alberta Federation of Labour, said he is disappointed the province isn't following Manitoba's lead in requiring employers to have a good compliance history with employment standards and workplace safety laws before registering to employ foreign workers. That province also requires recruiters to be licensed as immigration consultants and prohibits them from charging workers fees for finding a job.

Source is HERE:


Interestingly, the night before, Mr. Campbell apparently showed up, unannounced, an Ottawa 'establishment' frequented by at least Parliament Hill scribe.

Hmmmm....Wonder why the Ceeb's Rosie Barton didn't follow-up and tell the Verses of the Twits what Mr. C. was, or was not, drinking?

Perhaps that would go against the rules of, what was it that Ian Reid called it again?

Oh, ya.....

Now I remember.

The Club.

Great questions your are posing here Mary. You're on fire today. You go girl!

My immediate reaction to this announcement by Clark was that she just keeps creating more new positions for her friends to fill before she will have to (eventually) hack off some actual working stiffs in the civil service.

What happened to promises of smaller government? Clark's friends will benefit financially, but there will be "belt-tightening" for everyone else.

Really, how many more bimbos with teased hair and plastic smiles do we have to pay for to surround the coronation of Miss Christy?

But you raise even more worrisome questions, like destabilization of the government apparatus just when we need it most. What a bloody fiasco Campbell and Harper have begot.
If Gordo's flying in from London to Ottawa so he can meet with Cameron.....somebody explain to me why he hadn't met with him in the UK????? Again, another angle that it would be best if someone from Fleet Street started stalking this pack of dogs....or wolves, perhaps, is a better term

One day somebody's going to light a match that will set their house of cards on fire...there will be a breaking point.....

Exactly. Why didn't Gordo meet with Cameron in the U.K.? Well, my guess is that Gordo did exactly that, and being Mr Micro-Manager, he wangled a seat in the Cameron entourage for its visit to Ottawa and Washington D.C. to make sure things went his way. He's a "visionary", you know.

I think perhaps Britain's U.K. realizes the real value [cough, kak ...] of having a Gordon Campbell at their side at times like this.

God help us.

So far, NOBODY in the media has actually reported the Gordo sighting. Not even Rosemary Barton who is probably already regretting her mention on Twitter of encountering Gordo in what sounded like a bar.

[Chuckle] ... maybe Rosemary, as journalist, thought nobody would care. Ha!

Yah, Gordo the "fixer" has to accompany Cameron back to Canada. Surely not to hold Cameron's hand. More likely so Campbell could stick his hand out and rake in more goodies.

As for Rosemary Barton at CBC or any other "big league" media not reporting Campbell's presence, just goes to show you how little the Ottawa-centric media really know about BC politics.

I recall being flabbergasted at someone as senior and credible as Chantal Hebert singing Campbell's praises a year or so ago. How utterly ignorant the "eastern media" is of the rest of the country.
Canadian Canary,

Flabbergasted too, I was, when I first tried to interest Chantal Hebert in the BC Rail story.

She accused me of making things up. Wow. She was right off my Christmas card list from that moment.

Her colleague, Jim Travers would listen, and absorb what I said; however, his territory was elsewhere ... and then he died.

What has always worried me is that journalists like Hebert are locking themselves into Gordo's big plan. I mean, how come they protected Lara all those years? How come they don't tell us, right now, that our High Commissioner to the U.K. was back in Canada ... and why.

What do citizens do when every level of our social structure is so obviously corrupted?

Wait. I know. I had almost forgotten that there's a wonderful young woman who stepped out in front of Stephen Harper during the Speech from the Throne ... remember? She held up a small sign which said:


She has written something which explains what we can do, and must do.

Back later.
They're tooling up a new trade deal.
Harper is rabid to con Europe into accepting the dirty tar sands oil.

This is also Campbell's first priority in England. I wouldn't be the least surprised, if the two of them gang up on P.M. Cameron and push him into accepting the dirty oil.

There is nothing beneath Campbell and Harper's dignities, they won't do for money and power.
CETA, and it's bad for Canadian "citizens". Everything (healthcare, education, infrastructure - this is all happening and has been for some time) being sold off to the highest bidder (friends), as long as your in the loop with Harper, Gordo and Cameron you get a piece.
Sure hope the Europeans see through the corruption of all named above and take to the streets big time. Canadians better get on board pretty quick. This once great country is/has been dismantled all in the name of the corporate elite.
The economy is in the trouble it is because of these corporations and politicians and you and I are expected to pay for it. Wake up people.
Canada is pretty much foreign owned now. We don't own our assets and natural resources, the giant corporations do.

And, as we see, the American company's bring their own U.S. workers.

So Harper, the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals and Alberta, can go straight to hell, with their Enbridge pipeline and the dirty oil tankers from China.

To hell with our Rain Forest logs, going to China too. As well as having the dirty oil tankers, we will have ships coming in for the Rain Forest logs as well.

The Spirit Bears and thousands of wildlife creatures live in the Rain Forests. The salmon runs, will be destroyed.

The Port Kitimat channel is teeming with our beautiful Orcas and Humpback Whales. There are thousands of marine life in that channel.

The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals and Harper, ruined BC financially. Now they want to turn BC into a polluted wasteland
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