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Order of B.C. and the Odour of BC Rail

Order of BC Awarded to our Disgraced ex Premier Cambell! [sic]

By Richard,
September 3rd, 2011

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

If this does not take the cake for sheer stupidity, ignorance and denigration of an award that should be meaningful, I will be damned if I know what does!

Campbell inherited over 1 billion dollar surplus from the BC NDP when the BC Liberal Government in 2001 and proceeded to pay off his corporate buddies with a 2 billion dollar tax cut at the expense of HEU Hospital workers, teachers, school and hospital closures, and so on. Those were the orders he dispatched.

Badly needed services once provided for women, seniors and children were targetted over and over again.  At one point he even  brazenly collapsed the Ministry of Environment folding it in with another ministry!

How many times was he caught lying, cheating and to cap it off cutting a deal with PM Harper to saddle us with the HST?

The criminal sell off of BC Rail, the restructuring of BC Ferries, the dismantling of BC Hydro. The HST for Chrissakes!

How does this BC Liberal Wrecking Crew expect respect? Bring on the election Christy, we are ready!

Georgia Straight reporter Stephen Hui  reports on Campbell being the Order of BC Award.

Can you just bloody imagine anything  more ludicrous? Well Ok the High Commissioner in London town I suppose. Both awards have been denigrated as cheap payoffs. It is disgusting in the extreme.

Lying, cheating and slashing programs needed by British Columbians, that is his true legacy.

PM Steve awarded him the plum job of being BC’s rep in England. Nice work on the HST file Gordo, here is your payoff!

Surely the message here is lie, cheat and steal! Is that what are children should aspire to in order to succeed?

It is enough to gag a maggot!

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The OBC, obviously is no longer an honor. That order fits right in with, the other corrupt entities in this province.

Perhaps Campbell needed to win the award. He is going to England as High Commissioner. Campbell has a very dirty record. The Odoure of BC, could have been ordered from on high.

The English citizens, despise corrupt, thieving and deceiving politicians. There are two British M.P's doing time right now, for a hell of a lot less than Campbell and Harper did.
In addition to the @NoOrderForGordo Twitter account, there’s a “Gordon Campbell does not Deserve the Order of BC award” page on Facebook.

That’s right, not eligible. From another petition by Cheryl McNevin Baron:

According to the Government of BC’s own Order of BC website, nominations for the 2011 awards closed March 10, 2011, and “your nominee must not currently be an elected person with federal, provincial or municipal governments”.

Gordon Campbell did not step down as MLA, clearing the way for Christy Clark to run in his riding of Vancouver-Point Gray, until March 14th. Thus, at the close of nominations he was “currently an elected person”.
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