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Preparing another B.C. asset for the chopping block

Ha ha ha ha ... (Good one, eh?) From Progressive Railroading, Sept. 19, 2011:

U.S., Canadian politicians praise benefits of government-funded rail projects


... Canadian federal, British Columbia and local officials on Friday marked the start of construction on the 80th Street overpass in Delta, B.C., along the Roberts Bank Rail Corridor (RBRC). To be completed in June 2012, the overpass will be funded in part by $7.2 million from the Canadian government, $4.8 million from Port Metro Vancouver, $2 million from the province and $1.8 million from the municipality of Delta.

“This grade separation will enhance rail operations and accommodate increased road and rail movements along the RBRC, an integral part of Canada's Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor,” said Canadian Minister of International Trade Ed Fast in a prepared statement.

The overpass is one of nine planned projects in a RBRC program projected to cost $307 million. The program calls for building eight overpasses and one 43-mile rail siding to connect Roberts Bank, Canada's largest container facility and coal terminal, with the North American rail network.

Read more about our RBRC HERE:

And then Christy the Unelected B.C. Premier is in Prince Rupert flinging millions around because ... 

this time, it's the Road Rail Utility Corridor Project  (RRUCP)

By Rob Shaw
Times Colonist - September 19, 2011

The northern B.C. community of Port Rupert ships resources to overseas markets.

Premier Christy Clark pledged $15 million for rail development at the Port of Prince Rupert Monday, the first in a week-long series of announcements in her job-creation program.

Clark said the port rail project will help position B.C. to meet the increasing demand for coal and other goods in the growing Asia-Pacific market and will generate 576 jobs during construction.

The $90-million Road Rail Utility Corridor Project is also set to be funded with $30 million from CN Rail, $30 million from the Prince Rupert Port Authority and a possible $15-million contribution from the federal government. It’s considered the first phase of a planned $300-million port development.

“We need to send a message to the world, to investors, that if you invest in British Columbia, if you invest in jobs in our province, you will get a return on your investments,” said Clark. Investors must see “that we’re a safe, reputable, dependable place in a world that has become a very stormy sea,” she added.

{Snip} ...

The full B.C. Jobs Plan is expected Thursday when Clark speaks to the Vancouver Board of Trade. [Gee, Lara might be there. She's a Director on the Vancouver Board of Trade now, y'know. - BC M.]

Full story (well, most of it) HERE

BC Mary comment: O.m.g., here's one from The Globe and Mail. The comments are a treat!

Christy Clark rolls out BC Jobs Plan

One more version of "Jobs, jobs, jobs" which has inspired some hell-raising comments at the end ... 

Clark promises jobs at Prince Rupert port expansion

CBC News
Sep 19, 2011

B.C. Premier Christy Clark kicked off her job creation plan Monday morning in Prince Rupert by announcing the government will contribute $15 million to help develop a road and rail corridor at the port.

The project involves a $90-million expansion of CN Rail lines and utilities in the area to help meet Asia's demand for natural resources, including coal. CN Rail and the Port of Prince Rupert will add $30 million each.

It's part of the first phase of a $300-million expansion planned for Prince Rupert's port terminal involving CN Rail and the Prince Rupert Port Authority.

The announcement came with promises from Clark of 570 new construction jobs and about 4,000 jobs at the port terminal once the expansion is complete. But it is not clear how many of those will be new jobs and how many are already filled by CN workers.

Clark is in the northern B.C. city to pitch her jobs plan before travelling to Kitimat, Kamloops, Surrey and Vancouver, where she will unveil her entire agenda on Thursday at a Board of Trade luncheon.

Later in the day Clark is expected to arrive in Kitimat to talk about the development of a liquefied natural gas terminal.

A Few Comments:

mcturp wrote:  I have an idea for CC. How about we build our own railroad to get resources to coastal ports. That way we would own it and any money spent on infrastrructure would be for our own asset instead of building infrastruture for CN Railroad. Oh yeah - we had a railroad like that called BCRail but in your governments great wisdom decided to sell it to CNRail. Now we can use BC taxpayers money to build infrastructure for CN.

gregsterthe1st wrote: Now it will be that more easier for the Liberals to ship our raw logs and raw natural resources to China, instead doing the manufacturing, refining here creating real jobs for BC.

Hippie Redneck wrote: How many times can the same jobs be introduced?
As many times as it takes to get the numbers up to where they need to be.

Defeated wrote:  This isn't job creation, or even A job creation incentive...this is blatant campaining on the taxpayers dime!
What a load of phoney crap...and Clark knows it! Does she really think people will buy her smoke and mirrors? demean yourself if you think this will impress anyone!
First we are broke...then we are not broke...then the debt from rejecting the HST has increased...then it hasn't increased...then she is going to call an election...then she is not going to call an election...OMG!...this is a government completely out of control with no clue what to do or where to go next!
We should also note that Prince Rupert isn't B.C.Liberal territory...and Clark knows it.
Watch to see the most money thrown around where she thinks she can buy the most votes!
Seriously...15 million will accomplish squat!
Welcome to the B.C.Liberal re-election campain...and we get to pay for it!
4000 jobs...oh come on now!
Just call an election and settle it once and for all...this government is done!
They are only making a bad situation worse!

Thanatos wrote:  Hello Rupert. We have bridges for sale in the lower mainland if you believe anything this liar says. !5 milion is nothing but chump change. We in the lower mainland would like to thank you for the 600 million dollar roof on our dome you helped pay for. You know, the one that nobody uses, but a boat show, a car show, and a football and soccer team. They're on the road most of the season.

Phritz wrote:  China needs our natural resources & we don't??????????? They already own 97% of the world's precious metals.......What's wrong with this picture? Do something for Canada & BC's economy besides bringing us inflated junk & minimum wages....we're overtaxed here & all your doing is boosting China's economy? Who's going to pay for the carbon footprint? We don't need more ports to sell out our resources, we need manufacturing facility's in all sectors to compete!

Jobs for who? Long term jobs? Yeah right.

Look at that picture, those are grey containers with COSCO on them, that's China Ocean Shipping Company, a state-owned Chinese company shipping more manufactered goods on our shore.

imfrieson wrote:  It is too bad that British Columbia doesn't have a railway system to facilitate commerce in the province. Maybe they should get one. They could call it....oh..I don't know....maybe BC Rail? 

Source is HERE:

Hugh's comment is cross-posted here:
"to help meet Asia's demand for natural resources, including coal."

Coal? This is the same govt that is taking $millions out of the BC Public Sector to buy carbon offsets, in order to meet emissions targets.


So Christy wants a "safe, reputable, dependable place" to hand over to foreign corporate raiders eh?

Yah, that's the BC populace all right, mute and dumb in the face of brutal rape and pillage.

Maybe it's time to stop being such patsies?

And there goes the Times-Colonist newspaper again, mindlessly repeating what Christy Clark says without any analysis or background info or commentary from the opposition. Nope, just being the government cheer-leader.

And this from that newspaper's supposed top investigative journalist Rob Shaw. I'm disgusted with that newspaper.
"to help meet Asia's demand for natural resources, including coal."

Coal? This is the same govt that is taking $millions out of the BC Public Sector to buy carbon offsets, in order to meet emissions targets.
The CN will likely have to have more E.S.B's to run more trains to Rupert. They will need more staff, to switch the yards. It is possible there are, E.S.B. who only have work on the spare boards across Canada. The rail yard at Ashcroft BC was to be expanded, as a holding yard for the goods coming from China.

The Port of Prince Rupert had already been expanded, for the larger ships. The jobs Christy is crowing about, have been a long time, on the books.

All of this is very old stuff. All planned long ago by, Campbell and Harper. Christy has no credit what-so-ever, for bringing jobs to BC. Not to Port Kitimat nor Prosperity Mine either. Christy had no input for the new mines, going into northern BC. Christy has done nada, to bring jobs to BC.
It would be British Columbia and local officials marked the start of construction of 80th Street overpass in Delta which increased road and rail movements along the RBRC. Indeed this construction major break through of transportation industry.
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