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Roberts Bank spur line is still BC Rail and what's left of BC Rail is still ours, right?

or did I miss something when BC Rail got shoved under the door of the Ministry of Transportation?

BC Mary comment:  Nowhere does the following summary mention that the Roberts Bank spur line (now apparently known as the Roberts Bank rail corridor or RBRC) is owned by BC Rail.

Is it really possible that right under our noses, with our own tax dollars, the old BC Rail spur line to Roberts Bank is being readied for sale? It's hard to forget that this priceless BC Rail link was once promised as the "Consolation Prize" to OmniTRAX ... and withdrawn when the Minister of Transportation was warned that the main BCR-CN deal had begun to stink even before it was signed ... which is why, i.m.o., the BCR-CN deal has remained partially hidden and secret to this day.  And why British Columbia needs to have a full public inquiry into how that happened. 

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BC’s Roberts Bank rail corridor getting upgrades

Overpass project is a funding partnership worth $20 million

BY MM&D staff - September 19, 2011

DELTA, BC: Construction has been announced for the 80th Street overpass in Delta, BC, a project along the Roberts Bank rail corridor (RBRC). The overpass is a funding partnership worth $20 million, with the Government of Canada contributing $7.2 million, the province of British Columbia $2 million and Port Metro Vancouver $4.8 million. The corporation of Delta is also providing $1.8 million for construction and $6 million to acquire lands.
“Once completed, this grade separation will enhance rail operations and accommodate increased road and rail movements along the RBRC, an integral part of Canada’s Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor,” said Fast.

One of nine projects in the $307-million RBRC program, the 80th Street overpass, combined with the other projects under the program, is designed to ease traffic in Delta, Surrey, the City of Langley and the Township of Langley. The program is composed of eight overpasses and one railway siding in a 70-kilometre stretch that connects Roberts Bank, Canada’s largest container facility and coal terminal, with the North American rail network. The cooridor is expected to carry increasing volumes of goods from around the world.

The overpass includes the recently completed repaving of 72nd Street, a new intersection at Ladner Trunk Road and 72nd Street, and an warning system on Ladner Trunk Road to divert motorists to 80th Street if a train blocks 72nd Street. The Government of Canada said the 80th Street overpass will benefit Delta by minimizing traffic delays and providing uninterrupted vehicle access to Boundary Airport—a key service enhancement to the airport and the surrounding industrial areas.

“Along with the port community, we are investing $50 million in overpasses to improve safety and to separate road and rail traffic along the entire Roberts Bank Rail Corridor, from Delta to Langley,” said Robin Silvester, president and CEO of Port Metro Vancouver. “We are pleased to work with our funding partners to advance infrastructure projects, like the 80th Street overpass, which benefit communities and support Canadian trade and jobs in the most sustainable way.”

The overpass is scheduled for completion by June 2012.


Harper and Campbell had planned all of this, quite a while back.

Highways, BCR spur, and ports, all lead to China and the U.S. Even the sale of the C.N.R. is a big part of this bamboozle.

As much as Christy is trying to take credit, for all the jobs that are supposed to appear, this was on the books, a long time ago.

The Port of Prince Rupert, is already expanded to accept the large freighters. The CN rail yard in Rupert will be expanded. From Rupert, goods from China will go to Ashcroft BC. The rail yard there will be expanded, as a storage for the goods from China.

Prince George CN rail yard will be expanded for, all the mines going into northern BC.

Even the liquid gas plant in the Port of Kitimat, was on the books. As of course, the Enbridge pipeline and the dirty oil tankers from China.

The dirty oil tankers will go through the path of, our beautiful Oraca and Humpback Whales. There are many species of marine life, all under threat.

Even the expansion of Prosperity Mine, was planned to go ahead. Harper left the back door open, so the expansion of the mine, could be reapplied for

Harper and Campbell had a plot, to drill oil and gas wells, off BC's coast.

Christy has not created any jobs in BC. This has been already been a done deal, long, long ago.

Be aware, they now want to log the rain forest. That is the home of the Spirit Bears, the small wolves, and thousands of wildlife creatures.

This is going to further the stress of the salmon. The wildlife, eagles and many critters, depend on the salmon. The runs will be destroyed by the logging.

There is nothing sacred from our, BC politicians greed, nor safe from Harper.

Christy is not responsible for any of the jobs, coming to BC. Harper and Campbell have plotted for years. Because BC has vast natural resources, Harper wanted to get his control on BC's riches. AND, Campbell helped him to do so.
To Anonymous 9:35,

Thank you, as always, for your comment.

May I ask your help? It would help me a lot if you got rid of nearly all the commas in your comments. A comma changes the pace of the sentences, and often confuse the meaning.

E.g., where you say

"There is nothing sacred from our, BC politicians greed ..."

The sentence is correct without a comma; it's confusing with a comma.

OK? And please keep writing.
Seems to be a rehash of old announcements; the Mufford Overpass, in Langley, has been in the works for a while now, and has just come back with a new design, after an uproar in the community over the previous design.
Here's an announcement about the overpasses back in 2007:

Good work, Commentors!

Christy today:
And that's why I'm announcing today that we'll invest $50-million to improve the BC-owned rail corridor that connects Deltaport to Canada's transportation network."

Repeat ... BC-owned rail corridor as Christy announces.
THANK YOU, Curt ... I would've missed that.

Backgrounder to the announcement Sept 16 on Transport Canada Website note Date modified: 2011-09-23
note the addition of the rail partners.

Roberts Bank Rail Corridor (RBRC) Improvements
The Roberts Bank Rail Corridor (RBRC) Program is a comprehensive package of road and rail improvements funded through a unique collaboration of 12 public- and private-sector partners.

The $307-million program is designed to improve the safety and efficiency of the road and rail network, and enhance the quality of life for residents of communities through which rail traffic travels to and from Port Metro Vancouver terminals at Roberts Bank in Delta.

The partners, including Transport Canada, the B.C. Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, TransLink, Port Metro Vancouver, the B.C. Corporation of Delta, the City of Surrey, the City of Langley, the Township of Langley, CN Rail, Canadian Pacific, British Columbia Railway Company and Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway, are working proactively to improve road access and safety for local residents by providing alternate routes over busy railways. more at link below
Such a great article it was which the other projects under the program, is designed to ease traffic in Delta, Surrey, the City of Langley and the Township of Langley. In which the program is composed of eight overpasses and one railway siding in a 70-kilometre stretch that connects Roberts Bank, Canada’s largest container facility and coal terminal, with the North American rail network.Thanks for sharing this article.
The BC Rail corruption trial scandal train has not yet left the station, no matter how much you want to see it get out of town.
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