Saturday, September 17, 2011


Christy's horrid attack ads didn't fool Times Colonist, eh?!



But Vancouver Sun probably didn't  publish this retort by Erik Andersen ... 

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Sent: Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Subject: 'Departed Gordon Campbell tops list of best money-managing premiers"
Dear Editor;

Why does anyone want to know what the Fraser Institute thinks? Surely you are not trying to alienate your readers by deliberately telling us what these folks have to say about anything.

Mr. Campbell and his associates started in government when the Provincial debt was in the mid $30 billion range and the Crown Corporation, BC Hydro had total liabilities of about $10.3 billion. Now the official Provincial long-term debt is about $60 billion with at least another unofficial amount of over $45 billion, according to the Auditor General's report of a year ago. BC Hydro's total liabilities now top $16.6 billion and growing by the day with Minister Coleman musing about a new $5 billion.

The world is currently in economic and financial disarray to the degree that the Italians are thinking of selling the country to the Chinese and Greece is about to be so impossible to sort out that insolvency is staring them in the face this week.

This past April S&P Credit of New York wrote that Canadian Provinces needed to increase revenues and curb budgets for education and health care. The implication from this report is that do these things or get a credit downgrade or worse. The condition leading to these recommendations did not happen overnight but came about because of the knowing and profligate financial management of our government.

To rate Mr. Campbell as a good financial manager is a sick joke.


Erik Andersen
635 Rollo Road , Gabriola Island, BC , V0R 1X3


"Clark ruled out a fall election earlier this month. Why campaign ads when they just cancelled the campaign?

Very reminiscent of the Tory attack ads against Michael Ignatieff, which ran for months - years? - before an election was called.

Could it be the same Toronto ad agency, ya wonder?

And if it's tied to Rob Ford's campaign, what the hell is a "Liberal" leader/party doing employing a Tory-allied ad company? I mean, we know the answer, but talk about a lack of principle, e.g. Cummins being a Tory and voting NDP was how is being a "Liberal" and hiring a Tory ad agency (to slander a Tory no less) any more prinicpled?

Not that anyone in BC who's SANE would ever think Christy, or the BC Liberals, are "principled".
Mr. Leyne calling these ads atrocious was a solid start.

But calling the actual strategy to run them 'clumsy', as Mr. Leyne did, was not enough.

Campbell is the most corrupt politician, Canada has ever known.

Campbell's election lie, the BCR wasn't for sale. His election lie, the HST wasn't on his and Hansen's radar.

Throw in the lie, of the small provincial deficit. The sale of our BC rivers as well.

Campbell made the worst financial mess, this province has ever been in. The outrageous government salary's, buyouts and pensions, are obscene.

When Campbell sold out our assets and resources....What is left, for this province to survive with?
Is that the same Erik Anderson who's been the very vocal critic of the policy-attack on BC Hydro?

I believe it's that same Erik Andersen.
I believe Campbell and Co. have already pretty well sold out BC to China, as well as Harper. The corruption, lying and deceit is SO deep.

The global crisis has been created and brought on by the right winged Republicans in the states, and Cons and Liebs here in our own country.
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