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BC Auditor general's report #6 should be required reading in postgraduate curriculums and for candidates seeking office at any level of government.

Auditor general a must read

By Elizabeth James
Special to North Shore News

October 12, 2011


“In the auditing profession, a qualified report is a rare occurrence: it indicates to the users of the financial statements that some of the information is not auditable or is misleading. During the last fifteen years, this office has issued qualified audit reports on the province’s financial statements 12 times. For a government that strives for transparency and accountability, this is unacceptable.” 
- John Doyle, B.C. Auditor General, Sept. 29, 2011

B.C. auditor general John Doyle's Report Six for 2011/12 is a masterpiece of professional decorum.

Not only does the document say as much between the lines as on them, it is easy to understand. Sited at subject/finance, it should be required reading in postgraduate curriculums and for candidates seeking office at any level of government.

Overall, this report on audits of "150 separate government organizations" paints a disturbing picture of ongoing financial and accountability deficiencies. It cracks open closed doors and tells us what it can about how things are being managed - or mismanaged - inside not just the provincial government, but also our Crown corporations and other government-grown and controlled agencies.

As I read, I focussed on three items: BC Hydro, the Port Mann Bridge project and the games being played with provincial accounting standards.

Today's column will continue the in-play Hydro story, with discussion of the others to follow.

I have long believed that BC Hydro, our one remaining major Crown asset, is being systematically destroyed by a provincial government hell-bent to complete its privatization agenda.

The Campbell-Clark blueprint for action is distressingly similar to the one that succeeded against BC Rail in 2003: manipulate the accounts into a deficit position, persuade British Columbians the corporation is dysfunctional and sell it off for pennies on the dollar.

The first step taken against Hydro also occurred in 2003 when Accenture Business Services (ABS) was awarded a 10-year contract to provide some of the corporation's administrative functions. That accomplished, the Liberals began tackling the other twothirds of the corporation.

After setting artificial deadlines in their Clean Energy Policy, the Liberals forced Hydro to negotiate long-term contracts with independent power producers (IPPs) that no sane company would have entertained ...

Read on, at:

 BC Mary (picking self up off the floor) wonders: does this mean that British Columbia (and the world) won't need a full Public Inquiry into the sale of BC Rail?  Does this mean that all it takes is a person with integrity showing the facts of our situation? And a journalist willing to help us through that? Well ... I think at very least, it's the basis of a new (ahem) era in the province we love. Thank you, Elizabeth James and John Doyle.


Thank you Mary for bringing this article to our attention.

I only wish citizens would pay more attention to what is going on.

A friend and I attended a Council of Canadians/CUPE meeting at UFV last night re CETA, the Comprehensive European Trade Agreement, that the Harper government hopes to pass by January 2012. This agreement does not bode well as municipal and provincial contracts for infrastructure, school boards, hospitals, etc., etc. will all be up for grabs under CETA. CETA agreement will include a Clause whereby Federal government can be sued by foreign entities for loss of a business contract. Interestingly, Australia has embarked on a similar trade agreement but have omitted such a clause.

Media comments about the Occupy Wall Street movement claim the protests are 'unfocused' -- I say they are 'multi-focused' much, too much is corrupted and wrong in the corporate and political world these days.
audit report four is also very informative.. reviewed environmental assessment office, results are frightening
Campbell has made BC a slime bucket of corruption and crime, and he did his dirty deeds for Harper as well.

I don't know if I am weary or what?? I was trying to think of one government service or institution in BC that isn't corrupt. I drew a blank.

Canada is in very evil times, because of Harper. Canada has no dignity left. I almost wish BC could affiliate with a decent country..Before Harper has totally given Canada to the U.S.A.
There are two government institutions that in my experience are doing an honourable job of their mandate, three actually, counting the Auditor General.

The other two are the Ambulance Service Paramedics (unswerving ethics & professionalism), and the Children and Youth Commissioner, Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond (impeccable advocacy).

All the rest, from the police to the Public Guardian & Trustee, to the Ombudsman, to the Coroner's office, to the Attorney-General's office, to Ministry of Health/health authorities, Transportation, Aboriginal Relations, you name it, are corrupt and aggressively participating in wrong-doing and cover-up.
Canadian Canary,

It's always good to hear from you (and the Anons),

and I do agree with your assessment of the Ambulance Service Paramedics, they are so good. They've hauled me off to Emergency more than once, always with such kindness and close attention.

It used to be that the Ministry of Lands & Forests was utterly dependable ... at least, at ground level. Seems the upper management often needed watching, though.

But then, ever so quietly, just before he slipped away into the night, Gordo took 5 of these powerful ministries and i.m.o. rammed them together as a new mega-ministry called BC Natural Resource Operations Ministry [see BC Business, Jan. 4, 2011].

It includes Energy, Agriculture, Forests, Environment, and (I think) Lands.

Purpose? To expedite permits. It's enough to make the blood run cold.

Know something else? Having come to understand the cruel heart of Gordon Campbell, I wonder what happened to the Legislative Library which he insisted must be torn down and packed off somewhere.
Open pit mining? I bet this group made good use of the expedited permitting made possible by the new mega-ministry:


Thanks for the link -- but the column mentioned is one I've had on the drawing board, part of the posting planned for later today.

It's an excellent piece of work, highlighting the elements of the BC Rail Political Corruption Trial,

emphasizing the shock of having it brutally cancelled at the very moment ...

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