Sunday, October 30, 2011

Would it be wrong to speculate?
by Cathy from Canada - Oct. 29, 2011

Stephen Maher asks why nobody seems to be covering a possible influence-peddling scandal with connections to Harper and the PMO.

Well, perhaps it's because even in his own story, he doesn't get to the point about speculating on possible PMO influence-peddling until paragraph 13. There's all sorts of other juicy stuff in the story, too, about vacations on yachts, jobs with connected construction companies, Revenue Canada officials fired after tax evasion prosecutions, and so on. The PM and his PMO have some 'splainin to do, I think.

And with all the trashing of the CBC that we are hearing from the Harper Conservatives lately, it makes me speculate about what explosive and scandalous news stories Radio Canada just might be working on these days...

Borrowed from: CathiefromCanada

[Cathie, my vote: it's NOT WRONG to speculate given these facts! - BC Mary.]


It is wrong not to speculate as is to not question authority.
The fight against the CBC seems to be led by Quebecor Media and their related rags. I think they would like to replace the CBC with their Sun TV which seems to be a clone of Fox in the States - without NASCAR. Fox without NASCAR?? To paraphrase the ever articulate Dale Earnhardt Jr, 'that ain't shit'!
Hey Mary are you still looking for info about Cirilio Lopez? He does exist:

I'm keenly interested in the cocaine connection to Bassi and the Legislature Raids. How is Cirilio Lopez connected to that???

This is what his good buddy El Gordo did also. Ram it through, who cares about the consequence, who cares about Rights, just do it. It'll take years to go through the courts when challenged, by then the damage is done.
BC Rail, HEU contracts,TILMA, NAFTA, Teacher contracts, lieberal mla's crimes. Upcoming CETA which is detrimental to every citizen in this country as well as "Canadian's resources", which are being undermined every day.

Hey there -- did you see the news about Graham Bruce today? I am wondering why the Federal Lobbyist Registrar found problems but the BC Lobbyist Registrar did not... or maybe I am not understanding what's happened.. How are you BC Mary? Long time no type... Ive given up blogging.. and am happier for it... All the best -- Meaghan Walker-William
Mary, it is never wrong to speculate. It is right to post factors that lead to your suspicions.

Put what you know out there and foundation could come to you.

BIG NEWS: Quebec and Ontario don't want to pay for Harper-Toews (read: the cop-lobby) anti crime lunacy, while crime rates plummet.

In the UK policing is being rationalized based on the recent O'Connor Report. Their cop-lobby is fighting legitimate calls for a 10% reduction in cops and redeployment back to patrol oriented policing. We should be following UK practices rather than subsidizing special interests.

FYI: Vancouver's police deliver 600 patrol cops while another 800 do largely desk work with little or no Public Safety value. At any given time only 1 cop is available to serve each 7,000 of his wage payers. Someone take a fricking hint.

Power to bloggers out there who do write what they think. We are the 99%.
Aneal Basi, an accused in the B.C. Rail matter, was stopped for impaired driving on Nov. 29, 2008. His first court appearance was on Jan. 15, 2009. The defence requested adjournments of the first two trial dates — March 10 and Sept. 9, 2010 — because the B.C. Rail matter was before the courts.

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