Thursday, October 06, 2011


Lookahere!! Who sez we can't celebrate when the people rise up and win?!!

BC Mary comment: I still say that 4 majority governments in a row is big, big political news these days. And I hurl a mudball at West Coast media for pretending it never happened (or, at very least, trying to prevent Canadians from knowing it ever happened). 

That excellent editor at Salt Spring News was listening to me grumbling, and he replied as follows: 

 Yes, a most pleasing result from the home of the Canada Wheat Board.

I wonder how it ties in with the 'Orange Crush' in May and with the burgeoning ¡No Más!  protests gathering steam across North America. "We are unions, students, teachers, veterans, first responders, families, the unemployed and underemployed. We are all races, sexes and creeds. We are the majority. We are the 99 percent. And we will no longer be silent,"

And I wonder what it means for the future of the Liberal Party in Canada.


And then Jim added the following happy report from WINNIPEG FREE PRESS, all about their recent provincial election.  Yay Winnipeg. Yay, Free Press! Yayyyyy to the people of Manitoba! 

Opposition in disarray following Manitoba NDP's majority election win

WINNIPEG - Manitoba's political landscape was a study in contrasts Wednesday after an election that gave the NDP a fourth-straight majority but left the opposition in disarray.

Premier Greg Selinger found himself with one of the biggest caucuses in the province's history. It includes every cabinet minister that ran for re-election. Selinger said voters sent a strong signal. "Manitobans have told us directly that the priorities we have selected are the ones they want us to follow through on," he said. "We're committed to making health care even better....

On the other side of the legislature, however, the Opposition Progressive Conservatives were left to do some serious soul-searching. Tory Leader Hugh McFadyen stunned supporters Tuesday night by announcing he would resign after failing to add to the 19 seats the party took in 2007. The party must now plan a leadership convention and consider candidates with an eye to who has a chance of defeating the New Democrats in 2015.

Party president Michael Richards, who ran unsuccessfully for the federal Conservatives in 2006 and has been mentioned as a possible leadership contender, said the executive is in no rush and isn't likely to set a convention date until near the end of the year. ...

The Liberals may also be searching for a new leader soon and are facing a financial crunch as well. Jon Gerrard hung on to his party's lone seat Tuesday. But the Liberal share of the popular vote dropped into single digits. He said he would consult party members and take some time to decide whether to resign as leader. ... The Liberals have more immediate concerns. They failed, for the first time in decades, to get at least 10 per cent of the vote. Under Manitoba law, that makes them ineligible for a 50 per cent refund of campaign expenses. In 2007, they received more than $100,000. Now they are left with a sizable debt. "We're looking very carefully at what the numbers are and developing a plan to deal with it," Gerrard said. ...


Thanks a million, Jim. 


I noticed this morning that Sophie Lui was reporting the Ontarion Liberals getting "one seat short of a majority" government, instead of reporting it like it is. A minority.And the only place I saw anything on the Manitoba NDP was on CBC Calgary. Just more incidents of MSM Bias in BC. Wake up folks, you are being played, big time.
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