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Manitoba's NDP wins 4th straight majority term

BC Mary comment: ... and so, to bed, smiling! Well done, Manitoba!


Update, Oct. 5, 2011: 

Hello? Here it is, one day later, and still there's no front-page news headline which says "NDP MAJORITY GOVERNMENT ELECTED" ...

let alone, a headline saying


or even


What's with our media? Can't they identify news when it happens? When it happens over, and over, and over, and yesterday: over again for the 4th time in a row? OK, so this 4-in-a-row news happened in Manitoba. Is that so very different from any other province, that its government can't be mentioned?  Frcrissakes, isn't 4 majority governments in a row, some kind of phenomenal world-wide record??

Makes me go hmmmmmm ...  and I don't even want to mention who, I think, is behind the curtain, pulling the puppet strings on this one. 


That's definitely the way to call it in this case.

Despite your modesty in not calling these people out by name,

i do think it will have to come to that eventually.

The thing is, though--the money bosses of the corps.e media in this province hardly ever step foot here. Rather, it is some their loyal lieutenants, more localized, who matter most in controlling the message hereabouts.

In light of their vital role in-forming the public, i would dare say we better start calling them to account somehow or other. i believe it goes to a deep covenant of conveying authority, or legitimacy. i contend that there is meant to be an official exchange at the heart of every great society. It includes a transference of licenses to operate a mass media machine, That pass goes from us, the public, to them, the corpses, on the understanding that they would properly use said machinery to inform the public. So that we all might better participate in voting for our authorities, who in theory should be representing us.

When they are blatantly abusing that trust, then we no longer need to honor our side of the deal. So that we might call for the revocation of their licenses in this case.

But that's just about when the litigators get involved and the whole thing gets drawn out into nothing--forever. NO--we are never going to out-lawyer them. Yet we must continue, if only to write it all out, so that others might find the facts, too. Like today when i came here.


Thanks Mary; and, keep up the good work. It matters; because the battle is for the mind and what's in each and every one of us. And the war is still very much on-going.

Be well.
The same thing is happening in the states in regards to the Occupy Wall Street demos which are now starting to spread around the country.

The lamestream ignored them for almost three weeks, except maybe for the arrests on the Brooklyn Bridge. Now that they feel they can't ignore them they are doing their best to discredit them by saying they have no coherent message - the opposite as the way they treated the astro-turf Koch brother's backed TeaBaggers who were and still are totally incoherent - taking such positions as being against commie state organized medical insurance but at the same time carrying signs saying to not touch THEIR medicare.

The genuine revolution may have started with the rebellion against Gov. Walker in Wisconsin and people's frustration is continuing to grow and will culminate in violence if the corporate pigs and the politicians they own continue to ignore the people - in the case of the US, a well armed people!
Hi Mary, Now that the Leg is open again after only sitting 24 Days in 16 months I notice Questuions on the Order aper By L Krog/NDP have been updated since last Oct. BS. Maybe it would be nice to see these questions on Your page. Maybe readers might answer some of these questions. I prob will run out of room to post them all.

No. 40 — Monday, October 3, 2011 — 10 a.m.

Schedule B
1 Mr. Krog to ask the Hon. Attorney General the following questions:

1. It is now clear that the guilty plea by former ministerial assistants Dave Basi and Bob Virk was contingent on the decision by the government to foot the full tab for their legal fees, and this has led to a concern they used $6 million in taxpayer dollars to secure a guilty plea to sweep the BC Rail corruption trial under the rug — how does the government explain that?

2. Why did the BC Liberal government try to hide this information for a week?

3. The Attorney General originally stated that the decision to let Basi and Virk off the hook for their legal costs was made by him based on a recommendation made by his Deputy Minister — but later noted he had nothing to do with the decision. Why did the Attorney General issue contradictory statements and which one is the correct version? What evidence can the Attorney General provide to support that claim?

4. We have been told that taxpayers are on the hook for millions of dollars for Basi and Virk’s legal fees — what is the exact final total? Will the government release the amount paid for legal services provided by the Special Prosecutor’s office? What is the final total of the entire trial?

5. Has any such deal ever been struck before for civil servants who plead guilty for breaching public trust, and committing fraud? Can the government provide a single example of this kind?

6. This plea bargain agreement with Basi and Virk now sets a precedent for all future and current government staff. Did the government consider the precedent set by this decision?

7. The Attorney General claimed that the defendants had no money to cover these costs despite ...read the rest through to 100
NWO, SPP, etc

These are the destructive sources of OUR DEMOCRACIES!

Is BC the out-post North for NWO?

Blessings upon you for your generous help.

But that (&*^$%#@) Krog and his mewling, arse-covering bits of pqper

which he hopes, I'm sure, will guide history in future to crown him King Krog

a guy who kept himself aloof from the people while appearing now and then, and leaving multiple copies, thus seeming to be busy compiling 100 questions. The same damn 100 questions every year.

Sure, they're good questions. But does anybody in the Campbell/Christie Gang give a flying fig that the Krogladyte has compiled and re-registered a bucketful of new questions? No, because he never follows through.

Why isn't HE picketing the BC Legislature! Why isn't he asking the uncomfortable questions in the Legislature? Why isn't he getting himself dragged out of the Legislature to make him stop asking difficult questions? Phhttt. Fat chance.

And he is not only well-paid, but paid extra for being Critic to the Attorney-General, or, as I prefer to call him, "Justice Critic.

He doesn't care about the people's issues. He bloody well doesn't care.
Anon 1:03,

That Salt Spring News link is a very interesting site, isn't it?

I have to agree with BC mary.Krog seems to have done very little. The bloggers have done much more .What has he been doing all this time?
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