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Rafe says: Premier Photo-op still has her charming smile coming from every possible orifice in these papers, but criticism in the Postmedia press! Can the Age of Miracles be far off?!!!

Tide Turning Against Premier Photo-op - Even Mainstream Media
Written by Rafe Mair
 Common Sense Canadian - Oct. 7, 2011

Will wonders never cease? Was that a mild reproof of Premier Photo-op in Mike Smyth’s column the other day?

Was that a mild criticism of the Liberals in Vaughn Palmer’s column last Wednesday?

Then was that an out and out criticism by Mr. Palmer in this Thursday's paper over her half-baked idea to have the trial of those accused of the Stanley Cup riots before the TV cameras? (This bright idea was to televise the trials of the rioters, overlooking the little rule we have in this country of presumption of innocence - a concept that doesn’t seem to phase the government that gave the police the right to investigate, charge, try and convict a suspected impaired driver on the spot, then sentence him and enforce the sentence. The reason that process hasn’t been tested in court is that the accused is deprived of his right to go to court.)

And, the saints be praised, I was stunned by that editorial in the Province this past Wednesday that told the premier, in so many words, to get off her ass or someone else (never to be named, of course) might take her job away.

This is like the day Walter Cronkite criticized Lyndon Johnson’s Vietnam policy, such that Johnson knew that if he had lost Cronkite, he’d lost the country. When the loyal troopers at the Sun and Province turn their guns - even if only popguns - at you, there is definitely trouble in River City, Madam Premier. (If there was any remaining doubt as to the direction things are headed for Premier Photo-op, yesterday, Mr. Palmer dissected the grim poll numbers of Ms. Clark's party, now trailing a full 7 points behind the NDP.)

What’s next? Sun Editorial page editor Fazil Mihlar, a Fellow of the Fraser Institute, giving Erik Andersen, the economist who has exposed the fiscal folly of BC Hydro/Private power program, an op-ed piece?

Will my old “pal” Wayne Moriarty of the Province give an op-ed piece where Rex Weyler, a founder of Greenpeace, can tell that which the media won’t tell, about pipelines moving highly toxic Tar Sands bitumen to Kitimat and Vancouver and the certainty of spills on BC's land and seacoast?

Premier Photo-op still has her charming smile coming from every possible orifice in these papers, but criticism in the Postmedia press! Can the Age of Miracles be far off?!!! 

Speeches from the Throne are pretty bland affairs but to give one praising Private River projects in light of all that’s happened and to fail to make  mention of the environment has even got to our aforesaid friends in Fox News North.

I wonder when the media is going to admit that all their nonsense about the Liberals being good stewards of the public purse has been exposed as bunk (I’m trying to clean up my language, folks) – that they have tripled the provincial debt since those NDP wastrels left office and that in fact it was the NDP in 2001 that last had a surplus?

Don’t peddle that crap about the Recession; evidently they had not noticed the stock market crash and the crumbling of banks and brokers. If the government didn’t see the Recession coming, they obviously weren’t paying attention. Then, let them be reminded, that when they brought in their deceitful 2009 budget, which they knew was phoney, they then ran the election on it.

Moreover, in the NDP years there was the Asian flu which destroyed our export market and neither the media nor the Liberals cut them any slack.

Seventy years ago the boxing great Joe Louis remarked about his upcoming heavyweight fight with Billy Conn – “He can run but he can’t hide” – that’s as true today as it was then and the Premier would do well to bear it in mind.

One used to be able to brush aside concerns of the “environment” – it was a left wing issue; it was only what my Dad called “parlour pinks” that gave a damn. That’s no longer the case and, as part of the environmental movement, I can tell the Liberals flat out that they will be hounded by it unless they, in a miracle rivalling Lazarus rising from the dead, change their ways.

The further problem is that they have been so economical with the truth, nobody believes what they say no matter how or when they say it. The Campbell/Clark government has lied through its teeth for a decade and not only is that a tough habit to break, but no one believes you anyway if you do. They’re like the clock that strikes 13 – you never ever trust it again.

I and others have tried to tell this premier and her government that not only are environmental issues many and varied, there is a steady but certain coming together of those who take these issues very seriously. “Divide and Rule” is no longer possible. As we’ve been saying for some time – these issues are not matters of “Left” and “Right” but right and wrong. And we stand shoulder to shoulder in these battles.

If the media finally starts doing its job it will expose the fact that the Campbell/Clark government’s Energy Policy (you were there ma’am) has taken BC Hydro to the brink of bankruptcy while ruining our rivers for power we don’t need, which BC Hydro must buy and take a huge loss on.

It will expose the fact that BC stands to have its sacred heritage destroyed by pipelines from The Tar Sands, be it on land or from tankers on our coast. The logic cannot be refuted – if you take a risk without any limitation of time or times you take it, you no longer have a risk but a certainty waiting to happen. Ms. Clark, you and your candidates will be hearing that a lot from now until election day. (Mercy of mercies, please call a snap election - the sooner the better off the province will be!)

Then there are fish farms and farmland – huge issues led by people like Alexandra Morton and Donna Passmore, whose supporters, including us at The Common Sense Canadian, will back them to the hilt.

{Snip} ...

BC Mary comment: For people like me, there's no "left" or "right" or interest groups with all the answers to our current dangers; Gordon Campbell has earned himself a place as a "visionary". He was able to foresee the most rapacious and destructive uses of almost every portion of the land we hold dear. Sacred forests? Phhttt. Sacred salmon? Phhttt. Well, you know what I mean. 
So while I don't follow any political party line -- I do hold individuals responsible:  Gordon Campbell for recruiting, guiding, aiding, and abetting crimes which in my view surpass murder, beyond genocide, beyond "Crimes against Humanity": he took risks which sacrifice rivers, lakes, watersheds, industries, the justice system, the legislative powers to preserve and protect our system of society, which includes the corruption of the media upon which citizens depend for the information need to guide and safeguard their lives. 
Gordon Campbell, in my view, is the worst enemy any province, any country could ever have. And who was his Deputy Premier during his mismanagement of BC Rail? None other than "premier Photo Op" who isn't quite as clever about hiding her secrets.  It's fair to assume that Christy endorses the Campbell style.
And while I'm nailing hides to the wall, right up there with Campbell and Christy is Leonard Krog, the do-nothing, good-for-nothing Opposition Justice Critic who could've done so much, but quite simply chose not to. Irksome thought, the fat salary Krog receives for a job he refuses to do.

Sure agree with you about Krog. And let's not forget the corruption in the legal system and our courts and judiciary.

A Chief Justice defending Campbell's Odour of BC.

The duplicitous handling of the Basi-Virk/BC Rail scandal.

Appointing Wally Oppal to preside over the Missing Women's Inquiry covering the period of time in which he, Wally Offal, was in charge of prosecutions as Attorney-General. What's he gonna do, interrogate himself about why he didn't press the police for investigations?

A BC Supreme Court judge (Leask) who routinely lets big drug kingpins off with a slap on the wrist and a wink.

Shirley Bond acting as head of police (solicitor general) AND chief public prosecutor (attorney general)?!? What the hell, don't they have anyone else?

Where are the checks and balances? Where is the separation? Where is the integrity? Where are the ethics?

Yet the judges and staff complain that they don't have enough resources. Sounds just like Big Finance a couple years ago when they cried wolf and the taxpayers forked over trillions to them. The next year the $$$ industry gave themselves record bonuses.

What suckers we are.

Just like the RCMP, the legal system and judiciary answer to no one (but themselves). It's like Krog has already signed up to work on their behalf to stifle any public outcry. He's worse than Shirley Bond.
I envy the BC citizens who are close enough to the U.S. border to shop there, gas up and save up to 50% by doing so.

I wanted to know why Canada is called the rip off country? Why is Canada so expensive compared to the U.S. There is no excuse that I can see except, wealthy corporations must give politicians party's very handsome "donations" to favor them.

We know big business paid Campbell very handsomely, to fight to keep the HST.

We all know Campbell was working for Harper, and still is. Why did the BC ministers do nothing, to stop Campbell from destroying their party and this province. Was Campbell so vindictive and evil they were afraid of him?

Anyway this country is in a hell of a mess because of Harper.

BC is terminally ill because of, the corrupt Campbell/Clark BC Liberals.
Tip o'the tuque to Canadian Canary!

That's perfect, what you said about the Krogladyte: "like [he] has already signed up to work on their behalf to stifle any public outcry".

Robin may kill me for telling you this, but if Robin (who attended every BCRail corruption hearing in BC Supreme Court) asked Krog for confirmation or information about the Opposition's views on the trial ... Krog would take on a superior attitude, like, "it's for me to know and for you to find out"... and would explain nothing. Nothing, except a display of conceit. I find that absolutely intolerable ...

but that's not all.

It was Krog's treatment of the group which gathered here, under the banner "Show Us the Deal". We were prepared to challenge the 5th anniversary opening of the BC Rail - CN deal.

Quite simply: the Opposition Justice Critic -- the key person who should've carried this campaign forward -- stonewalled us, double-crossed us, privately bad-mouthed us ...

and then ...

held a press conference on the anniversary date promoting HIMSELF as the person caring so deeply about the corrupt BCRail deal.

There. I said it. And I still hate it. Ugh. Scrawny little rat.
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