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Was Organized Crime involved in removing BC Rail from public ownership?

By BC Mary

Looking back to December 28, 2003 ... and the shock of the historic police raids on an elected Legislature ... how much of it involved Organized Crime? There was only one person who tried to explain those raids (the first of its kind in the British Commonwealth).

It wasn't the BC premier who stepped forward to reassure the public. It wasn't Canada's Prime Minister who behaved like a statesman, either. Both these elected leaders (Campbell and Martin) waited many days before ambling back from their Christmas holiday to shrug, "I know nothing," leaving the stunned public feeling like part of the devastation.

It was the day after the raids that RCMP Staff Sgt. John Ward explained. He held a press conference at which he thanked the media for coming ... which, given that we'd just been hit with something like a train-wreck based upon a high-jacking ... was a bit alarming, too ... I mean, he thought the media might not attend? 

Well ... perhaps we should bear in mind, as we re-read these events, that Big Media would very soon begin trying to discredit Sgt Ward, as well as Victoria Police Chief Paul Battershill who had led the investigation. 

Also remember that Big Media completely forgot to mention that of the 9 persons arrested (one of whom was thought to be Mr. Big) was tried, found guilty, and sentenced to 9 years in prison, in June 2008 for serious drug trafficking. Completely forgot. 

Although the trial took place in Victoria, just a leisurely stroll down Blanshard Street from the then-CanWest offices of the Times Colonist, not a word was published at the time of the trial nor for 6 months afterward -- not until I, BC Mary, broke the story. So, yes, Big Media: thank you for attending that press conference. Too bad you couldn't have followed through ...


Search Warrants Executed on BC Legislature: News Media Statement
RCMP Media Relations Website
- issued 10:00 am Dec 29, 2003

John Ward said:

... Let me start by saying that illegal drug activity, by organized crime in British Columbia, has reached critical mass. The value of the illegal marijuana trade alone is estimated at over $6billion a year. The result is that today we have murders, beatings, extortion, and gang warfare at a level never before seen in this province. It's not an exaggeration to say that organized crime is a cancer eating away at the social and moral fabric of British Columbia. And it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better ... {snip}

Recently in Victoria a 20-month joint operation by the RCMP and the Victoria Police Department resulted in the arrest of 9 individuals in Victoria, Vancouver, and Toronto. Those individuals are alleged to have been involved in an organized crime network that exchanged BC marijuana in the United States for cocaine that was then sold to victims across the country.

Sometimes in the course of a complex and lengthy police investigation, other related and unrelated information surfaces, suggesting possible criminal activity. This was the case with the RCMP - Victoria Police Department investigation of organized crime ...  [End of quote.]

BC Mary continues: some "crimes" against the common good are never prosecuted, crimes such as failing to publish the truth or avoiding unfair bias in reporting news events. There are other savage crimes against the public interest which do get prosecuted and go unreported ... Click HERE for "Jasmohan Singh Bains sentenced to 9 years".

Grant Gough put all this into perspective when he wrote, on Sept. 15, 2009, "British Columbia, a Crime Story". To see Grant's approach, just click HERE.

Many people feel that this whole terrible betrayal of the B.C. public, would be swept aside and forgotten if it weren't for the simple fact that, dammit, the people do care about this province, and these publicly-owned Crown corporations which were established for the economic health of the province.

So Happy New Year to those who, like Sgt John Ward and like Grant Gough, and Ian Mulgrew, and you, me, all of us who keep asking what happened to the big railway we once owned, and to the splendid BC Hydro authority, and to our own BC Ferries ... and that whole long list of similar, mysterious economic tragedies still waiting to happen. In secret, if we aren't careful.

If this era is so golden, so great ... tell us the details: how did it happen that we lost the railway we still call BC Rail, are losing the power generator admired world-wide as BC Hydro, and somehow lost ownership of that  section of our highways known as BC Ferries ... all this and more ... and it's 8 years later and getting worse. Even Campbell stopped beaking off about being the most open and transparent government ... So tell us ... how come? Especially, how come it's all done in secret, eh? 


It is very difficult to fight back.

The courts are corrupt, judges are corrupt. The BCR trial certainly taught us that. A total bloody farce that was. So too, did the crimes committed by the police get swept under the same old carpet.

All the politicians and the elite need, is a special prosecutor to get away with their crimes.

Then we have a biased media, who willingly spread the BC Liberals lies. They are a propaganda machine for the government. No-one could possibly be that dumb, not to see the truth.

I can't see Canadians bearing arms and starting a revolution. I'm too old. I can only bitch about it from home.

Decent citizens don't behave the way Harper and Campbell do. They are really an evil pair.

However, make no mistake about Canada being in a dictatorship regime. We are. Big time.
Its a sad day Today, but I feel better that the conversation is still happening, the Auditor General took the Gov. to Court to get documents that He should have had every right to have for Him to do His job, The NDP Leonard Krog had to take them to Court to get the same documents that the Accredited Journalist got, and watching the Legislature Today I smiled when M. Karagianis rose and said " So if you're going to put up a banner and say, "This is our new slogan of the month," you have to look and make sure that everything else you've done is not hypocritical to that. B.C. Hydro. We talked about that a little bit, but we look at the other history here of the big projects this government has taken on. B.C. Rail — that became a legend that I'm sure will go down in history. We'll look back at the story of B.C. Rail, and I can't wait for the movie to come out because in fact, that in itself is such a historical disaster, from the time the government misled voters about what was going to happen with that company, to the way they sold that company, to the ensuing corruption trial and corruption investigation that went on, to its final culmination in a payoff of those that did the most corrupt work in that, where taxpayers paid off a legal bill.
Again, Mary Thank You and Bloggerworld for keeping this alive, and I smiled Today thinking about the Movie ;)

We can always do something.

We must also stop doing something, namely: stop seeing only the bad and then stop fixating on bad, bad, bad.

Especially right now, when there's a positive uprising right across the world.

Laila was a speaker at the Saturday rally to OCCUPY Vancouver. Do you follow Laila's blog?
E.M. at 6:01,

You made me smile, too, thinking of that movie which I hope will be called The Great BC Rail Train Robbery. I hope that the script will be written by a Canadian, and filmed in Vancouver. Soon!

It's got everything, both good and bad. Gordo (damn him) is photogenic; so is Christy Clark ...

Thanks, E.M.

Remember Bains also applied to the Court for interm release awaiting His appeal, which was denied and the Appeal was heard On appeal from: Provincial Court of British Columbia, September 4, 2008
(Victoria Docket No. 127870)

Counsel for the Appellant:
R. Peck, Q.C.
J. Campbell
Counsel for the Respondent:
P. Eccles

Place and Date of Hearing:
Vancouver, British Columbia

January 19, 2010

Place and Date of Judgment:
Vancouver, British Columbia

April 9, 2010

In 2008 He was fined in leu of forfeiture 242170.00 which was due Sept 11 2010, CSO online shows that Bains attended Court on Sept.23-2010 APP and on Sept 30th 2010/finding APG-(application granted) result end. Did He pay the fine? was He ordered to do another three Years? I know there was rumours He has been released.
Thanks again, E.M., for your findings.

Yes, I heard those rumours about Bains being released, too.

Wouldn't you think that full details would be revealed, of such a case!
Where are the Times Colonist reporters?

Why havent they ordered the court documents and reported what Bains is up to, and if he too has gotten away scott free.

Anonymous 4:16,

wouldn't we ALL like to know?

It's up to us, I guess, to keep asking.
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