Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Why the OCCUPY mass movement will succeed


BC Mary comment: Here's the vital link between Paul Nettleton's courageous battle in 2003 to preserve the good ... and the current mass rallying around the world in an effort to preserve the good. This little video is the best-ever insight on what's driving the OCCUPY movement and why it will succeed. You'd think Chris Hedges was talking about BC Rail ... but as I've often said, BC Rail was the template. If we allow the corrupt transfer of a major public asset to pass secretly into private pockets, other tragedies will follow ... and have followed. Most of us understand that now. That's why Chris Hedges says this quiet revolution will win the day. It's a wonderful summary.

Don't miss this ...

With thanks to The Galloping Beaver and all the other helping hands. Please keep passing this remarkable video around.


Thank you Mary.

Hedges is the real deal, isn't he? And talk about on-the-ground journalistic experience. I had no idea he had such extensive foreign experience in societal upheaval.

Just knew him as a brilliant and brave author...

And now I see the depth of humanity coursing through him, not being jaded at all. Amazing.

Watching that video made my day.
Canadian Canary,

Once again, you've said exactly the right thing ...

and although I'm mightily fed up with having to watch grown men break down and cry (honest),

I was right there with him when Hedges lost it, just as he was right here with all of us. Rare, in a seasoned journalist, to have kept his sense of humanity that way.
And here's another reason to be optimistic about the masses rising up to hold the increasingly-aloof elites to account -- the Blogosphere. The Blogosphere, which is holding increasingly-aloof media to account:

See David Berner's latest article to find out what Allan Seckel, a key Basi-Virk/BC Rail Scandal player, is up to now:
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