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With big U.S. Invester on Board, CP faces a Boardroom Battle as it rushes to catch rival CN

{Snip} ... it’s only been recently that the rails have also been viewed as a vehicle for deep-pocketed investors to make carloads of money. Railroads, which haul everything from grain and iron ore to automobiles and refrigerators, offer exposure to the overall economy, not to mention a rare opportunity to invest in a near-monopoly business (you don’t hear about many new railroads being launched).

BC Mary commentHere is some background reading well worth considering, given the threats and implications currently swirling around BC transportation issues.


What were bloggers called during the BC Rail Trial..... well whatever it was, times have changed, by the looks of it.

On Bobby Virk's lawyer's Website, visitors are encouraged to take a look at a link

Bloggers Comment on Kevin McCullough

And it all comes back to BC Mary's blog....... and bloggers.

There appears to be Tip of hat to you BC Mary, from Kevin McCullough.
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