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Former BC premier comes out of the shadows ...

Oh.My.God. He's back. So ... all together now: "How Great I am ... no, no ...  How Great Gordo am ... no ... Gordo art ... that's it: How great he art, my heart leaps up in wonder  [] ...Don't miss the opportunity to read the happy comments from throngs of British Columbians speaking their minds after reading this Globe and Mail column.

And the thing is ... Himself is no longer a BC Liberal !!! [Neither is The Globe and Mail.] Click HERE for the dazzling details, including a happy shot of Gordo, unable to "Look left", as he steps into the London, England street ... ha ha ha. Good one:


BC Rail stink lingers
Michael Smyth - Nov. 14, 2011


So good to see almost 200 comments on that disgusting article by Doug Saunders in the Globe.

Saunders is a Europe-based Canadian but still, he has to take responsibility for such a morally-empty, factually thin cheerleading piece of drivel. What is he, a fan? Has a man-crush on Campbell? There's no news in that article.

I used to think Saunders was good. From now on, I'll simply dismiss anything I read by him.

Not that I buy the Globe and Mail anymore. I gave that up in disgust a year ago because of their constant praise of Campbell. I cadge a free read in a coffee shop, but that's it. Won't put one dime towards them any more.
Bravo, Canadian Canary!!

I hope a thousand Canadians respond with a comment to The Globe and Mail for this boot-licking piece of stenography.
Despicable piece of corrupt crap. I can't stand the sight of this being.

I too quit buying/reading the mainstream media rags some time ago. Our "National Enquirers".

Much better information on this blog and many others that I can turn to.

Keep up the good work Mary!

Another piece of useless corporate propaganda.

Campbell - who was the leader of the most DISHONEST, Deceitful and Deceptive provincial government in the history of British Columbia, shows absolutely no conscience for all the damage he has caused the people of BC.

The man is / must be mentally unbalanced. The term phsycopathic comes to mind - see link.

Wait until the Brits get to learn fo the real Gordon "Pinocchio" Campbell.

In England there are two Lords, from the House of Lords doing time for thieving money.

There were also two M.P. doing time for corruption and stealing.

In Canada, corrupt politicians such as Campbell are rewarded by Harper, for doing his dirty work for him. Don't worry, every snippet about Harper and Campbell, goes to England.

Other country's media has said, how badly Harper is destroying democracy in Canada. Harper is not exactly liked among the other country's politicians. He has been called a petty gasbag, stubborn, arrogant and co-operates with no-one. In other words, he is a P.I.T.A.

There are some, who don't believe Harper's win was on the up and up either. He had a many times convicted American felon working for him. felon Carson and his ex prostitute girlfriend were guests of the Harper's. The robocalls made to Canadians, and said their voting locales had been changed... They came out of N. Dakota in the good old U.S.A. Hmmmm The ICCS' Cheif Prosecutor, Luis Moreno Decampo, is investigating Harper for war crimes and crimes against humanity. There is too much more, to type for to-day.

England knows Campbell is Harper's favorite henchman. The Brits politicians are not permitted to lie and thieve from their citizens. Believe you me, the Brits don't take the crap from their government, that we Canadians do.

Campbell was disliked, even before he got to England. Europe already disliked Harper, for his dishonesty, regarding his false statements to them, regarding the dirty tar sands oil, passed off as clean energy.

This is the shame Canadians have to bear. Our country is rotten to the core with corruption. Who in their right mind, would send scum like Campbell, to England as High Commissioner. This is a terrible, terrible disgrace for the decent Canadian citizens. That is beneath contempt.

Harper's friends are Equador, Columbia and the other corrupt South American country's. That's where Harper and Campbell fit right in.
I've stopped commenting at the G&M...their "moderators" are suspect for one thing, but also for every "hit" on one of their webpages it adds another fraction of a cent to their web income, and circulation claims. This is why the article is one page, the comments are another (two hits when one would otherwise be the case).

I've also grown tired of poking holes in the endless soft-soaping and whitewashing, as with the Prosperity Mine coverage lately. There's only so much useful energy you put at useless things before tue usefulness of your energy is being consumed by the Demon of Pointless Tasks. Such comments forums exist as a pressure valve, a way to say that debate is allowed, also to track dissidents and keep them from doing anything REALLY useful.....

I"m hoping the Guardian or another UK paper does ANOTHER kind of bio on get their interest some NEW dirt is needed, or one really really persuasive summary of his career in transforming British Columbia into a dystopia of economic ruin and sociocultural discord and disarray......

The Globe is not a real paper by global standards; it can't hold a candle to the New York Times, the Guardian, or other similar "major papers". It's nowhere near close; it's barely a comic book in tone and content....really it's a Tory/BC Lib pamphlet, little more...

And part from the above link, and this is what Gordo really is about:

it’s only been recently that the rails have also been viewed as a vehicle for deep-pocketed investors to make carloads of money. Railroads, which haul everything from grain and iron ore to automobiles and refrigerators, offer exposure to the overall economy, not to mention a rare opportunity to invest in a near-monopoly business (you don’t hear about many new railroads being launched).

And Gordo and all his cronies have thieved and continue to thieve our provinces resources, and thieved our railroad.

It's not over yet.
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