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In Criminal Breach of Trust: Stephen Harper, the Conservative Party, 67 candidates in the 2006 election, Senator Irving Gerstein, Senator Doug Finley … and others

By Robin Mathews
Nov. 14, 2011

The 2006 federal election is key in the present illegitimate holding of a majority by the Harper Conservatives in the House of Commons. In that election more than 67 Harperite Conservatives and the Conservative Party conspired to defraud the Canadian people of a fair election.

The Prosecution of the violations by the people named above has been palid and ineffective.  They should have been charged, one and all, with criminal breach of trust – a charge which the Criminal Code of Canada declares requires, because of its seriousness, less evidence when dealing with public servants.  Like prime ministers, senators, and candidates for election, for instance.

The move by the Prosecution to accept a plea bargain in a matter of the greatest importance to all Canadians is an act of major irresponsibility, I insist.

Stephen Harper and at least seventy others colluded to engage in criminal breach of trust in a calculated violation of the Elections Act in 2006.

In standard Harperite practice the wholesale fraud is said to have happened without the knowledge of the man who lets nothing in the Party happen without his knowledge:  Stephen Harper.  But being leader, he cannot escape accusation.

After pleading guilty to plea bargain charges of breaching campaign spending limits and failing to report expenses, spokespeople for the Harper Party – with Orwellian lie-tactics – claim that guilt is not guilt, that the illegal is legal, that the profoundly unethical is ethical.

Orwell was describing the use of language in a fascist state.

In addition, the 2006 election campaign was marked by the entrance into campaigning – in fact – by the RCMP on behalf of the Harper Conservatives.  Military and police interference in democratic elections proclaims a move towards fascism.  In a break with honourable tradition, the RCMP announced – in the midst of election campaigning - that it was undertaking a criminal investigation of Liberal minister of finance, Ralph Goodale.  The announcement was totally gratuitous, and, of course, Goodale was cleared completely.

But the RCMP helped – along with the wholesale criminal breach of trust of the Conservative candidates and Party – to shape an illegitimate minority victory for Stephen Harper.

Not long after, Guiliano Zaccardelli, RCMP head, was caught in perjury before a Commons Committee and was forced to resign.  He was carefully tucked away by the Harper government in an Interpol position in France.  We have heard no more about him because the Mainstream Press and Media are branches of the Harper office.

The Mainstream Media is a branch of the Harper office.  Stephanie McDowall has written CBC about Evan Soloman’s slippery attack on Bob Rae on The House, November 12.  I wrote to CBC after the embarrassing failure of Carol Off to interview the Harperite representative lying about the conviction of the Conservative Party for election fraud on November 10.

Questions that leapt to my mind:  Why isn’t the lawyer for the Conservative Party being interviewed?  Did or did not the Conservative Party plead guilty? (Ms. Off never asked that.)  Did 67 Harperite candidates engage in the violation?  Why won’t Stephen Harper be interviewed on the subject?  Etcetera.

Ms. Off – to my mind – worked to kill the story.

In addition NO OPPOSITION REPRESENTATIVE was interviewed by As It Happens concerning the admission of guilt by the Conservative Party.

Canadians must publicize the “assistants to Stephen Harper” in the media whenever they show their heads.  Perhaps we should have a petition to ask that Carol Off be removed.


I heard that interview by Carol Off on As It Happens.

I too wondered why Ms. Off let this man, a Harper cabinet minister, go on without any challenge while he was claiming that the Conservative Party was vindicated!

He claimed the fine was modest ($50,000 if memory serves me) because it was "commensurate", i.e. the law that the Harper Conservatives broke was just a minor "administrative" thing.

On the contrary, it was fraud and deceit, and illegal.

I was astounded at Ms. Off's lack of curiosity. She should be ashamed of herself.
Unfortunately, the McLachlin elite court has all but legalized breach of trust by public officials.

Under McLachlin, defences once available to private persons have been whittled down. Thresholds for proof have been raised to high levels where they effect elites.
Corruption in now officially running rampant in this country. It dismays me to see what has happened. For all my life until Campbell was premier of BC, I thought we were above this but now we have sunk to the lowest common denominator as well. I hope the Canadain people wake up.
Ron S.,

my thoughts too, Ron. But as long as there are people like you,

I'll hold fast to my belief in the real British Columbians.

We ARE above the Campbell-style. It just takes a lot more standing up, speaking up, letting our true feelings show.

Like, how do you feel about the simple sidewalk picket messaging? Or the lawn message? The phone-ins now and then?

Can't hurt. Thanks so much.
The only thing they understand and worship is money so the only way to change things is to deprive them of it. Tough to do but it is the only way. The politicians do the bidding of what they think are their masters(gangster banksters) but in reality we are the masters they only have power by our consent. We are the grantors and beneficiaries in the corporation CANADA as evidenced by the revenue receipt on the back of our Birth Certificate and as shareholders in the corporation we tell them what to do not them tell us. They do not want us to know how the system really works but we are learning and they don't like it one bit but they are bound by the trust because they are public servants and thus are public trustees and we are the beneficiaries and executors of the trust. The government is funded by us through our credit. I have revoked my consent and all contracts they presume to have with me. They are in continual breach of the trust especially when they do not fund programs for the old, veterans and the sick and continually erode the education system so the kids(not all but most) come out of school good slaves barely able to think past the last tweet. We need to wake up and learn that it is all contract and corporate law not democracy in any way what so ever. Are you a government employee ? They are presuming you are and that is why we are being screwed every which way as we have not corrected them. We are not their employees they are ours and we tell them what to do not them telling us.
OK, then, Rick ... I'd appreciate if you'd send us a few good samples for the sidewalk picketing I have in mind.


Would you do that for me?

Meantime, many thanks for your p.o.v. Makes sense to me.
I don't know about signs and pickets we need more direct action. We need to cut them off at the knees. We need to make a statement that we've had it with their corruption. It is going to be a difficult task as the majority of people are fearful and they have every right to be as these thugs got the enforcers with guns and they have no qualms about using them on us but we have the numbers not them so put the fear behind and get to it as we all are gonna die that's a given and maybe just maybe we can turn the tide and bring in a just system that benefits all not just the fortunate few.
Direct action such as taking off our licence plates and clogging the courts and letting the judges know we know they have no power unless we grant it. I'm not talking about when we harm someone or their property I'm talking victimless crime that they use to steal from us.
Quit all banking.
Quit paying credit card debt.
Quit paying mortgages.
Basically quit participating in the ponzi scheme. It is the only way. Politicians will not do it for us they are bought and paid for and if they were not when they started they soon find out where their bread is buttered and keep their mouths shut or quit in disgust.
So onward and upward with love to all even to those who would do us harm as karma I believe is a bitch.
So much for Harper's tough on crime. Seems there is no tough on crime for, thieving government officials. Certainly not for Campbell, he really cashed in on the Harper goody train.

Speaking of goody trains. Looks like the C.P. Railroad, is going the way of the dodo birds trains, the C.N.R. and the B.C.R. It has started with the usual moaning scam, the CPR is losing money.

At least, ICC Cheif Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Decampo, is going to investigate Harper for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Harper the dictator, prorogued Parliament to avoid explaining his guilt, he was much too arrogant to do that. Why this investigation decision was taking so long, beats the hell out of me.

The laws of the country don't seem to function. To lie, deceive and thieve, is just fine for the, Harper governing bodies, and the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals....And, here I thought the laws of the country were the same for everyone.
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