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New RCMP Commissioner: "a Cop's Cop"

By Robin Mathews
Wednesday November 16, 2011

Globe and Mail for November 16 calls new RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson “a cop’s cop” which, in the language of Canadians, means Every Bad Thing Possible.  Canadians want a people’s cop.  They have had all they can stand of the other.

Guiliano Zaccardelli, a cop’s cop, interfered in the 2006 federal election and reported so badly on the handling of the Maher Arar file that he had to be removed in disgrace.  He left such a mess in the ranks that it still lies there stinking.  A cop’s cop.

William Elliott came next. He thought of himself as a cop’s cop.  So much so he telephoned the alleged RCMP killers of Robert Dziekanski (before any serious investigation of their actions) to tell them how much he sympathized with them (?). They are now under charges of perjury, having been excused worse criminal charges by a Special Crown Prosecutor whose opinion of the case is not the opinion of many people in Canada.

William Elliot was a full-scale disaster – forced out because he did nothing for the ranks. And because the senior men who had to work with him were treated like idiots by him, and finally exploded in protest.

It was that full scale disaster, William Elliott, who named Bob Paulson Deputy Commissioner!  William Elliott approves of Bob Paulson.  Does Paulson need a worse testimonial?

If so, he has one.

The blindly incompetent political  appointment of William Elliott was made by Stephen Harper right out of Stockwell Day’s office.  What brains! What a smart move!

And now, the disaster called Stephen Harper has named Bob Paulson as new Commissioner of the RCMP.  Duck everybody! Duck!

We are told very little about Bob Paulson except what a wonderful, sterling, tough, able, excellent, robust, down-to-earth, hard-working, dedicated, focussed, strong, dependable, firm, unflappable, effective, efficient, forcible police officer he is.

We may be forgiven for wanting to know more about this RCMP officer who spent 21 years in British Columbia, possibly home to the most corrupt RCMP force in history.

Where was Bob Paulson during the expensive, outlandish and wholesale boondoggle of an action at Gustafsen Lake in 1995 when an army of RCMP officers with help from the Canadian Army fought a huge and valiant battle to overcome about 23 mostly-peaceful Native People? One of the RCMP officers is on record there as saying the RCMP are experts in smear and disinformation.

Where was Bob Paulson when the 1997 APEC disaster happened at UBC.  Out of it came the ridiculous and expensive Ted Hughes Report (hundreds of pages) that gave itself up to whitewash of every dirty act of the RCMP – for which Hughes seems to have been well rewarded?

Where was Bob Paulson when the RCMP – as I insist over and over – helped to fake a case against then premier Glen Clark to remove him on behalf of The Tragedy Of The Century – Gordon Campbell? I complained to the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP about the investigation of Glen Clark. The RCMP chopped my complaint.  The wonderful Commission for Public Complaints sent me a report THREE YEARS LATER to say my complaint had been wrongfully terminated by RCMP officers.  And the Commission did nothing about that.  Nothing whatever.

Where was Bob Paulson when the Gordon Campbell cabinet and its corporate friends were destroying BC Rail with what looks more and more like the assistance of the RCMP?  The Basi, Virk, and Basi (BC Rail Scandal) trial was blown out of the water by deals even the Auditor General of B.C. is showing deep concern about. And the question that served as the dynamite that blew it out of the water concerned an RCMP officer’s relations with top Liberals including then premier Gordon Campbell.  Where was Bob Paulson during those exciting years? What, precisely, was he doing?

Women have been revealing the distasteful sexual harassment going on in the B.C. RCMP during the years Bob Paulson was an RCMP officer in B.C.  What did he do,  and what did he think about that harassment going on around him?

Men have joined that chorus of complaint, saying the BC RCMP is sick, saying that complaints of unacceptable behaviour by senior officers are met with punishment of the people who complain. In B.C., Bob Paulson was an Inspector.  How much did he inspect harassment of female officers?  How much did he inspect legitimate complaints that were treated as invitations to revenge?

Bob Paulson – one may fairly believe - has been appointed and programmed to fail.  Nothing in his past – or where he lived out his past – can give anyone reason to think he will succeed in doing what Canadians want done for the RCMP and for The Rule Of Law in Canada.

Bob Paulson is making positive sounds about reforming the RCMP and attending immediately to the charges of sexual harassment in the Force.  He has about a month.  A month.  If nothing is happening by then, Canadians will know Bob Paulson is another robot put in place by Stephen Harper for political reasons – for the worst political reasons imaginable.

[Today, November 16, 2011 is the 126th anniversary of the bitterly controversial hanging of the Metis leader, Louis Riel, by NorthWest Mounted Police at Regina, Saskatchewan. Riel was a duly elected Member of Parliament and is considered to be one of the founding fathers of the Canadian nation. 

Read more HERE, HERE and HERE. - BC Mary.]  


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