Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Outraged taxpayer says (and Norm Farrell adds):

No tenders put out, no announcements of interest, just "your" cash going straight into Stewart Muir's (and Athana Mentzelopoulos') bank account.

Just like in the bad old days of the Federal Grits and Paul Martin . . . PORK, PORK & more PORK!


Husband of senior Clark aide wins lucrative PR contract

By Cindy E. Harnett and Rob Shaw
 Postmedia News - November 21, 2011

The husband of one of Premier Christy Clark’s top advisers has been awarded a lucrative contract at the Vancouver Island Health Authority without going through the normal public process.

Stewart Muir, a former Vancouver Sun editor, was direct-awarded a $181,000 job as vice-president of communications and external relations for the health authority. The contract is good for up to a year.

Muir’s wife, Athana Mentzelopoulos, is Premier Christy Clark’s deputy minister for corporate priorities.

There was no public advertisement posted for the job.

Health Minister Mike de Jong said Monday he is sorting out the details of the hiring ...

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It's all: who you know.

Today's Star says that Harper is making the RCMP a boy toy. So much for independence.

i see no problem with the appointment, especially since it appears the premier had her mind made up who was qualified for the job. I would rather there be NO commications people, let the hospital directors answer questions.
Aren't these just the most despicable, secretive bunch of bottom feeders. Oink, oink, oink.
I watched Baldry at 5pm and his spin was that all the opposition could do in question period was talk about the HST and BC Rail.
So he is still obviously pimping for the Liberals. Why would the opposition want to spend time on this ruse when it was fixed as soon as it broke in the media?
Interesting that it's a communications job.
Christy and Falcon handed out government funded contracts to Liberal supporters, behind the BC peoples backs. For the impact of the HST studies.

Campbell got rid of everyone who opposed him, and installed those who were willing to do his dirty work. We will never forget the dirty tactics of, Elections BC and Campbell, during the HST battles.

I never listen to Baldry, Palmer and the likes of others just like them. I ignore the media with their, pro BC Liberal propaganda. I shamelessly rely on the bloggers, for good honest reporting.
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