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Rare BC Rail photo

I'm pretty sure Mile 25 is Moran, i.e. where Moran Siding is, and where the train-over-the-edge thing's the "slidiest" part of the Rattlesnake Grade...I'm pretty sure Pavilion is Mile 20 or Mile 19

            ..... (photo not printing) ........

this is a BC Archives photo, but don't worry about the credit, they can't restrict non-profit use and won't try; it's also originally a PGE photo and all Crown copyright is void after 50 years anyway

Cleaning some old mailboxes and found this...I may yet find the pics taken where they're trying to retrieve locos from Seton Lake, which is kinda what I'm looking for

Big Mike/Skookum1

Mike:  Try other bloggers with better skills. This is really is worth a look. - M. 


BC Rail data search


    Railway Museum Squamish British Columbia Canada part 1 ...
Railway Museum Squamish British Columbia Canada part 1 West Coast Railway Association ...


The data page for this image says it's from the 1910s, when or just after the railway was built

It could be taken on the same trip which examined the derailing of a locomotive on the Gibbs Creek Trestle in the later 1910s, I don't know.

This page shows the area of the canyon the Moran siding is in; colour pictures are from a site called Randall & Kat's Flying Photos, others are BC Archives, index numbers as given.

the other picture I sent you, Mary, is not BC Archives, it was in an old mailbox of mine, perhaps someone sent it to me, it's not currently online anywhere.
Many thanks, Mike ...

I hope they got through!!

Mary, another comment by another blogger at another site - metacomet

By Audit or, If Necessary, Archaeology

The BC Liberals have spent a huge amount of capital, real and political, on BC Rail. The political capital alone has about broken the bank for the government: the original campaign promise not to sell the public-owned railway, cooking the books to make BCR look like it was losing money when it wasn't,(my commment, doing it to BC Hydro, look what's happened at BC Ferries) breaking the promise not to sell BCR, corrupting the bid process, getting caught and hauled into court, perverting the course of justice by disclosure non-cooperation and by paying two BC Liberals to take the blame and keep quiet (with public money), and continuing to refuse calling a public inquiry. The cost: an irredeemably disgraced government, a Premier ignominiously forced to resign, a culpable caucus hostile to the complicit replacement, at a time when other BC Liberal transgressions are coming home to roost, facing a revitalized Opposition, a new, alternative right-wing party and an angry electorate going into an election they're doomed to lose.

Is this the good money Christy doesn't want to throw after bad?
About the only benefit they've ended up with is the licence to continue lying.

The tide-mark day will come in seventeen and a half months. If the BC Liberals lose the next election (which is likely) and the NDP calls a public inquiry into the BC Rail scandal (again likely), it will set off a chain of events that might see certain BC Liberals facing prosecution, and maybe the retroactive scuttling of the corrupt deal that would see BCR returned to public ownership.

Doubtless this will put another capital dent into the public weal; but it will completely bankrupt the BC Liberal party.
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