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BC Rail: A simple truth

By Norm Farrell
Re-posted from November 3, 2011

For British Columbia Liberals, the BC Rail/Basi/Virk story is like a slow growing cancer. Left unresolved, it is metastasizing, nudging the afflicted party toward an inevitable conclusion.

I've tried to understand why Liberals, or at least ethical members within the party, have not demanded an end to this distress through a public inquiry that would label the villains and clear the innocents. Why put up instead with stalling and evasion of responsibility that tars all? I put that question to a person with a direct connection to the Liberal caucus. The response:

"More than anything, they hope to survive and they realize, if the full truth emerges, the Liberal Party is history and their political careers ended."

Obviously, this story will not go away. The circumstantial evidence of political and economic fraud at the heart of the Liberal government is extensive, so pervasive that no reasonable person can deny it.

Liberals missed the opportunity for confession and absolution after caucus pushed Gordon Campbell out the door. MLA's knew that Christy Clark's assumption of leadership ended opportunities to clean the slate. Her own involvement in the railway scandal meant that cover-up would continue. With exception of the obtuse Harry Bloy, caucus rejected Clark's candidacy in the leadership race. Liberal MLA's understood her culpability in the scandal that continues to undermine the party. They tried to establish new directions but the party leadership wanted more of the same.

Evil Eye said...
It is sad, but your post should be on the front pages of the two daily fish-wraps, but it will never be as the two daily fish-wraps have been aparty to the BC Rail scandal.

The ever growing stench from the BC Rail scandal and cover-up will increase exponentially as the daily exposure of the maleficence of those involved, until it is over powering.

My read now, is that jail time is a real possibility for Mr. Campbell and Ms. Clark and they are fighting for their political life. [continued ... ]


Norm lays it out even more clearly, here:

We can, but we won't

By Norman Farrell
Northern Insights - June 13, 2010

I recall voting Liberal in the 2001 provincial election and for years now, I've been wondering what led me to that regretful choice. Perhaps, I suffered early onset of age-related intellectual impairment but I prefer to believe there were other causes. In search of those, I read through the BC Liberal 2001 Platform. I suspected it would provide clues and it did.

It turns out my error was one of naivety. My mistake was believing what the Liberals said. I provide here a number of their promises and little editorial comment is required. I've held back items related to health and child welfare because those subjects deserve separate attention. What do you think readers, did he work wonders?

It’s time for a New Era of Accountability. Our plan will deliver real transparent, accountable government.
Establish workable initiative legislation, to make it feasible for British Columbians to call for a referendum on issues of province-wide concern that fall within the provincial government’s jurisdiction.
Establish workable recall legislation, to make it easier for citizens to hold MLAs accountable.
Give all MLAs and citizens a better voice in government through active legislative committees.
Hold open Cabinet meetings at least once a month that are televised and broadcast live on the Internet.
Give all government MLAs a meaningful new role in policy development and service planning through a new system of Cabinet decision-making.
Introduce free votes in the Legislature, to allow all MLAs to vote freely on behalf of their constituents on all matters not specifically identified as a vote of confidence.
Not sell or privatize BC Rail.
Vigorously defend the Crown's ownership of provincial land and resources.
Protect BC Hydro and all of core assets, including dams, reservoirs and power lines under public ownership.
Restore an independent BC Utilities Commission, to re-regulate BC Hydro’s electricity rates.
Pass a Living Rivers Act to protect and improve BC’s river systems with scientifically-based standards for watershed management, enhancements to fish habitat, and a 10-year program to correct past damage.
Push for provincial control over the management and revenues of BC’s offshore fisheries, to improve fisheries management and protect fishery jobs.
Adopt a scientifically-based, principled approach to environmental management that ensures sustainability, accountability and responsibility.
You shouldn’t have to pay higher than necessary electricity or auto insurance rates, because government wants to play politics with BC Hydro or ICBC.
Give school boards multi-year funding envelopes, to improve long-term education planning and budgeting.
Ensure that music, arts and physical education curriculums are fully funded in BC’s public schools.
Hold the line on court fees, to ensure that everyone has affordable access to our justice system.
Establish regional transportation authorities that are accountable to local taxpayers and give local communities more control over their transportation needs and planning.
Require taxpayer approval by regional referendums prior to authorization of any new type of TransLink tax or levy.
Outlaw “offloading” of provincial government costs onto the backs of local property taxpayers.
Restore open tendering on government contracts to allow fair competition for businesses and provide better value to taxpayers.
Implement a flexible, innovative program to increase the supply of affordable housing.


Wow, this is the kind of government that I would relish governing BC - I'm gonna vote for these guy's in the next election.
What provincial party is this, Mary?
A post worthy of reposting, Norm, Mary. The truth shall set us free.
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