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An ICBC employee who accessed information on 65 people, including 13 of the shooting/arson incidents has been fired, RCMP said today.

By Gordon Hoekstra
Vancouver Sun - Dec. 14, 2011

METRO VANCOUVER -- Police are looking for more suspects in a strange case in which people affiliated with the Justice Institute of B.C. were targeted for arsons and drive-by shootings.

An ICBC claims adjuster — who police say accessed information on the targeted people through work files — has been fired but not charged with a crime.

RCMP spokesman Sgt. Peter Thiessen said Wednesday police are "quite confident" more than one person is involved.

"Someone — person or persons — had to commit the shootings and the arsons," said Thiessen.

He said the ICBC employee's role in the case has not been determined.

"It's an ongoing, very active investigation, and when we have the appropriate evidence to support charges ... we'll certainly move forward on that," he said.

The Justice Institute, a post-secondary institution based in New Westminster, provides instruction in areas such as public safety, justice and social services. For example, paramedics, sheriffs and municipal police officers receive their training there. About 30,000 students a year take courses at seven campuses around the province, including in Vancouver, Maple Ridge, Chilliwack and Victoria.

The RCMP first told the public in early September that 10 people linked to the Justice Institute of B.C., including three employees and two past students, had their homes and vehicles targeted by an unknown shooter and arsonist over the summer.

The ICBC claims adjuster had already been identified and terminated at the end of August, but that information was not released at the time. Thiessen said the information was withheld until now for investigative reasons.

On Wednesday, another three people were added to the list of people victimized in the series of arsons and shootings.

The RCMP would not provide specific details on when and where the incidents occurred, saying they took place in the first eight months of 2011 and in various municipalities throughout the Lower Mainland. None occurred on any Justice Institute campuses.

Both homes and vehicles were hit by the arsons and drive-by shootings. No one has been physically hurt.

Thiessen would not say if people were at home or in their vehicles during the incidents.

The victims do not appear to be affiliated with any criminal activity, but police say they are looking at all avenues in their investigation, including links to organized crime. "We're still attempting to determine what the exact motive is," said Thiessen.

Police said the investigation showed the ICBC claims adjuster accessed personal information on 65 individuals, including the 13 identified victims.

ICBC president and CEO Jon Schubert said management is "unbelievably" shocked ... {snip ...}

He said he and his executive team visited victims this week to apologize and offer support.

Schubert said ICBC is paying the deductible for damaged vehicles and offering to change the licence plates of victims.

He said there have been no such cases in the past, and ICBC has taken steps to guard against them in the future.

It has put in place computer software that will pick up patterns of access to its information that are not for legitimate business purposes.

The Justice Institute of B.C. has also beefed up its security following a review, but will not say what changes it has implemented. "We want to let people know that we've enhanced security, but believe it's prudent not to say what," said justice institute spokesman Chris Wong.

He said the institute has been communicating with its staff and students about the incidents throughout the investigation.

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The Public Service in BC by "corruption, incompetence, intention or circumstance" cannot be trusted to uphold the laws of this land.

Our elected leaders be they of the left, right or center and their fellow-travelers in the public sector prove once again that by one form or another . . . GOVERNMENT HAS BECOME THE ENEMY!

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