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Christmas Greetings to all, 2011

BC Mary sends Christmas Greetings to all. Somehow I think I'll feel better if I send a special Christmas Greeting to our former premier, Gordon Muir Campbell (now Canada's representative in the highest government appointment of all). What to say ... what to say ... hmmm.

John Wood writes: I came across this Canadian government site and thought the comments on Campbell's  bio to be deliberately misleading and somewhat fictional at the end.

Canadian Representatives Abroad

United Kingdom - London
(United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)

Mission         The High Commission of Canada to the United Kingdom

Web site


Street Address         The High Commission of Canada
Macdonald House, 1 Grosvenor Square
London, United Kingdom

Telephone    General    (011 44 20) 7258 6600

Fax    General Fax    (011 44 20) 7258 6333

Fax    Consular Fax    (011 44 20) 7258 6533 (Consular and Passsport Services) *

Position                       Name
High Commissioner     Gordon Campbell
Deputy High Commissioner    Mr C. Boucher
Minister    Ms A. Arnott
Minister-Counsellor    Mr M. Fletcher
Minister-Counsellor (Economic/Commercial)    Mr B. Parrott
Minister-Counsellor (Political/Public Affairs)    Mr D. Proudfoot
Counsellor     S. Nordstrum
Counsellor    Mrs D. Spencer
Counsellor (Commercial - Alberta)     J. Sundquist
Counsellor (Commercial - Ontario)     M. Stewart
Counsellor    Mr M. Theilmann
Counsellor (Commercial)    Ms J. Daubeny
Counsellor    Mr R. Kondo
Counsellor (Commercial)    Mrs S. Gera
Counsellor (Public Affairs)    Mrs V. Alexander
Counsellor (Immigration)    Mr D. Cochrane
Counsellor    Mr R. Sinclair
Counsellor    Mr R. Khatchadourian
Counsellor (Economic)    Ms E. McLaughlin
Medical Attaché    Dr. S. Bertrand
Medical Attaché    Dr. M. L. LeBlanc
First Secretary (Administration)    Mr P. Bonser
First Secretary (Immigration)    Mr R. Stevenson
First Secretary    Mr K. Gupta
First Secretary    Mrs S. Rossiter
First Secretary (Immigration)    Miss F. Galarneau
First Secretary (Commercial)    Ms A. Desmarteau
First Secretary (Immigration)    Mr C. Raymond
First Secretary     M. Ryan
First Secretary (Immigration)    Mrs A. Corbett
First Secretary (Immigration)     G. Rent
First Secretary (Administration)     D. Morency
First Secretary (Immigration)    Mr C. Goldsby
First Secretary (Immigration)    Ms M. Williamson
Attaché    Mr P. Cyr
Second Secretary (Immigration)     J. Hansen
Second Secretary (Immigration)     I. Van Haren
Second Secretary (Immigration)     W. Wolbert
Second Secretary    Ms A. Bretzlaff
Attaché     D. Ridley
Attaché    Mr M. Derkaoui
Commander and Defence Adviser     K. Williams
Counsellor (Defence Research & Development)     D. Dyck
Naval Adviser    Capt(N) H. Harsch
Air Force Adviser     P. Keddy
Army Adviser     M. Makulowich
Assistant Army Adviser    LCol D. Janelle
Assistant Air Force Adviser    LCol A. Agnew
Assistant Naval Adviser     A. James
Attaché     A. Rivera
Attaché    Mr N. De Chamaillard
Attaché    Mr J. Aranda-Espejo
Attaché     C. Barber
Attaché    Mrs C. Lanteigne
Attaché     H. Nagra
Attaché     P. Tejada-Hache
Attaché     N. Savard
Attaché     D. Wonnenberg
Attaché    Mrs G. Laplante
Attaché    Cpl J. Lyster

* Consular and Passport Services: Macdonald House, 38 Grosvenor Street, London W1K 4AA
** Immigration and Medical Services: Macdonald House, 38 Grosvenor Street, London W1K 4AA
Primary navigation

Services for Travellers
Passport Canada
Travel Reports and Warnings
Emergency Assistance
International Trade
Doing Business Abroad
Innovation, Science & Technology
Export and Import Controls
Trade Negotiations and Agreements
Invest in Canada
Foreign Policy
Activities and Programs
Policy eDiscussions
Arts and Culture
Education and Youth
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Canadian Offices Abroad
Country and Regional Information
International Organizations and Forums
About the Department
Our Priorities
Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries
Media Room
Employment and Training
Office of Protocol

Proactive Disclosure

Date Modified:

Thank you, John Wood, for sending this list.  Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.


Merriest of Merry Christmases Mary.

And the same to all of the readers and fine commenters here at the Ledge Raids.

Thanks, RossK, and blessings upon you.

Thank you Mary, for all the many hours you spend, to enlighten the BC citizens. You are the best.

Have a wonderful x-mas and New year.
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