Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Off-topic, but Jaysus, Mary and Joseph: reality check ...

Oh Canada’s Become a Home for Record Fracking
                                                                        [para. #2 corrected Dec. 29/2011.]

Early last year, deep in the forests of northern British Columbia, workers for Apache Corp. performed what the company proclaimed was the biggest hydraulic fracturing operation ever.

Workers on a natural gas drilling rig near Longview, Alberta. (Larry MacDougal/Canadian Press via AP Images)  [Please note that this is a photo caption and really isn't connected to the northern story being reported here. The photo got left out but the caption (showing Longview, Alberta instead of the once-deep forests of northern B.C.) got jammed into place when the system failed to copy the photo which originated from U.S.A.  Sorry for the confusion, which happened after I had cross-checked it. - BC Mary.]

The project used 259 million gallons of water and 50,000 tons of sand to frack 16 gas wells side by side. It was "nearly four times larger than any project of its nature in North America," Apache boasted.

The record didn't stand for long. By the end of the year, Apache and its partner, Encana, topped it by half at a neighboring site ...

Please read it all HERE.  These people don't care!  Tuum est!


Maybe citizens will have free home heat from the fracking. All they have to do is, light the water from their faucets on fire.

It's not enough to poison the clean under ground drinking water with pipeline bursts...which also poisons, rivers, streams and land.

They also want to pollute the ocean with extremely toxic dirty oil.

Only idiots would contaminate, the clean underground water by fracking. Water is a great conductor, to spread the poison underground for absolute miles.
Mary, just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year and the best for 2012.

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