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'Struth: we once had a premier named Boss Johnson

Welcome confirmation from The Galloping Beaver ...

Deborah Grey gives Harper a reformer wedgie

On CBC's The House, Evan Solomon asked Reform Party matriarch Deborah Grey about Harper. Harper used to be her legislative assistant so we can probably safely assume she has some insight into the way he thinks.

While she waxed on about how wonderful Harper is and how he's a Conservative and therefore the neatest thing since the invention of peanut butter, she slipped from referring to "conservatives", in a general sense to "Reformers", specifically. Solomon latched on:

Solomon: Is he still a Reformer?

Grey: Pardon?

Solomon: Is Stephen Harper still a Reformer?

Grey:  Oh, I'd say so.
Grey: Oh, I'd say so. 
Grey: Oh, I'd say so. 
[Grey quietly to herself: Uh oh, maybe I shouldn't have said so.] 

So much for the "mellowing" his supporters keep trying to foist on us. If you go to link and listen to the audio you can pick it up at about minute 18.

Posted by Dave at 14:35

BC Mary says: I remember Deb Grey as one of the rare Reformers who came across as believable. Maybe the old originals felt more confident of their sincerity. That has changed.

Plus, did you know that her Uncle was a BC premier? By the name of "Boss Johnson" ... who was premier of a Liberal-Conservative Coalition ... and I did NOT make that up.  Premier Boss Johnson lasted from 1949 to 1951 when his Coalition government was "defeated" (ha ha) by Social Credit.


It was Harper who founded the Northern Foundation Party. They said, the skinheads assisted Harper to organize his party. This was in 1989.

Harper is a dead ringer for a fascist dictator. Other country's media have said, how badly Harper is eroding democracy in Canada. Our Civil Rights and Liberties have been taken away from us.

Harper rewards evil, criminal Gordon Campbell, for doing his dirty work for him. A monster that thieved and sold the BCR, who thieved and sold our rivers.

Fascists always need the criminal element, to keep their filthy, dastardly deeds away from them. Harper even had a many times American felon working for him.

You damned right Harper is still a Neo-Nazi. He stinks of it.
We know. P.M. Cameron went to a Nazi themed stag party. Aiden Burley a British Conservative MP was expelled from his job, for wearing a Nazi uniform and giving the Hitler Nazi salute.

We also know Harper and P.M. Cameron are the best of friends. They have been having very quiet meetings, to discuss the dirty tar oil going into England. Of course, Harper's partner in crime Campbell, will do his deceiving lying best, on his end.

I find this far too eerie. Canada went to war for England, to stop fascism and dictatorship. I wonder if country's will go to war to stop Harper and Cameron's fascism?
Anonymous 3:20,

Huh? You know what, exactly?

I certainly didn't mention Nazis or Hitler or WWII when I mentioned Boss Johnson!!

Didn't mention (or imply) the British prime minister, or British back-biting politics either.

What's your point, exactly? I can't believe you thought Boss Johnson was a Nazi. {"Boss being a nick-name for his Swedish name "Bjos" I think it was.}

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