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Wise words of caution from Nelle Maxey


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From: Nelle Maxey
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Subject: Are you ready for a new Environmental Assessment Act in Canada?

You know, this re-assessment of the Environmental Assessment Act may have much to do with the new Border Security agreement announced today.

There is much of this agreement that is NOT being discussed in the press. I highly recommend that everyone read the document released in Feb regarding what this agreement covers.
Appendix 2 (beginning on page 21) in the PDF link above discusses various parts of the agreement.

There are 4 categories which will undergo change:

1) Agriculture and Food,
2) Energy and Environment,
3) Transportation and
4) Health and Consumer Products.

As an example, the Energy section lists this as one strategy:

“Streamline permissions for and construction of new cross-border energy infrastructure, e.g., a single Canada–U.S. regime for permitting oil and gas pipelines.”

See what I am saying? Canadian environmental guidelines will be changed in a big way.

Water is at risk for sure.


You should also check out this is a Memorandum of Understanding on the EAO process....appears to apply to any project within 100km of the Washington-BC particular I would think so called "run of river" projects would be subject.
Special thanks to Nelle Maxey, and also to

Motorcycleguy for your warning, too.

citizens have serious work to do these days.

Thank you, and may happiness follow you into the midwinter holidays.
Water is the next oil.
I think Canada will become, the largest state of the U.S.A.

Read: Harper gives a speech in New York, at the Council of Foreign Relations on Sept. 25/2007.

Border security my @$$. Obama, Harper and Pres. Calderon, have been having frequent meetings. Closer ties and freer trade. Who benefits the most?
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