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Basi-Virk first anniversary renews calls for inquiry

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Vancouver Courier
OCTOBER 13, 2011


Tuesday is the first anniversary of the halt to the bribery trial of ministerial aides ... 

“It's certainly one of the biggest political scandal cases B.C. has ever seen,” Tieleman said. “We've never seen the Legislature of the province raided by the police before for evidence, we've never seen the finance minister of the province under RCMP videotape surveillance in a fancy downtown Vancouver restaurant before.”

“After they sold it, the way that it was sold and the myriad of questions that have arisen from that sale, you're left with only one conclusion,” said Tsakumis. “This government has done it to themselves, they have lost complete moral authority to govern this province.”

Two narrow reports are coming, but neither is a substitute for an inquiry. University of B.C. president Stephen Toope was hired to examine the general policy of paying public employees’ legal bills. That report is due Oct. 28. Auditor General John Doyle sued the government to get a copy of Basi and Virk’s legal bills for his audit, expected by year-end.

“Look at what's happened to the key players,” Tieleman said. “[Campbell] is sitting in London as the high commissioner, Bornmann is a practising lawyer in Ontario despite bribing public officials, Gary Collins is a successful executive in Vancouver, Ken Dobell's got the Order of B.C, Gordon Campbell got the Order of B.C.,
CN Rail is making loads of money off B.C. Rail, and Basi and Virk are under house arrest.”

The whole story is HERE.


I have to say, never in all my many years, has there ever been a more corrupt and evil politicians than Campbell and his BC Liberals. The ministers sat with their fingers up their noses, while our province was shredded to pieces.

Harper is just as evil, he is a disgrace to this once good country. However, being a Reformer....Harper needs the criminal element, to do his dirty work for him. He sniveled and begged for a majority. My own opinion is, Harper did not win his election on the up and up. He had a many times convicted American criminal working for him. Harper is indeed evil enough to cheat.

Campbell's theft and sale of the BCR, will never be forgotten by the BC citizens. The BCR was this provinces peoples heritage. And that s.o.b. Campbell thieved and sold it.

I remember Campbell whining and sniveling, begging the BC people to forgive his his criminal DUI. He turned right around and kicked us in the face for doing so.

The two whiny snivelers, Harper and Campbell. At least they compliment each other.

I'm not in a good mood today. Those two are what I was brought up to despise.
The B.C. Rail scandal still stinks and we still haven't had an independant investigation into it. From all the reading I've done I can only conclude it was all covered up by campbell & crew. The MSM didn't cover it. The RCMP & lieberals seem too family connected for my comfort. Harper and co. just stood by. Paul Martin wasn't any better.

There was enough crime to go around to put all of them in jail for a long time but all we see is Harper's "crime" bill going after small potatoes. I guess he thinks it makes him look good--tough on crime but only if you are small time.

What is so interesting is after all this time and all that has been written about the people involved none of them have ever tried to sue for "libel/slander". That on its own says a lot.

It reminds me of when Stevie Cameron wrote, On The Take, about Mulroney's yrs in office and what went on there. Mulroney and his minons never tried to sue either. He sued others but not her.

I don't know when people will understand what is going on in their own country. They seem to be under the impression only graft and corruption goes on in other countries. I'd suggest people wake up and have a look around Canada before its too late.
People, by and large, do understand.

But it's like the old story of the cat and mice. The mice figured out what was wrong. (something was killing mice). They even figured out what was killing mice (the cat). Furthermore, the mice figured out an extremely humane remedy: they would put a bell on the cat's collar which would forewarn them of the cat's approach, keeping the mice safe and happy. Hooray!

Only one problem: "Who would bell the cat?"

Because it doesn't matter how often we hurl abuse at the culprit(s), they're living the high life at our expense, while the rest of us watch them do it.

Which, when you stop and think about it, is important. Watching them, I mean. And recording what we see. And discussing it more widely, because it will all come out someday and we, in this era of social responsibility, we will have the story as complete as possible, ready to present at the trial ... because, in the long run, it's the story that rules, the true story explains our puzzling world, debts must be paid, and things can be put right.

Trust your instincts to keep the faith. Start with a good big push in getting more signatures on Bill's petition for a full public inquiry on the sale of BC Rail. Start there, get your teeth into the effort, and hang on. See, we know how to bell the cat these days [s.m.i.l.e, with lotsa teeth].

Thanks for caring, eh?
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