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BC Rail under attack again

Port's hunger for farmland a 'declaration of war'

By Jeff Nagel

Richmond Review - January 26, 2012 DeltaFarmer-BJ-7web.jpg

Metro Vancouver politicians are up in arms after Port Metro Vancouver CEO Robin Silvester told them more Agricultural Land Reserve farmland should be sacrificed to make way for more port expansion and the jobs that will bring.
Silvester made the presentation Thursday at a special strategy session of the Metro board in Chilliwack, where he described the ALR as emotionally but not economically important to the region and said more must be done to ensure land is available for industry.

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Laila has a heck of alot of information on her blog about this whole sorted, backroom dealing and gateway; who's who.
Anonymous 8:00 AM, why are you telling me what I already have posted (see Laila's blog listed on this page, in permanent position, left margin, under LINKS).

Could it be [gasp!] that you haven't been reading BC Mary's stuff about "this whole sordid" affair which ended up with the people of B.C. losing the nation's 3rd largest railway?

Say it ain't so ... !!
Sorry Mary, I definitely do follow your blog. One of the best!

I was just pointing out to people, what other bloggers (I know Laila's is on your sidebar) are saying, all of the information out there, in case they miss something. Sometimes I get frustrated and just want to keep telling people where to look, including your site.

I have followed your blog pretty well from the start, and it is SUPERB!!!! Thank you for all your hard work.

All of you.
Mary, may i ask what happened to the rest of your blog for this month?
Anonymous 9:44,

Aw, that's so nice! Thank you.

Just Wonderin',

There was a lot of crazy computer stuff and I wasn't able to get the Jasmohan Bains segment completed, I worked hard all one day re-writing a pretty good story but when I touched the PUBLISH button, it vanished ... 3 times. I ended the day exhausted after accomplishing zero.

and there were a few maddening glitches here and there, so things looked messy (and they were),

but if you mean the whole blog is disappeared? this is the first I've heard of that.

I suspect one of the reasons Campbell settled with the Tswassen First Nations is for the very reason we see the mega mall being built. (I do not blame the Tsawassen. They are doing what is best for their people.) The mall is being built for a reason which has little to do with a local population hungry for another mall, in what is currently the middle of no where.

International corporations have long term interests at play here which have much more to do with exporting Canadian resources than anything else. The port of Vancouver is in the middle of a very urban developed area. The Port in Tswassen, with its new highways, will work much better.

V.I.A. is implementing a tax increase so a new terminal can be built so people from China can save 30 minutes moving from one plane to another.

By the time the lieberals, the minions of international corporations, are done with B.C. we won't recognize this place,nor will most people even know what hit them. What our lieberal politicans don't recognize is they are being "played". They will be dropped like a hot potatoe when the international corporations have what they want.

Harper's intnetions to reduce our medical services, seniors' pensions, etc. have more to do with bringing Canada in line with a lower standard of living for the benefit of international corporations. Harper is "dumb" enough to think he is carrying out his idiological goals.

There is only one goal here, Globalization of resources, manufacturing for the greater good of those belonging to organizations such as Bilderberg & China.
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