Saturday, January 28, 2012


First to Profit from $1Billion Smart Meter Program: Liberal Insiders (March 2011)


Firm winning $73 million contract is connected to BC Hydro director, has close ties with Libs.

By: Will McMartin - 7 March 2011

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BC Mary comment: It would be well worth your time to read this 2011 roll call of all our old friends and what they were getting up to even then ... although I don't understand all the herky-jerky promotions(?) of David Emerson, do you? I understand that he's working(?) for a very large Chinese corporation now.


•David Emerson, Elected Hypocrite — After pulling off one of the most preposterous floor-crossings in national history (just days after the election, because he “didn’t like losing”), Emerson stayed in Cabinet for a few years before deciding that serving Canada’s best interests wasn’t nearly as attractive as working for the Chinese government’s China Investment Corporation.

Here he is:

And here:

Oh, and you’ll find Gary Collins too.

The lists are SO VERY INTERESTING. Postmedia, Canwest, forest companies etc. Incestous.
This article raises a lot of questions:
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