Saturday, January 14, 2012


Justice, not entertainment, is needed in B.C. courts

Jim Nelson, retired school principal, fired off a good one at the premier in Tricity News on January 13. He wrote: "Justice, not entertainment, is needed in B.C. courts." And then he went on to say ...


Don’t get me wrong, we were all disgusted with how the Stanley Cup rioters besmirched the image of Vancouver but our disgust is palpable enough, we shouldn’t need to publicly bathe them in notoriety.

But Premier Clark, while you’re at it, maybe you could instruct prosecutors to televise the trial of the most egregious thing to happen in recent history: the unprecedented raid on the B.C. legislature and the odious BC Rail scandal ...

End of quote. Read the full article HERE:


Christy have the farce of the BCR trial on TV? There are two chances of that, a fat one and a slim one. Christy knows all about this slimy deal, she was there.

Campbell's theft and sale of the BCR, has a very long arm. The priceless real estate that went with the BCR, is another bone of contention.

I have no idea how many would be involved, I think there would be quite a number. From the police, the corrupt court and judges, the Americans, Campbell and his ministers, the brain dead witnesses. All the in-betweeners. Right from stern to dungeon, this is a filthy stinking crime.
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