Saturday, January 14, 2012


Kenny gets things done; he lobbied for the Taser Company as well as for Enbridge.


Boobs-not-so-kool ("Ken" or "Kenny" as Christy Clark referred to him in a soundbite today) was not just a lobbyist for Enbridge, but also for the Taser company. You remember the Taser company, the one that tried to mislead and intimidate a public inquiry?

So, let's see... a shill for Big Oil, Big Pharma and a deadly-weapons manufacturer.

Look out! We'll soon all be tasered, drugged into submission, and floating face down in crude oil.

Oh, the first two things (tasering and mass drugging) are already happening, especially in BC's "residential care facilities".

Maybe that's what Clark meant when she said "The thing about Kenny is, he gets things done."

Yah, but I'm just worried about what things "Kenny" has in mind for us (or his handler, "Big Steve").



how bout pat kinsella?
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