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Old crowd in? Deeper, stronger, worse!

BC Mary comment: Campbell in a skirt (if you'll pardon the unintended pun):


"Premier Clark has appointed an Albertan super-lobbyist as her chief of staff," [John] Cummins said in a statement.

"Ken Boessenkool has lobbied for some of the biggest companies in Canada including the Bank of Nova Scotia, Cameco and GlaxoSmithKline," he added.

"Instead of focusing on the economy, she is shuffling the deck chairs of the titanic. In 2012 British Columbians are facing the worst unemployment rate in the west, higher MSP, ICBC and Hydro rates, the highest tax bill for average families west of Quebec, and the highest gas taxes in Canada. Today is further proof that the only people getting ahead in Liberal BC are lobbyists, cronies and insiders."

 End of quote.

Read about it HERE:


Are we really surprised? Same old party, just a different, but same leader.
The hell with the average, hardworking, taxpaying citizen of this province.
Call the election Christy!
And just over a year ago:
Old crowd in? Deeper, stronger, worse
Mary your link for above story is not working - say not found
To my eyes at least, this appointment of ken boessenkool signals that the $yndicate is moving into high gear and starting to push hard and fast to get that pipeline deal done before the bclibs and crispy have to face the electorate.

This guy, boessenkool, is a high-ranking political operator, being sent in to the office of the floundering cheerleader, now, in order to get this pipeline deal taken care of, and how.

I mean, crispy has no choice--either she accepts this appointment within her office, or she'll be made to suffer and eventually get hung out to dry by the post/corus media mob. A fate, which i strongly suspect will be hers ultimately, anyway. Yet for now, she can be counted on to play along, to pander to the $yndicate, in the hopes that they can pull a rabbit out of a hat and that things can be turned around by election time.

In a related a matter, i would also suggest that this boessenkool appointment will also put one their guys in a position to steer the kinder/morgan "twinning" plan through the approval process.

Anybody watching how the formation of the super ministry, the Natural Resource Organization, is coming along?

Thanks for reporting the error. It's beyond my understanding

when the long link does work and the hotlink doesn't.

Did they both fail you?

Agreed. It's just too danged obvious, isn't it? Tell us more about Boessenkool, eh?

Excellent question about the Mega-Ministry. I've been asking around a bit, but so far, nobody has given me direct knowledge of it.

Wouldn't surprise me if every last rock and puddle will have been assigned to an offshore owner by the time our Postmedea News gets around to fulfilling its new news-like duties.

Hey. Maybe that's what "Postmedia News" means ... we get to hear about it long after the deeds are done. Bust'rds.
Boessenkool lobbied for Enbridge. So we had better watch out for him. Harper is a sneaky snake in the grass. Boessenkool will be exactly like Harper, totally untrustworthy.

Rumor has it, Christy is a figurehead only. Herr Harper's Conservative henchman Boessenkool, will likely take over the reigns from, the so called BC Liberals.

Harper is desperate to force the Enbridge pipeline and the dirty tar tankers from China, into BC. Since Boessenkool lobbied for Enbridge. We know what to expect, THE WORST.
The "Public Eye" site has info regarding Christy's new guy, Ken Boessenkool who had been previously working for the lieberals:
Ken Boessenkool, according to our friend Sean Holman's archives, was Christy's Campaign Manager until he passed the reins to Mike MacDonald on Dec. 13, 2010.

A google search reveals he is associated with The Manning Centre for Democracy and the Calgary School as well as being a long term term lobbyist for Enbridge and Steven Harpers operative.

It seems that the Calgary School of Economics has taken over Canada.
EthicalOil's Levant, Kathryn blonde bobblehead (who's husband works for Harper), all one big happy crime family.
Boobs-not-so-kool ("Ken" or "Kenny" as Christy Clark referred to him in a soundbite today) was not just a lobbyist for Enbridge, but also for the Taser company. You remember the Taser company, the one that tried to mislead and intimidate a public inquiry?

So, let's see... a shill for Big Oil, Big Pharma and a deadly-weapons manufacturer.

Look out! We'll soon all be tasered, drugged into submission, and floating face down in crude oil.

Oh, the first two things (tasering and mass drugging) are already happening, especially in BC's "residential care facilities".

Maybe that's what Clark meant when she said "The thing about Kenny is, he gets things done."

Yah, but I'm just worried about what things "Kenny" has in mind for us (or his handler, "Big Steve").

Oh Jeezus, Mary and Joseph, there's a name to strike terror into innocent hearts:

The Manning Centre for Democracy,

Thanks for the reminder. Now I realize we're in worse danger than I thought.

Last time I remember getting steamed about Prester and his oxymoronic Manning Centre for Democracy was before he left open politics but appeared to be angling to piss Quebec off so badly that they'd separate -- thus saving Prester the bother of mastering the French language. And Prester, who figured he could catapult from Leader of the Opposition to Prime Minister, had his hair coloured, his contact lenses fitted and such, to make him look the dude & all ... Jeez.

Mercifully, I had forgotten this. But without a doubt, he'd be back into government.
If i may add something here.

It is worth remembering, or knowing, that ol' Tommy Flanagan...


...has been the prime mover at that Calgary school.
Which just so happens to be smack dab in the middle of the oil patch. So it's no coincidence that out of that fertile ground, the albertan branch of the $yndicate has truly risen to take the reigns.

Big international oil identified the power vacuum in the west and sent in a visiting american professor to set into motion the rise of the neo-conservative corporate agenda along with its ensuing end game which is turning out to be their getting away with oh-so much exploitation of the commons while the rest of us sit-bye and let it happen.
Chinese Sneakers,

Thank you very much for this important influence on our troubled lives.

But we're shooting ourselves in the foot, Sweetie, if we think that Tom Flanagan is nothing more than "the prime mover at the Calgary School" ...

the way I read this one-sided Wikipedia item, Thomas Eugene* Flanagan** is king of Canada. I mean, really really king ...

... to check this out, note the page-rating: (I paraphrase) Do you think this page is good? really good? really, really good? and, oh yes, "well written?" That's all.

Except for one defensive thrust: the final question is /yes,no/ I am an expert on this topic. Bust'rd.

In other words, "No citizens need apply."

BC Mary's final caution: While watching "Power & Politics", pay particular attention to the shifty eyes on this fascinating Flanagan:right,left,right,
left,right,left,right,right,right,right ... fascinating.

* The name "Eugene" is fairly rare for its communist context, but history tells us that a certain "Eugene V. Debs" figured largely in U.S. labour circles in the first half of this century. Worth a look.

**"Flanagan" suggests an Irish lineage where extreme views are held with a passion.

Comments welcomed.
Oh, ya'--ol' tommy's definitely excercising some major influence on the pm(o).

And i wanted to introduce a critic who has waged a thankless battle. In wikipedia, it says
of her that "Drury has been active in publicly countering members of the Calgary School, a group of right-wing academics at the University of Calgary who have advised the Conservative Party. She often compares American right-wing policy with the Alberta-bred Reform Party-Canadian Alliance Party, one of the predecessors of the Conservative Party formed through a merger between it and the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada which has formed a minority government since 2006, with former Reform Party MP Stephen Harper as its leader and Prime Minister."

She also connects this branch to leo strass and the chicago school-but that's a stretch too far for our purposes here.
Chinese Sneakers,

You roused some nearly-forgotten memories when you mention Barry Cooper.

Remember when Cooper & Bercuson wrote a column for The Globe & Mail? Well, one day Cooper wrote a dingbat column extolling the virtues of letting private enterprise loose on the protected town of Banff, Alberta. He kept saying "It's just a town like any other town."

But it isn't. As with BC Rail, we all own Banff. Banff is part of a National Park. Developers are constantly at work trying to erode those safeguards. I thought Cooper needed to be told (to quote a wise old trapper) "Where the bear shat in the buckwheat."

Wee Barry was having none of it. No, siree: Capitalism was king, he knew it for a fact.

Equally I knew that Banff belonged to everyone in Yellowknife and on Prince Edward Island as much as it belonged to Barry Cooper and his pals.

"It's no different than Okotoks, Alberta," he said. "It's apples and oranges and for good reason," I said.

Noteworthy was how quickly he ran out of evidence. Startling was his playful escape, like, roll over and scratch his stomach. I turned the file over to an Environmental lawyer and someone (like your Ms Drury) who gave her life to protecting the National Park ...

and coincidence or not, I have no idea, but this particular brainwashed member of The Calgary School disappeared (along with their column) from the pages of The Globe and Mail,

But can you imagine a red-blooded Canadian saying one of the great parks of the world "Is just a town like any other town ... Okotoks, Alberta, for example."
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