Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Want a Public Inquiry into BC Rail?

BC Mary Comment:  BC Rail keeps popping up in news headlines seen across the nation, as New Democrats surge ahead of the BC Liberals ...

Editorial:  Latest poll confirms the obvious.

Kamloops This Week - Jan. 28, 2012


... And, it does not appear anything will change the party’s fate in time to avoid an unpleasant reckoning when voters go to the polls in precisely 474 days.

Yes, the HST was the dagger that inflicted the most damage, but there are many other wounds spread throughout the B.C. Liberal body.

There is the festering sore that remains [of] the BC Rail scandal and the yet-to-be-answered question as to why taxpayers paid millions to cover the legal bills of two men who pleaded guilty to amended charges stemming from original fraud charges ...

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BC Mary says: Pssstt ... to whoever 
would be BC premier after the next provincial election, 
please make your immediate solemn promise that
as soon as your new government is elected,
you will launch
a full Public Inquiry into the tainted sale of BC Rail.  
Guarantee it, and guarantee that the Public Inquiry will be held immediately, and I'd say that 
your victory is also guaranteed. 


Too bad the auditor general has no real power
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