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BC Mary comment:  There are some who love railways and BC Rail in particular. Thank goodness for that. Membership and photo albums are available from:,2684206

A few from the great days of BC Rail

1. Quite a collection of units leading a soutbound at McIntyre on May 17, 2004.[Still our BC Rail.]

2. A coal train loading at the Teck mine in the Tumbler Ridge area on 9/10/02. [It was OUR BC Rail even then.]

3. A southbound finds a sunny break at Crysdale, BC on 9/12/03. [Only a few days after the takeover by CN. Wonder what they were saying in the cab ... ]

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Date: 02/09/12
Re: Some Retro BC Rail
Author: hoggerdoug

Nice shots.. Brings tears to my eyes. Gone but not forgotten. Doug


When the next government orders an investigation into the sale of BC rail. And Adrian Dix says there will be, we should demand that when the ministers that broke the law be brought to justice with tv cameras in the court room. The same should apply to all the principals involved including Gordo and Clarks brother. They should call Basi and Virk to the stand first and offer them amnesty for there testimony. They will sing like cannarys. Gordo would look good in stripes don t you think. There has to be some involvement from the feds. I sure wish the tv show The Fifth Estate would do a program on the raids in Victoria. They seam to be honest with there reporting. tks for letting me ramble
Unfortunately e-mails and documents, tend to vanish in BC.

Campbell and Hansen refused to disclose the Olympic debt. The NDP pulled those documents from the FOI. They were very nearly all whited out.

Lies, corruption, dirty tactics, theft, deceit and cheating, is the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals mantra. We can throw Reformer Harper, into the mix as well.
Notice also that there is no smoke from the power in the Tumbler Ridge photos, as they were electric. Wonder how that would have worked for the carbon trust enfatuated liberals. Going away from electric back to diesels. Back to coal next?
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