Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Britain joins race to export gas from B.C.

BC Mary comment: Things we may have overlooked ...

 U.K. firm joins race to export gas from B.C.

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Globe and Mail -- Feb. 08, 2012

British natural gas giant BG Group PLC has joined the rush of companies swarming Canada’s West Coast in hopes of exporting energy to Asia.

The company, a global liquefied natural gas supplier, is looking to Prince Rupert, B.C., as a potential site for a terminal that could be used to load Western Canadian gas onto ships bound for consumers in Japan, South Korea and China ... Read more:



And Gordo is making his appearance tomorrow to address the business leaders.
Disgusted still, with this slime.
its the LNG goldrush 21st century style buy a billion dollars worth and sell at asia prices i believe 5x 500 percent .looks like all they are looking at is royalties on partly fracked gas and soon super fracked gas.while we sell electricity at 9 cents a kw

selling for $2.38 US a unit - and the price of gas in Asia, where it sells for $14.78 US a unit.
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